Did Jay Z Jack His Roc-A-Fella Logo?

Roc-A-Fella Records Logo

Jay Z is currently being sued for $10 million by a man named Dwayne Walker. Know why? Because Walker is claiming he created the Roc-A-Fella logo and he’s owed millions of dollars in royalties for his design.

Walker filed court documents on February 24th, demanding Jay Z hand over all personal cell phones and tablets. Walker went on to say that Jay Z, has refused to give him any of the devices to search for the documents or evidence proving his case.

Here’s what’s reported:

“Jay-Z is claiming the legal battle is ill-found. He filed a declaration in the case stating he doesn’t even have recollection of meeting Walker.

Jay Z explained he doesn’t believe Walker and his claim in the lawsuit that he signed a contract that would award him millions in royalties, because he says that is simply not something he would approve for Roc-A-Fella. Jay also pleaded with the court to not force him to sit down for a deposition where he would be grilled about the allegations in the lawsuit. The rapper/music mogul claimed he knew nothing about the accusations and accused Walker of attempting to harass him into a settlement.”


    • Okay.. Why in the hell would I give someone my personal belongings, so that can find evidence that I stole from them and owe them millions??!! If you wanna sue me, you better get the evidence to win your case on your own. I mean really, who does that?? smh!

    • Its Bullshit. NO WAY!! anyone pays a royalty to use a logo. You get paid for the job – DONE. Put it on your resume and be happy about it.

    • When you are a thief like JZ who steals from any and everyone yes, you get sued every week. I’m thinking of suing him over using my comments on the blogs.

  1. Common sense tells that no one becomes that big without doing somebody dirty at some point. I wonder why nobody haven’t killed his ass yet

  2. Why wait damn near 20 years to file suit? I call bs on the dude who claims he did the design.

    • Well Sunni we’ll never know if Jay Z gets his way. He doesn’t want to sit down and talk about the allegations? Wow! So f*ck a deposition huh? Just take my word, it’s all good.

  3. This is one way the Jhews start to take the money they gave their puppets away from them. If it is not endless lawsuits, it is the tax man, or they get blackballed (by Jhews) in the business world and they are forced to live off of their money and interest only, then when that get’s lower, they get forced to sell off assets then they are left without much. Then they get hit by the IRS again to take whatever is left!

    • @Tony Stark, I notice the trend and U are exactly right
      The beginning of The Carters fall
      But hey, they had a lengthy run and made a whole lot of money

  4. money clouds people’s judgment
    sex and drug and alcohol clouds people sense of understanding

    major record label aren’t focus about the business all they care about is having a good time

    jayz probably had bunch of parties in the rock fella offices

  5. I don’t believe this guy. Jay is a very savvy businessman. No way he told this guy he would give him royalties for that bs logo it took that guy an hour to make. Jay would have paid him 1k and he would have been happy with that amt 20 yrs ago. Why wait 20 years anyways? He better chill Jay doesn’t take kindly to lawsuit threats. Ask Cathy White.

    • ^^^^^^DICK RIDER ALERT^^^^^^^

      Jay Z is a notorious thief and lifestyle jacker. Just ask Jaz O…

      • THANK U @anonymous
        These stans are spellbound
        Also they should ask Calvin Kline how Jay get down

      • Lol hit the nail on the head jaz o whole style n then try give him a bogus deal who does jay really have that he started them as a artist no one his whole business is a straight copy cat from sports management. Boxing. Record label. Clothing line b4 sold

      • Wrong… I used to like Jay, not anymore and don’t like Beyonce. I just don’t see him offering royalties on that be logo. Royalties are forever money. That vs logo? Which is just a record with the letter R and O on top of it? How original. Plus 20 years later u sue? How could u forget? They are constantly shoved in our face

  6. I wouldn’t put it passed Jay Z to do this type of ish. We all know how he did Damon Dash. Sit ur ugly ass down for a deposition and explain yourself.

    • For what? Cause dude was too lazy to file 20 yes ago? Its not a murder or rape etc. Dude fawk that guy, seriously, and I don’t even like the carters.

  7. Oh word…. you want him to fork over his personal devices so you can prove he signed documents that you should have copies of… Okay big dummy

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