Rick Ross’ Fiance Is Cool With Him Smashing Other Chicks

rick ross lira galore

Rick Ross’ stripper fiancé is fine with him sleeping with other women.

News broke that Rick Ross was engaged to one time stripper, Lira Galore, and her mother shared her joy for the union on Instagram.

lira galore mom

Some haters came in trying to ruin her mood by spilling tea that Rozay is banging a girl in Philadelphia on the regular.  Mama Galore was not fazed by this news one bit and reveals that her and the family not only know that the Maybach Music mogul is out there taking down other chicks, but that they are fine with it.

“He a celelbrity of course that’s to be expected!  TF! U think we don’t know that? As long as ya home girl getting a wet a** while my baby getting diamonds.”

lira galore mom 2

This is a pretty perfect situation for the husky rapper.  He can be out there creeping other chicks and his main woman is fine with that as long as she is cashing the checks.


  1. Just perfect !
    He’s fake as hell !
    She’s an ex stripper !
    She f*cked all his boys !
    He f*cked over all his boys !
    An Meeks sloppy seconds and etc..
    Match made in hell !

      • Nope. No dignity there. The mother clearly has none so how can the daughter be expected to have such a trait? This whole thing is nothing more than a “tag team mother-daughter come up.”

  2. My home girl was wifed up to a rich guy he was f*cking other chicks and she knew and still kept f*cking him raw all because he bought her stuff and had her living nice

    Now she’s rail thin and sick looking I think she has AIDS. He use to f*ck her anal raw and everything.
    They not together no more but she’s broke now and sick looking.

    Strap up with these fellas and fellas strap up too.

    Aids doesn’t care how much money you have.

    • That’s a sad story, but if your homegirl got AIDS from her ex, he was doing more than smashing other females.

      • He was smashing them raw dog left and right. But if you’re implying he was gay too ive heard rappers are all BISEXUAL behind the scenes so good luck to your daughter, Momma Galore. She’s smashing a potentially BISEXUAL rapper raw

  3. She just co-signed $$$$ why she with his ass in the first place… Bingo, Rick Ross is a dummy and if thats not enough evidence to walk away why you can’t then he deserves her… She better enjoy those STD’s cause her ass def gonna need to sell those diamonds to pay for some med… As if Eazy E was not a wake up call for rappers, what idiots….

  4. Stripper and hes about to marry her while paying for other kids oh yeah hope his artists are gonna sell a lot of records for im since this fool already got money problems that girl gonna break him

  5. If you’re cool with your man sleeping with other chicks, you do not love him. The mere thought of my man sleeping with someone else gives me a sharp pain in my heart.

  6. If your just gonna keep banging these other women why get married ? WhY I do so many wen want to f*ck him. They must be crazy

    • You are being far too logical. If she wants to risk her life and marginalize her dignity, that is her business. He most likely couldn’t get someone who looks like her if he had no money. Fair exchange is no robbery.


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