RHOA Attack: Kim Zolciak Bangs On Kenya Moore!

Kim vs Kenya

Kim Zolciak and Andy Cohen recently kicked it, leading the former RHOA cast member to reveal she “didn’t like half of the women on the show.” But the way Kim breaks it down, it’s looking like Kenya Moore would be the main female she’s far from gellin’ with.

Here’s what Kim said about Kenya:

“I don’t really know her that well. What is she doing? She’s like 42, never been married, no kids… What is she doing?!”

What’s out there:

“Kim and NeNe have mended their relationship, but “RHOA” still has plenty of dramatic moments, and Kim suggested maybe it’s time for NeNe to branch off.

“We all know that NeNe could probably carry the show by herself,” said Kim who also named Phaedra Parks and Cynthia Bailey as women who have interesting storylines during season 7.”


  1. Who cares what this “babies for cash white trash” has to say. She is irrelevant


    • Exactly, I guess Kim forgot she was whoring herself out to an old, married dude right in front of her children. I know people don’t like Kenya but I’ll take her any day over Kim’s lowkey racist ass.

    • This trick Kim! Please she is probably mad because Kroy said Kenya was fine…

      Dumb baldheaded heaux

  2. Exaaaactly DiviaNista! Does Kim still gave her slave-servant Sweetie? That was a pathetic storyline! Anyway, No one misses her on RHOA…

    • She’s just another white person who rode the backs of blacks to get ahead and when she got what she needed she ends up marrying a redneck, who always frowned when he had to be around other black people. I want to know why she got a spin off and none of the other ladies did? What made her so special?

  3. If Kim didn’t have Lee Najjar when she first started out, she wouldn’t have had a storyline and thus, would be unknown today. Kim owes Big Poppa her life — literally. She can never utter an unkind word about Kenya. If Kenya was 102 and unmarried sans kids, that’s Kenya’s business. Kim has 6 children by 3 different men and she is on her 2nd husband. There is nothing to be proud of in that equation.

  4. Kenya might not be an official “housewife,” but she’s stirred up enough chaos to keep all cast members, including herself employed. As for Kim, she’s boring much like her spin-off.

    • True I like her solely for the entertainment but just because she flirts w/ other gals’ dudes doesn’t mean I would ever insult her lack of slanging babies for storylines like Ms. Zolciak because if she wanted to take the Kim route she’d be done had a million babies before the show

      Her tactics probably before Apollo going to prison were very immature & the whole dead dog lie was petty but I’m confident she will be a bigger person next season & every1 should think like that Giving people the benefit of the doubt gives them undeserved room to improve & I think what Kim said is nasty & low because she couldn’t commented on how she might have deserved to be removed from the last reunion or might should have retracted that “hiv prison” statement she made at the reunion also but instead she jumped to the “no kids”

  5. Kim for once in your life stop kissing Nene ass! And you and Nene know if it was not for Kenya Moore that show was going down miss Moore is the only one on there that can hold that show on her own. Go do what you do best and lay on your back and make another child knowing. You you might just be pregnant. Now.

  6. Kim needs to sit the f down! Bitch you have 3 babies daddies. So what if Kenya doesnt have kids or been married. Kenya has been too busy with her career. Close your legs to married men hoe!

  7. ha, ha, ha !
    Kenya got all those bytches shook Except for Marlo, Kandi and Cynthia

  8. kim is like most typical white women who hangs around black women they think their black and the funny thing

    miss joyice (Cheshire khandi’s mother) made kim a honorary black women looool no thanks d

    do’t want this trailer trash redneck being a honorary black women are you crazy miss joyice with your busted weave and your sex freak daughter
    married to a scumbag

    kroy is a racist point blank period he’s ugly and old next!!!!

    • do you honestly believe that redneck racist smashed a ugly self hating sellout bytch??

  9. Stop kissing azz Kim Zolciak.. talking about people you don’t know.. probably hoping to get back on the show! Kissing up to Nene won’t help you.

  10. For the record I’m not a Kenya fan either.. Stupidity and silliness in any form is still stupidity and silliness

  11. gurl must be smelling herself she catches a catfish and expects everyone to bait him like she did…..kim kill urself and before u start talkin dont forget where u came from focus on what sweetie doin….

  12. who give a f*ck bout dat tired azz trady 4 party bitch she another broke bitch with all those damn kids & sorry azz husband on field falcons need to let his azz go

  13. kim is typical white women who’s obsessed over black women!! should black women feel honored or insuiled???
    she hangs around black people for fame and street credit

    i remember one episode from RHOA where this white trash got attention because this trash trailer injured her leg (probabbly on purpose)
    so 2 black guys carried her (can you say slave) and put her in the suv then nene and khandi had to do the unrevaling outside in the cold
    just for her then the b*tch made a big song and dance about her leg yet again!!!

    her husband is racists the baby christening was key evidence he was stand offish you can see it in his face he doesn’t like black people
    so why did this county hick appear on black show (RHOA is not a black show but still) when phoney phae asked him a ask this counrty hick did’t really anser
    aslo kim fired sweetie a self hating coon

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