Kanye Suffered Memory Loss During Mental Breakdown

kanye west memory loss

Kanye West’s producer and friend, Malik Yusef, accidentally spilled all the rapper’s tea at this year’s Grammy Awards.

Malik gave an interview on the red carpet and said he visited with Yeezy for six to seven hours.

They talked about his health and recovery, and then Malik dropped a bombshell about the rapper’s mental state.

“His memory is coming back, which is super good,” – Malik Yusef

He continued by saying Kanye is healing and spending time with family, but he’s not working on any new projects.

Of course, the K’s want us to believe Kanye is perfectly fine, but that blonde hair and his facial expression say otherwise!

You can watch the full interview here.


  1. OK I’m convinced kanye is going through auditing he’s too young to get memory loss what type of meds he’s on looks like they trying to make him a vegetable

  2. It’s seems like mental illness is part of the game to be famous…name me an artist that has been broken…Amy whinehouse, MJ, Elvis, Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Justin Beiber, the list goes on. Hopefully Adele escapes this problem

  3. The problem with Kanye is he wanted to be with his
    Boyfriend in Paris. He never wanted some woman
    Getting pregnant by him yet along marrying her.
    Kim better get tested. Kanye is a typical down low

    • I find it odd that people started calling kanye west gay when he started getting famous and began dating a white woman. When college droupout came nobody was saying this

      • I always thought he was suspect though because of his friends before the fame they just look gay

        • Well the clincher now should be the blonde hair. No 100% straight or sane man of any race goes blonde when it is not their natural color.

    • I can tell that most of the commenters here have never been strung out on real drugs(not weed.)

      You don’t need “rituals,” MK Ultra, sacrifice karma or any other horseshit to look like that when you do the amount of blow and amphetamines Kanye was doing. And id totally does fuck with your brain and your memory. Ever heard of black out drunk? Well that black out applies to substances other than alcohol when done in excess over time. I have periods of YEARS I can’t remember.

      Goof for yall that you don’t relate, but trust and believe, Kanye isn’t suffering from programming or deprogramming. He’s been high as a kite for nearly 10 years, and now he’s paying the price.

      • Another poster who was at UCLA hospital said as much. They said his brain was fried form overuse of stimulants…so this sounds about right.

  4. mk ultra breakdwon if you study mk ultra they put you under mind control having you do things and you not remember it, it’s not just in hollywood it’s done in the army as well

  5. More than likely DRUG ABUSE EFFECTS…. these Kardashian women love mentally ill males

    • no that diseased energy they got did this and he was a well-informed willing participant…

  6. look at kayne dude doesn’t even look the same he lookds like his soul is drained just gone

  7. Rituals, drugs, mental illness, sexual confusion, celebrity, limelight, wrong friends, short money….

    • But must importantly, a hoe for a wife, choosing same to be the mother of your innocent children, and her crazy family.

  8. he hasnt worked out/exercised since like 2008 same for chris brown. soulja boy has never worked out/exercised lol

  9. Good to see the smart people in this section are calling the MK ULTRA card when it’s obvious. Memory loss/memory repression is all apart of MK ULTRA programming. Generally after people suffer the massive breakdown at the age of 30-33, they begin to “recover” most of their repressed memories, of trauma and other events that were hidden in there subconscious. Kanye just like every other celebrity in hollyweid has undergone MK ULTRA programming. It’s a requirement to get into and succeed in the industry.

      • Yep. Anytime anyone uses the terms MK Ultra or sheeple in a comment you automatically recognize that they have been brainwashed by watching too many YouTube videos.

        MK Ultra was ended by the military 25 years ago. That is documented. But low information people are looking for explanations and reason where there is none. They just can’t accept that drug abuse and mental illness is real and abundant.
        So they want a reason for why Britney lost her shit 10 years ago and Amanda Bynes went batshit crazy.Same with Lamar Odom and Kanye.

        Drugs, bi-polar and schizophrenia is the reason for 75% of all the celebrity crackups. It sure ain’t MK Ultra.


      That narcissist would roll up in a ball and die, if he was getting no attention.

  10. We all saw this coming a mile away way. Where is Kanyes family? Warning before destruction. It’s over for Kanye, he’s been lybotomize…smh

    • If he has been given a lobotomy then he has a criminal case as well as a civil case worth 25 million plus against the doctor and the hospital. Lobotomies have been illegal for half a century.

      Try using massive quantities of Adderall and mountains of good Bolivian blow for 10 years and see what you look and sound like.
      A lobotomy would be less damaging.

      Just like we didn’t know that major drug abuse was killing Prince until we lost him, RIP,
      most people here don’t understand that that’s what is going on with Kanye.

      Pray for him and wish him well. I suspect that he is three quarters of the way to joining Prince
      in the Afterlife. Of course, if he doesn’t seek serious medical intervention soon, and he does pass, most of the people here will holler “sacrifice.”

      Seriously, if you ever cared about Kanye in the past, he needs your prayers now. Put aside the hate for the Kardashians. If he gets sober and well, he will likely come to his senses and leave all of them.

      • Fuck koonye. He made his choices, no one put a gun to his head he can go down in flames for his decisions. He has been nothing less than a cancer since his mom past, so good riddance.

        • Typical black woman loyalty.

          “He chose a white woman so fuck him. He’s dead to me.”

          Black people will never rise up because they hate each other as much or more than they hate white folks.

          Kanye was a black icon. He lost his way. He is imperfect.

          So he is now the dirt beneath your feet?

  11. Sounds like he could have suffered a mild stroke … and that is sad and serious… the wrong and too many drugs can do that to you also

  12. Mj, Elvis all thought they was god and they all had to be brought down a notch Whitney, PAC, all thought they was gods too they suffered from narcissism kanye wants to be worshipped like his friend beyonce

  13. +1 CrazyChris!! Also- didn’t ‘a fan’ just put up a mounument replicating Kanye in a Jesus open arm pose?

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