Richard Pryor’s Widow Lashes Out At Bill Cosby

Bill Cosby & Richard Pryor

Richard Pryor’s widow Jennifer Lee Pryor, said Bill Cosby is not only a hypocrite, but he’ll also sleep with anything that moves.

Here’s what Jennifer Lee Pryor revealed:

“Cosby is a piece of s**t who fu**ed everything that moved. Bill … hated Richard because he worked dirty. Bill worked clean, so therefore, you know, Bill’s just a f—–g hypocrite and dirty on the inside.

It was a well-kept secret that Bill f—-d everything that moved. He’s done. Yea. He’s done.”


    • Yall need to cut it out and stop being in denial
      I could understand if it was just maybe 6 or even 7
      false claims
      But come on Son, the accusations are in the double digits now and I bet it is DOZENS that havent even said anything
      Everybody aint lying

      • @Anon don’t get your panties in a bunch. How do you get “denial” out of the my comment? Calm the f— with your hair-trigger, anonymous ass.

      • Hollywood is but so big, how the hell do you get falsely accused to rape that many women and “respect”(used loosely) actress still gather around you for private meatings(lol) . Somethings fishy, not say bill innocent but logically that theory of yours makes no sense.

        • because we black folks think men with money and fame can never commit any crimes. he is old as dirt and ain’t nobody lying on his old ass. they can’t get any money. Limitations have ran out. his wife knows her man is a cheater. all these women are not lying on him and check this out if there is a rape charge against a man more than once most likely he did it. rapist keep doing it when no one has the courage to tell. you are not a rapist until you are arrested. there was a man in my home town taking the p*ssy and nobody told and that was because he probably knew the victims. he moved to another state and tried that and got himself in big trouble.

    • no she wasn’t. But she is telling the truth that in comedy the comedians that tell the truth. While being dirty have a harder time then comics who were clean. There’s been this comedian burger out here in LA and he is dirty but absolutely hysterical. He has a hard time doing shows because everybody wants to be politically correct. If you ever get a chance check out his podcast on Wednesdays at 8 p.m.

  1. No sympathy for Bill, Richard, etc. They asked for everything they got and are getting. If I’m not mistaken this is the white wench that was controlling Richard Pryor’s estate before he died. She claims he asked her to but the fam was screaming foul play. Either way, chickens ALWAYS come home to roost.

  2. She needs to calm herself down asap! Bill isn’t the only pedo in world, there are many different races and different faces

    would she say this shyt to jimmy savile??? would she say this shyt elvis or jerry lewis
    probably not. just because she was getting f*cked by a black man she thinks she can disrespect one

    y’all nicca’s are a trip

    • Coming from you, I’ll take that as a compliment.

      Where and by whom was he ever called a pedophile?

      • @Anonymous

        stop making it an issue!! women have came forward accusing him of drugging their drinks and rapping them

          • @Anonymous

            ok, but you didn’t have to make it a big deal about it!! people get things wrong all the time

            bill was drugging and rapping “young girls” which makes them teens

            what do you call an adult male sexing teens girl???

    • @To miss Baylis

      i make plenty sense, but some of you dumbots are too stupid to understand my logic!!
      some of you trolls will bring up irreverent issues or write sly chit, which is annoying

      Anonymous are the worse since I’ve been here they been on my ass and frankly is getting boring
      had to change my screen name few times because of them!!

    • If you are going to call her out,check your grammar first *it’s doesn’t make any sense. Not”no”. Ijs

  3. I watched The Cosby Show growing up but for some reason I just never liked Bill Cosby. I enjoyed watching the show just could not stand the sight of that man. Now that these allegations have come out, it dosen’t surprize me. Maybe this is why I just never liked him. I have always had strong intuition about people just by looking at them.

    • Wow, great insight. I just hated his little ‘tude, like he didn’t want to really help black folks, like most bougies are, they just wanted to condescend to black folks. Any real help was followed by a healthy dose of insults.

      F*ck Cosby. He and Pryor wanted those white women and now they are on the attack…

      Oh well.

    • My friend said the same but he didnt give me dirty old man vibes. Just seemed like one of those types from the hood that “made it”and tried too hard to fit in. Found the show corny but besides watching Phlycia Rashad. Vanessa’s whining made me want to stab her in the neck with my crayons.

      But who cares about two old black comedians, one deceased, that had no respect for women.

    • wow and as a child I did not like certain adults growing up and when I got older i found out why.

  4. She is right on the money. Bill lives to tell people how wrong they are but behind the scenes, he is a dirty dog. Dont get mad because the white woman is telling the truth. If it stings, just say ouch.

    • @Anonymous

      your stupidness is seriously disturbing. this old white bag should of kept her wrinkly mouth shut
      if this was a black woman now chit might of gone out of hand

      name me one black women who disrespected a white man??!! none!!

  5. when a black woman tells a nicca his nasty, black man will cuss her out!!!
    white women get away with it because their white

    • Miss Baylis, I really wasn’t making a big deal out of it above. I am a different anonymous. Just wanted to not confuse pedo with raping/drugging of women. The white women have a serious grievance, but I just don’t want their grievance to become the same thing as a child’s terror.

      Usually pedos use intimidation, beguilement, reward to get children. With adults, they well, like the Cos, just put something in the drink because they are sick and selfish.

      And the term for an adult interested in teens is ephebophile

      • @Anonymous

        i wasn’t calling bill a pedo!! i was just using him as an example, like most people do!

        • No shade Miss Baylis, but this is your direct quote today at 9:13 calling the Cos a pedo:

          “Bill isn’t the only pedo in world, there are many different races and different faces”

          • @Anonymous

            like i said. i was using him as an example we established the fact bill isn’t a pedo
            we established the fact he’s rapist. just moved on there are plenty of people who are thinking it

        • Are you f*cking crazy? Christa is CB/Miss Bayliss/Lovable Fruits?

          That’s the single dumbest thing I ever heard.

    • Black women will tell their sons a nigga aint shit all the time but nothing is said about it cause she is mama , the one that made all the wrong decisions

      • @knutz

        black women have to hard on their kids especially their sons. because their son haven’t no father!
        that’s the reason why black women are hard. even quite bullyish because they want their son’s to be man

        and in return you nicca will disrespected them, dog them out in public especially black celebs going on
        white tv chat shows bashing their parents. especially black fathers

        many black celebs bashed their father for being hard on them lee daniels and tyler perry
        the list goes on

  6. its clear no one that thinks Mr Cosby raped someone has not read the statements by the accusers some claim to have been raped twice after hanging out for a few days after the first rape took place .Funny how Phylicia Rashad and Debbie Allen had no problem maybe because they’re decent women that did not go to a man’s hotel room at 3 am …hhmmm Why did those women not say something at the time thus helping another woman avoid being raped ? we know the answer there was no rape. Most black people are quick to judge one another . At some point we will have to stand together or just surrender .

    • Phylicia and Deb Allen were swingers back in the day so it wouldnt have made a difference
      Plus Bill signed both of their checks and gave them plenty of work
      A lot of women are now just finding their voices and courage
      Sometime victims never find the courage to tell
      I know cause their is a lot of secrets and bad things that were done to me I will never tell
      Because no 1 would believe me anyhow and I have a bad past reputation
      With all the crimes being done to me by black people

  7. I never cared for cosby or his smugness, but i care less for white woman calling rape from a blackman, he did something but what i dont know white women have 10 times more power than any rich black man, had these crackers went to the police back then they would have castrated this celebrated tom years ago so on that alone these white womem are not trustworthy..

    • Exactly the constant hysterical overreaction from blacks here. In absence of common sense and failing to keep things in perspective, leads me to conclude we shallow any bullshit, just a long as, we don’t have to accept responsibly for it. Most of the accusations against Cosby relate to an era where most celebes if not all were acting in the same manner and women within those circles unashamedly condoned the kind of behaviour these old white witches are complaining about. The statute of limitations is there for a reason thank goodness. Whatever you chumps choose to believe, nobody else has exceeded Cosby’s contribution to promoting a more positive image of the black family during an era where whites didn’t have a clue about black values, except the kind of images that were promoted during the far more damaging blaxploitation era. I don’t care what he did behind closed doors, because it was condoned in full knowledge of those around him, including those who now publicly speak against him and those who speak up for him. If his wife seems to condone his behaviour why should it bother any of you?

    • not true when black folks make money for white people they will be protected. why you think rap music is so big??

  8. bye lady! richard sex’d trans’s, so whos the one who sexed everything that moved? richard liked white chicks so you have a old white chick passing judgement on bill cosby who has single handily put hundreds of black kids through college



  9. Living in a glass house but going around breaking glass. Bill Cosby is the WORST type of person because he does it and doesnt have too. He could have women that would even allow him to drug them if that was his “freak” turn-on. (money really can but damn near anything)

    I dont know what his problem is but he’s screwed up. When you’re that messed up you dont point fingers, you have enough to do dealing with your own issues.

  10. As far as passing judgement..dosent matter is she white as long as shes

  11. All of his accusers except maybe two were white so I guess Bill likes white woman





  13. HOW CAN ANY BLACK Man get away with raping one white woman let alone 20 or 30.

    you can’t even slap a woman and get away with it.

    how can you rape 30 and some of these dumb women admitted they went back for seconds who goes back to get raped twice.

    maybe these white girls never had some black meat and they couldn’t take the size of it and it felt ;like rape.

  14. once again no real white woman is gonna sit back and let any black man hurt her AND NOT SAY NOTHING.




  15. yes!!!!! you hit the nail on the head and I have been saying that for years. people like him always have skeletons in their closets. Now there he was degrading black people and he is a rapist. thats what people who have dirty laundry do. If you have a family member who sits around and talks about everyone ask yourself why are they doing this is it because he or she has a few skeletons they wanna hide?? I had a family member and her husband who talked about everyone in the family and then some but they both had skeletons in the closet. One of their kids did not belong to the hubby and the hubby also had an outside child out there.

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