Remy Ma Finally Joining LHHNY

remy ma love and hip hop new york papoose

After initially denying it, Remy Ma confirms that she will be joining Love & Hip Hop New York.

Months ago it was rumored that Remy Ma would be joining LHHNY with her husband, rapper Papoose, once she got out of prison.  This came with Erica Mena being out of the pictures, and Rich Dollaz probably moving to LHHH.

Former rapper, Remy Ma denied the reports, but now she’s come around and will be joining the cast.   She went on the LHHATL after show and confirmed that she will finally be joining the show and her husband will be making appearances.

Will they be a good addition to the show?

[Via Urbanbelle]


  1. I been a Remy fan for a long time. It’s good to see her getting back in the game after paying her time. Now LHHNY will have a real rapper on there and not some randoms.

  2. Need that check now huh?!
    Ain’t to proud to beg now huh?
    More angry black women on tv great just what we needed !
    At least she has talent ! Still hate these low level shows ! But hey not stopping u from stacking money !

  3. She needs to get pregnant already!! her and Papose has been married for 4-5 years!. Let hope she doesn’t cheat on him or leave him for someone else

    because he has been by her side, while she was in the slammer, some people don’t remember kindness!

  4. I like her but this is truly sad. Fake tits & ass, now on the coon train.SMH Its just sad cuz she actually has talent. For the luv of money……

  5. If RemyMa joins real hip hop of new York than i will start watching it again. I stopped watching because they added to many Hispanics or light skinned ppl on the show with bad attitudes and that Erica bitch was annoying. When I think about hip hop I imagine run dmc, grand master flash, lil kim i e and darker skinned artist . Bring it back

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