Diddy & Cassie Reunite for Her 30th Birthday Party

    diddy cassie back together

    Looks like nothing can keep these two apart…

    Just weeks after police were called when Cassie tried to break up with Diddy, causing the Bad Boy exec to go ballistic, the couple is back together again.

    Diddy threw Cassie a 30th birthday party on the beach in Malibu, and some of their celebrity friends showed up, including Khloe Kardashian, The Game, Omarion, Nipsey Hussle and his baby mama Lauren London.

    Diddy posted a special dedication to Cassie on his Instagram, letting her know he will always love her.

    At the party, Diddy presented Cassie with a cake and got everyone involved to sing happy birthday to his doormat…I mean, his girlfriend…


    A video posted by PUFF DADDY (@iamdiddy) on

    Neighborh60d Nipsey! #Malibu #real1s #blessed #SlausonBoy2 @aquahydrate #friendsinhighplaces #GodSpeed

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    Are you surprised these two kissed and made up again?

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    1. Awe isn't this sweet they're back together again. Some more bullshit for us to talk about again

    2. Oh lawd! He bought her something really expensive, and she crumbled, like the little yellow belly, sap sucker thast she is!…One day, she's going to look back at her life, and regret every decision that she made, regarding that horrid man!….?????

      • Hey BrooklynQueen,?

        As he always does….right??????????????⛵
        And…the ONLY way she's going to have the opportunity to look back at her life as you described is IF she lives long enough to get to that point which is NOT a given especially dealing with the King of Fuck Boys.

        • Hey!…Lovely Ms.Reg!…. FACts, all facts!…She might just end dying, under suspicious circumstances!…??????

    3. This is tiresome and predictable. She had no money to pay her rent, what else was she going to do. She is a kept woman. He will discard her soon enough just like that actor who kept a girlfriend for 18 years and dumped her at age 45. No children, no money, nothing. She outed their issues to cops. It won't end well for her.

    4. Sasha,

      You said it right the first time…DOORMAT!
      I have a whopper of a question to crack you up….
      Umm, where's Kim Porter? Guess she wasn't invited to her wifey-inlaw shindig…

      • U are right @Brooklyn Queen . Do folks really think she can leave diddy without any repurcussions?
        They only way she can go is if he releases her. She knows too many of his secrets

        • He tried that shit with J.Lo, but she wasn't having it, she refused to be married, or impregnated by him, and last but not least, she stopped taking his money, and gifts!…She used Diddy to earn "hood cred", and his powerful connections!…she also starting f*cking with the Caucasian connect, while still with him, got her foot in the door, and bounced! ?????? He tried stalking her too, but she wasn't having it!…That's the only women, that he ever really loved, and that's only because she didn't give in to his every command, or stop her hustle, he respected that! Jennifer Lopez is as lot like Diddy, but less whorish, and more attractive, obviously!?????

    5. Diddy would never let her go because she obviously needs his money, but she also knows too much. I wouldn't be surprised if some threats to her & her family were made if she left Diddy's faggot ass

    6. Attention all black fathers, if you have a daughter who ends up like Cassie? You f*cked up!

    7. Attention all black fathers, if you have a son who ends up like Puff Daddy, you f*cked up!

    8. Why do I feel like he's plotting to set her up in the future. This video was put out just to sway the general public a bit. Trust me, diddy is mad as hell that the police was called and his little debauchery got out to the public.

      • i know after you play a scorpio, NEVER be stupid enough to go back into the web thinkin ur safe xD xD

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