Reggie Bush, You ARE the Father!

reggie bush dna paternity test

Reggie Bush’s side chick, Monique Exposito, just received the results from a paternity test, and it’s official…Reggie IS the father of two-week-old baby Preston.

According to BOSSIP, Monique gave birth on Super Bowl Sunday, and although she was allegedly smashing four other men, Reggie’s sperm was the lucky winner.

Monique has allegedly told friends she’s ready to take the Buffalo Bills player “to the cleaners” for child support. She has even bragged about being “set for life” now that she has a baby by him.

A source said Bush allegedly told Monique he wants nothing to do with raising baby Preston, but he will provide for the baby financially.

Messy, messy.



  1. Awwwww hell! Then this dumbass hoe got the nerve to get mad at the blogs to revealing more stuff about her! Bitch! U the one who told the damn blogs!!!

    • Lol you she knows she looks stupid. She will get a lot of money but I doubt she will ever find a man to geninuely love her and she knows it.

      • Most hoes don’t care about love – until they find themselves at age 50, with many children by many different guys and not man or husband.

        • Nah most hoes want love but from specific types of men ‘hustlers/players’ and they want that love from a distance. Most hoes are really empty inside ; Jhonni Blaze, Rihanna, Keisha, Paris Hilton the list goes on

    • This is another Psychiatric CASE in the making.
      THe child no one really wanted. Mommy wanted the check $$$$, not the child.
      DAMN SHAME in 20 years this kid gonna be a mess.

  2. Lmao! She got her 18 year paycheck. Can’t hate on a hoes hustle. Next thing you know she’s on some wives or hip hop reality show.

    • yes and will cash in. sad for the child to not have a father. reggie is scum…how can you leave your child in the wind? he’s half of you! can’t stand you and can’t stand your wife for staying with you!

  3. I find it strange that she was sleeping with 4 other men, but was absolutely positive that this was Reggie’s baby. It seems as though she wanted to really fuck up his life. This woman had more of an emotional attachment to him than her own husband.

    • Makes you wonder if she’s positive with anything else, other than a pregnancy test.
      Trifling ass hoes are like carrier monkies.

      • LMAO. Reggie is senseless…fucking thots with no condom and than fucking his wife like nothing happened. Honestly if the wife catches anything she should sue him

  4. Damn she look like a trannie and Reggie hit dat raw???


    He a str8t fool.

    See what happens when the only requirement for a self-hating foolfor a mate is that they are not your race?

    • True and also a lot of the self hating sistas have no standard when they date outside their race. The men they get look like utter bums

      • If that were the case you would not be single. Since you are I would say you are just mad no one wants your crazy kakkra ass.

        • But have seen some of white men black sistas date… my goodness look at Garcelle Beavauis ex husband. The white men usually have money but they look hideous. You never see sistas with the Brad Pits and George Clooneys 🙁

          • Robin Givens dated Brad Pitt and Clooney was with the other black woman from head of the class before he decided to be a player…so you would be WRONG…you Ernest goes to Camp looking MF.

  5. She looks like a man. He looks like he sucks dicks. THE END!!!

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