Gloria Govan Dating Akon; Keeps It On the Low For Wifey

gloria govan akon dating 2

Gloria Govan has officially moved on from Matt Barnes and is now dating Akon.

Akon is in Africa working on his new electricity initiative and Gloria came for support.  The two were seen in Mali and Cote d’Ivoire over the past week and went out of their way to try and not be photographed together.

gloria govan and akon

Gloria’s handlers are trying to do damage control and released a statement saying this is simply a working relationship, “Gloria Govan was in Africa with not only Akon, but also his entire family to promote her ALL NATURAL facial serum, titled “Derm Affect.” And since we know that Africa is the mother of all natural resources, it is/was the perfect place to release and promote her facial line. With that being said Gloria is NOT dating Akon.”

gloria govan akon dating

But if there’s nothing to hide then why is she posting a lot of photos of her time in Africa and none with Akon who she is obviously spending a lot of time with while there.  Govan is definitely on the sneak tip here.

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  1. Idk know if this is a good thing or a bad thing, but Meka better wake the f*ck up and quit being bougie thinking she is better than anyone. I”ll tell U what, let Akon do his thang and come back home to bring U a gift that keeps on giving. Gloria if I was U, the best for U to do is pack your shit and leave Akon alone!!!

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      Stay out of my mind !

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  3. Doesn’t he have four wives scattered all over, they seem to stay in the background as he hoes around.

  4. Women would rather lay up with a man than get their own. Shits disgusting. Get a new skill besides nut guzzling beyotch!

  5. LOL IDK she will age one day and hopefully wise up and be able to cope with her past because Dang is it really worth being a paid escort with two young sons?

  6. ya right Media,,Gloria’s puzzy is made of gold so akon is going to choose her . akon a millionaire who has more than one wife….. ok whatever

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