Michelle Obama’s White Whip Supposedly ‘100% Natural’???


So Michelle Obama’s hair stylist is spilling claiming the First Lady’s locks are real to the roots! “I love how her hair has grown so long,” says Johnny Wright. “And it’s all 100per cent natural.”

“She’s a great lady and I feel privileged to do her hair.” -Johnny Wright


Here’s what homey just put out there:

“She uses conditioner and pulls it back into a ponytail. That’s exactly what she’s doing for the whole month of August. So it’s easier now, she’s able to really do her own hair. I worked with her and taught her how to really straighten her own hair out when she needs to. It’s no fuss in August. She doesn’t want to glam up.”


  1. Her hair is pretty. And not all black women with pretty, long and thick hair is always weaved in. I myself have beautiful long hair. Never wanted weave in. One time this old lady put her hands in my hair to see if it was a weave. I almost smacked her but I caught myself. Didn’t want to hit her and catch a case. I definitely do not like people putting their hands in my hair unless it’s my man. Smiles

      • Pellets…

        I just saw the FLOTUS on tv with her hair pulled back. There was no ponytail because her hair isn’t long enough to fashion into a ponytail. She looked quite unkempt and unprofessional. Stevie Wonder can see she wears pieces in her hair. TBH, no one cares if her hair is “real” or if she wears tracks. All she needs to do is look the part of the FLOTUS and not Molly the maid.

  2. Wasn’ t sure what this was about. Wish I had not clicked on it. Anyway; who cares if it’ s Mrs. Obama’ s hair or not.

  3. Michelle got something else that’s 100% real I would like to lay hands on. #onion

  4. black women,loose the weaves and lace fronts.you ain’t fooling anyone it looks like what it is fake. your own hair looks better.

  5. Right. I was checking out some recent pix of Kim K
    and lo and behold Kim had on a full lace wig
    Which I can understand because with her busy schedule she needs to protect her hair
    But people be attacking black women if they want to do the same or simply like to change it up
    I dont know why we just cant live without all the lashing out and critism
    Double standaeds. Smh
    Sometime i hate being black some days. Its such a struggle
    Especially with your own constantly attacking u

  6. BUMP all the people who more about HAIR than:
    1. Money in the bank
    2. Stocks and Bonds
    3. College Degree
    4. NO DEBT

    I stopped trying to be what everyone else is trying to look like, and focused on PAYING OFF ALL my bills.

    Life is better when you have zero debt

    • Word up. And those weaves will put a BW in debt.

      Anyhoo, always thought Michelle’s hair was natural and it looks goo and she looks good.

      I continue to admire Michelle. Now, her husband…

  7. Even if she does wear weaves from time to time, who cares. I love how people take the time address black women on something that’s nothing.Before you go on, let me give you the list of some of the non-black women sporting some faux mane.

    Jennifer Lopez, Angelina Jolie, Fergie, Paris Hilton, Arianna Grande, Kim.K, Khloe.K, Kourtney.K, Jennifer Aniston. This list goes on and on, but I’ll just stop at Taylor Swift and her lace fronts. Not to mention all the women walking around with bleached out dead hair and extensions. Just stop already! If you look good, you look good. I respect any woman that takes pride in herself. Night night

  8. Why is this news? And why always about black women and weaves, wigs, or extensions? Mofos been wearing weaves and clip owns since before black women were even allowed on television. Knock it off!

  9. But I have long hair. It’s not weave it’s my own kinky curly hair! I don’t have a perm either.

  10. stop giving these racist Chinese/Korean/Indian people your money. they love white people they think black people are dirty and nasty
    sadly for them white people do’t give a f*ck about them!!!

  11. black (coon) men and white (insecure) women care the most about black women’s hair. JEALOUSY! and INTIMIDATION!…Black women have such a powerful presence, they just scare the shit out of everybody. I have noticed that white males care the least about hair just as long as it looks good to them.

    • Perhaps you should learn the definition of coon. I like my women to have racial pride. When I walk out of the house I have my real hair, my real complexion, and real gut and flaws and walk with my head held high. I certainly have an opinion on one of my black queens with fake hair completely covering her own, makeup five shades lighter than she is, etc. I won’t even delve into skin bleaching, spanx, push up bras, girdles or pumps. I wonder about the psychological welfare of a sister who will go to great lengths not to show her real hair. I wonder what impact those decisions have on ten year old girls who see it. I’ve heard all the excuses especially the white women do it too bullshit. We aint checkin for them. Them hoes can wear hamsters on their heads and we won’t give no f*ck. Your excuses might be valid if didn’t wear it 24 7 365. Didn’t mean to go there but the excuses have gotten and I just wonder about underlying esteem issues. Comment submitted with love.

  12. Just another example of the intentional indoctrination of our people to look like the “master race”… #loveurnaturalbeauty

  13. First Lady Michelle Obama looks on point mostly all the time, from her hair to her attire. She’s dressed up sometimes,and other times goes for a more casual relaxed look and what? She is still fabulous…

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