Rick Ross’ Suspected Side Chick Claps Back At Lira Galore

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Rick Ross’ latest side piece claps back at Lira Galore after she throws shade on Twitter.

It’s been well documented that Ross and his wifey, Galore, have an arrangement that he can deal with side chicks just as long as is clean about it and takes care of her, but seems Lira gets jealous when Rozay’s women come to the spotlight.

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There were rumors circulating that Ross was linking up with Morgan State University student, Jas @SooPrettyJas and Galore went took to Twitter, “Never be the bitch he f**kin w/ when I’m not f**kin w him!…My crib 5 bedrooms, Oh & I’m 22.”

rick ross college gf

Plus, Bawse’s wifey’s friend joined in, “She live in a dorm?…He needs to buy her a condo living in a dorm ain’t cutting it. Sign on the dotted line!”

rick ross college gf 2

After firing back on Twitter a bit, the college student spoke to TheJasmineBrand about the disrespect, and calls Lira out for being so petty.

“I’m not usually the type to go back & forth with someone via social media, but the disrespect from someone who only heard rumors about me was ridiculous. Calling me trash because I’m in college, like baby girl are you serious? It’s just sad.. & its shows what type of mindset she has. I have no comment on Ross & I never will. That’s all love.”


  1. Only in Whoreville does a bitch see a problem with a woman getting an education. The purpose for educating yourself is so that you don't need to belittle yourself in order to make a dollar. Lira is dumb, should've worried more about getting an education than landing someone with temporary money and being passed around like a bottle at a bar. At any rate, a woman can't be a "side chick" to an unmarried man. Rick Ross dated women prior to Lira who were about something. He needs to return to that.

    • Thank U! If anybody who is a dumbass is Lira and her dumbass friend. At least Has is doing "RESPONSIBLE GROWN WOMAN BUSINESS" , what the f*ck Lira and her friend doing? NOT A DAMN THING! Lira U and your girl done lost this battle. Home girl is the winner in this petty ass verbal altercation. Better yet, Lira and her friend need to watch "Here I am" video and listen to Ross verse and learn from that.

  2. Exactly… This new generation has it all wrong, their mindset is so F'd up. I'm 80's baby I think we were the last of the good breeds. This new generation are loss cause…smh

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