Beysus Quits Music To Focus On Her Acting Career

Beyonce Acting Career

Beyonce is rumored to be putting her singing career on the back burner. Know why? Because Beysus, moved to Hollywood, only to focus on becoming a better actress and to be closer to her BFF, Gwyneth Paltrow.

Here’s what’s reported:

“This is why they moved to L.A. Bey is going to put her music career on hold for a while and focus on making more movies.”


  1. Somebody please get FEMA on the phone!!!! This is about to a damn disaster.

      • My Dear Americans: When evil threatens on such a Planetary scale we must join forces with the World to overcome such destructive power. Unleash the KRAKEN!!

    • I would go see Bey. I bet there will be more blacks in her movie then Will Smith’s new movie. Not one sister in the whole movie. Not going!!!!!

  2. But she can barely read or talk….my word. I hope she does well nonetheless.

    • I was thinking MAYBE if she worked hard enough but YOU destroyed that dream by reminding me that SHE CAN BARELY TALK! (and remembering her lines could be a problem. Beyonce. Take 46. Action!…)

  3. She’s probably tired of the constant touring and planting fake pregnancy and divorce rumors and needs Gwenyth to give her one of those custom cootchie steam treatments. Goopy!

  4. She’s trying to get that oscar before the next election while she can get some help on an uneven playing field. Still collecting on sell out credits due. Cheating and the low life is the only way her mediocre azz can win. She sucks.

  5. or maybe she’s pissed that she didn’t won an award from the Grammy, could that be a possibility
    her acting on obsessed was sloppy Idris Elba stole the show

    she was just a mouth piece nothing more and nothing else
    ironically Kelly was acting 1st then Beyonce copied her, Beyonce stop copying Kelly

    they also did a cameo appearance on smart guy which was interesting, kelly did fews episode
    on the hughleys, playing daryl hughley’s niece back in thr early 00’s

  6. If this is true than its a waste of time. Beyonce can’t sing she’s a entertainer,when she speaks Beyonce sounds like she’s functional illiterate. Leave Hollywood too the real Actor’s or it will end like Barry Gordy and Diana Ross

    • I agree with everything you typed except for Beyonc not being able to sing. Granted she’s no Whitney or Mariah but the girl can sing.

      • She can sing. I overlooked her in DChild but when she went solo and I REALLY listened to her. Its obvious. She can sing for real.

    • she sounds like a field n8ggah that should be pickin cotton. if u eat too much chicken feet, pickled pigs feet and collard greens it messes up your voice.

  7. She is probably taking elocution classes as we speak.
    I know people who have never stepped out o the ghetto who sound more intelligent when they talk.
    But if she can get that fixed, she will be cast easily because people want to see her.

    • You REALLY underestimate what it takes to be a good actor. Even if they Sarah Palin debate prep Beyonce it might make her better in general conversation but translating that into expressive emotion that others can feel is a gift as rare as her singing voice. Some can do both. Most cant. Her grasp of basic language make me doubt that she be one of those few.

      Even though I hope she gets parts that make her shine and work within her limits (Hi, J-LO!!). It wont be her acting talents that makes it work but instead a manager that picks the right projects so she doesnt embarrass herself.

  8. I wish she would just go away..lets just ignore anything she does and maybe she will finally get a hint and go away

  9. I was going to suggest Kelly Rowland should start acting..didn’t know she already did. I always liked her. Always knew she didn’t get a fair shake in that group with Beyonce hogging the spotlight. Kelly is so much better looking then her.

  10. Never liked Beyonce from day one…she always seemed selfish and sneaky. All those people who get caught up in all the glitz and glamour just fed her ego and we can’t get rid of her.

  11. She need to get a hooked on phonics session first and then an english tutor. She will be better prepared and ready to be a hollywood star.

  12. Notice how this happens when that untouched photo of hers was leaked.

    It showed her to be the “mature” ‘ol girl that she is. She can’t front no more that she is “30ish”.

    They will have an agenda for her to fulfill in hollyweird. They will just have to put a teleprompter receiver in her ear cuz I don’t think she is a “voracious” reader.

    • DAMN you might be right. I saw the pictures and commented that they still looked damn good to me. Its was ridiculous that you has to put a camera that CLOSE to her face to even begin a conversation about imperfection. Bey is Beautiful but she cant act worth a damn.

      I bet a lot of directors have been telling her they cant “use” her because she looks too young for the role. She doesnt know that its just a excuse to ‘soft’ reject her so she released some ‘mature’ pics. Nice try pretty lady.

  13. after Aaliyah died Beyonce quickly rushed into the studio recording her 1st solo album!!
    the timing wasn’t great she could a waited a while. also she did a song with Aaliyah’s love interest Jayz.

    Beyonce is shady!! she hogged the limelight. when Destiny’s Child did any guest appearance on tv show
    Beyonce would speak while Kelly and Michelle said nothing!!!

    if you watched jet Jackson. beyonce did all the talking while Kelly and Michelle were in background like props
    her parents wanted her to shine but kelly wasn’t in their vision!!

    the group wasn’t fair at all they should of hired different mananger instead of matthew

  14. It’s best cuz that husband done washed out her music legacy…she’s now on par with the likes if nicki minaj

    • She mucked up Dreamgirls thank God for the supporting actors like J Hud and Anika Noni Rose whose talent saved the dat.

  15. I don’t believe this at all!Her and Jay-Z are supposed to be coming out with a joint album.All this Kelly talk is irrelevant just like she is. I can’t stand when the most talented or the person with the it factor goes solo and people bash them for it. People still salty about Diana leaving the supremes damn there 40 something years later.Destiny’s Child has been over for over a decade now move on already. Kelly had no problem with her position so why should you? It hilarious how people are calling her dumb though,she did something right!The chick debuted in 97 and we still talking about her today plus there’s nothing stupid about her bank account. This is coming from someone who loathes her ass too!

  16. No one is hating when you take on a role as a famous person you’re suppose to sound like that person like Jamie Foxx was Ray Charles and Angela Bassett in her roles as Tina Turner and Malcolm x wife to name a few that’s actin

  17. It’s 2015 when is black people going to learn that an opinion is not hate. We are the only race that still use that word in the wrong manner. This site is starting to have clueless posters like the other two hood sites. She can’t act nor sing that good. She steals from others and takes the credit. She is basically white washing herself. She thinks she is white. She will learn those people don’t lover her fake behind. The devil stays busy.

  18. And who gave her the name Beysus…seriously…see this is the ish I’m talking she hollier then thou now..

  19. And we should have made her publicly apologise for that ish she did at the award show the other day. I want to see her actually own up to the disrespect she dishes out. Hold her accountable.

  20. She really is full of herself…she must know how many people dislike her for her dirty ways yet she still shows her face

  21. she was dutty whining on ed sheeran, on the Grammy Stevie wonder tribute!!

    they were performing Stevie wonders song and she was dirty dancing with edd sheeran
    she wasn’t dirty dancing with the black man, but she was shaking and jiving with a white man

  22. She asked to perform the song ” Precious Lord” from the movie Slema soundtrack when the actual singer Lisidi who sang it from the movie was right there in the audience and she knew it.

  23. last i checked the bitch couldnt act her way out a paper bag. fyi phyllis hymen, whitney, mariah, chaka, patti ledsi,j hud jill scott the R and B DIVAS can all sing however that yodeling stripper is a strip performer doing a burlesque show, shes no singer. and all her asslicking stans cant make her one.

  24. How about closer to her “mother” and sister “Kelly”; when do you see her with Gwynnie? Beyoncé thinks going braless, with her shirt open down to her navel will attract the movie executives – well she was not asked to sing @ the Oscars nor invited back after her failed movie part,the Hollyweird execs sent her a message!

    Beyoncé should be taking voice lessons, as that is her only hope. Acting is not just for the “pretty” face, one needs to form a sentence and speak.

  25. Beyonce is a worse actress than Stacey Dash! Nevertheless, she has a strong fanbase. If Beyonce is willing to sit on the casting couch, do the eyes wide shut parties, and play the stereotypical bed wench, sex slave (Halle Berry, Monsters Ball), hollywood will make sure she becomes a B or A-list actress. Zoe Saldana should be nervous, her spot as the go to black actress could be snatched!

  26. That Zoe chick dosent think she’s black..that why I laugh at her in all the black rolls they give her…lol…if she dont know what she is by now, hollywood wont let her

  27. She wants what Jhud has
    .been in the game too long and and her comes Jhud. She wants that

  28. Kelly also had a recurrin role on Girlfriends ( as Tonis shady assistant )..she was convincn and cute…

    Toni took a look @ her tho…

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