Future Gives Groupie the Shaft


    future groupie

    Future is being blasted by a woman who claims he neglected to reimburse her for her flight and he canceled her hotel stay after she wouldn’t give him any kitty kat!

    Click the arrows on the Instagram post to hear her tale.


    1. Maybe she was trying to do a #metoo because why else would he fly her dumb ass anywhere for free? These are the women they love so no remorse ever towards these idiots

    2. Future is the worst kind of Lil Boy. He needs to grow up already. His Mother should be ashamed of herself, she did not raise a good son at all. Pathetic and the groupie just as pathetic.

    3. I know she didn’t think she was flying for fun time and not work! Wow, I thought IG women know what time it is.
      There must be just a tiny bit more to this story that is not being told…

    4. I think her posting this shit makes her look bad. Y not post the convos tht took place prior to flying ur dumb ass dwn there?. She’s not! I think she agreed thn changed her mind thinking she cld “CHILL” w/him. Where r the screenshots of yall tlking “business” so tht he knew u were on “studio time” foh.

    5. Don’t listen to Future music but what did she expect a sing along and personally I would have did the something .

    6. So a woman actually has enough self respect to say she is not down with straight up fucking and you all have problems with it? Really?

      All you jaded MFs need to get a grip, she did not owe him shit…he took a chance and paid for her to come out she said no…he said fuck off in so many words and that is that.

      So what she put it out there, he didn’t say shit to look like a complete sleaze and now she knows what her purpose was and can walk away with most of her dignity in tact.


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