Reggie Bush’s Drunk Wife Makes Shady Watermelon & Kool-Aid Joke

reggie bush wife lilit kool aid watermelon

We have no idea what’s going on in the following video of Reggie Bush and his wife, Lilit, but did she low-key make a racist joke about watermelon and Kool-Aid? You be the judge.


  1. When she mentioned watermelon. She was talking about her breast. Y’all are getting obnoxious with this sensitivity to racism stuff.

  2. I don’t see what she said wrong really but he is a coon I’ll agree to that

    • Yup, comfortable enough to call the cops on his ass when he doesn’t comply to any of her wishes – just like what always happens in these tragic arrangements. QUIET IS KEPT!

  3. Armenian are the scum of Europe. They are known for organized crime and sex work. She loves watermelon and kool ade because all she got to eat in her home country is cows heads and feet and salt bread. Dumb Negri thought he was marrying up . He’s nothing but a Mark.

  4. It looks like they got a real relationship; he makes Armenia jokes and she comes with the blackie jokes.

    Armenia is a shithole anyway so she can’t talk

    She’s hot though!

  5. This is what happens when BM have sex with WW. They lose their ability to think and become passive and appear to ‘side’ with the sexual partner thinking it’s the other people who are racist not the one they sleep with.

  6. Him calling her a foreigner will never equal the mistreatment black people have experienced in their own country!

    • Right she said she is trying to fit in. Fit in with who? Your black husband or the racists.

  7. This Armenian fool thinks she is being funny,as they all do with black men,black man does not know she is being racist to his face,he is too stupid to see it,I’m sure Armenian eat shit We blacks would never eat,her whole country was taken over by the men of other countries,so the bitch is brainwashed,and bipolar,don’t be disturbed by any shit she says,they age faster,or at least look old in their forties,Black Don’t crack,she already looks old,black men are shits too,brainwashed by slavery,get used to these black bastards aren’t worth shit.

    • Ditto
      While poor blacks in Texas are homeless he’s feeding his sex worker steak

  8. This Bitch is waaayyy to comfortable talking that kool-aid shit…

    Same type of MF who would call his ass a nig…while liquored up and mad…when she does that what will his dumb ass do…

    She could have called her tits a million and one different things, she knew what the fuck she was saying…And No just because you married him does not give you a card…#tired of giving Trash a Pass.

    • Reggie Bush may be the type of black man who gets horny when a white bitch calls him the N word.

        • From what I remember about that situation, he did not say that literally…he was saying that as a way to bite his tongue and using her ignorance to fuel him in moving forward and being even bigger and better….which is exactly what he is doing.

          Now that pansexual shit playing lando, is a hot mess.

              • Uh, you need to listen to that interview again. He was definitely speaking in a literal sense. No need to reinterpret what he said.

            • ^^ At the end of the day if he liked it that is his business…I am more concerned about men who screw/ rape women and children Gay-me, Anthony Anderhog, Kellpedo in our community and get away with it.

  9. Reggie Bush used to fuck Kim K. This coon still fucking around with white bitches; he didn’t learn his lesson the first time. That white bitch is going to take all of his money. Bush can’t play football anymore, can’t go back to USC which means he has nothing to fall back on. Bush may go broke in ten years.

  10. Kim K is Armenian. This bitch is Armenian. Reggie Bush should move to Glendale.

    • Lol. They alllllllllllllll used to work at my job in the valley!! The wives to get away from making koffee alllllllllllllll day!! Lol.

  11. seems like black men don’t want black wome and vice versa

    whites gotta be enjoying themselves giving black entertainers money then take it back when they feel like it

    • Only in an alternate universe. Even in sports and entertainment, most of us don’t date out.

      #blexcellence #wakanda #afromance

    • Black men will never play out. We just need some Wakanda smelling salts to bring them back to their senses.

  12. odd that I had sex with a white girl trhis past weekend and I still have desires to have sex with black women

    but these dudes get some whitye pussy and then wanna quit black women don’t understand what got me is a black girl who doesn’t date black men scolded me for phukking a white girl lol

    • The white tramps that Chase them stay on their knees with a grin on their lips with $$$ signs in their eyes and the fools think it is love.
      When it’s only love of money

  13. Okay we get it she from Armenia. . Geeesss we get it u proud u got a fake ass kim k

  14. Making jokes about the race of people who inspired all of her obvious surgeries. I don’t get it, she covets black female bodies but yet still feels the need to put them down. Yeah she is fake like Kim. A slap-on ass is what she has but she still feels superior to black women – who are born ‘womb ready’.

    He seems like a ‘negro’ to me. I have never come across a white guy who knowingly lies about his black girlfriend’s weave being real but this còon swears blind that this person’s butt is 100 grass fed.

      • Yeah Kim only fůcks with bisexual men – Kanye – so it is no surprise that he too must be into the butt play. He is an athlete and they allll have to swallow cum for pay and endorsements. That illuminasty indoctrination …

  15. Dr Umar Johnson was right. Successful black men date and marry the ugliest and worse white chicks, while average white guys date the best black women.

  16. When was the last time a black man dated or married a gorgeous, successful white chick? Don’t worry I’ll wait!

      • Gorgeous is stretching it.

        She is a bit off mentally for calling her sons sexy…Yuck.

        • Any woman who used to be an Victoria Secret model in their prime was @ the minimum gorgeous …

          • That is a matter of opinion NOT fact.

            More than a few of those “models” were very average.

        • I’m not saying she’s amazing, but to a large demographic, she’s “hot.” Those same people built her multi-million dollar empire.

          The same empire that made Seal even richer when they divorced. ?

      • U already know she was saying this hit mofo has some good cock. Plus he is an International star.

    • The Kardashian husbands, but I’m not saying the Kardashians are hot.

      There’s also regular bm every day that get with ww from upper middle class families, women with good jobs and plenty of family money. Black women often pass on those men for not having the right percentage of swag.

    • Doutzen Kroes and her husband DJ Sunnery. She is a white Victoria’s Secret supermodel fro The Netherlands and her husband is black.

      Derek Jeter and his model wife Hannah. She is the most beautiful classiest baller wife ever.

      That black billionaire who married a Playboy Playmate of the month.

      Kyrie Irving and his Texas white baby mama,

      NBA I could go on all day long. Yes I agree that basic black joe next doors tend to get homely fat white chicks. But the black celebs are now pulling the Kate Upton cream of the crop white girls these days.

      Sorry, but it’s true.

    • It’s interesting that people still refer to them as models considering how they really make money.

      • Shit it ain’t just them all those people in every part of the entertainment industry… males too have to pay their dues.

  17. Who cares !!! Obviously she’s drinking talking about her titties … HSK this isn’t news … Let me know when Trump smoked a blunt

  18. God Made A Breed Of ……. Racist Cave Beasts !!! (mankind and Not-Human) ~ And You Don’t Think That …….. God Has A Since Of Humor ?!!! Rofl !!! Genesis 25:25, Genesis 27:27

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