Larsa Pippen Dumps Future, Heads Back Home to Scottie

scottie pippen larsa back together

It didn’t take long for Larsa Pippen to realize she wanted no parts of Future and his lifestyle.

Scottie filed for divorce from Larsa back in October, and rumors swirled that it was Larsa’s close relationship with rapper Future that prompted the divorce filing.

Larsa was later photographed in the club with the rapper and lounging by his pool, but she finally came to her senses and headed back home to Scottie.

The two are trying to reconcile their relationship, and according to Scottie, the Pippens are “stronger than ever.”

Meanwhile, Future’s not losing any sleep. He spent Valentine’s Day with his baby mama, Brittni.

How soon before Scottie and Larsa call off the divorce?


  1. Family is something that needs to be kept together by any neccessary. Hopefully black women can learn form Larsa and value family over personal desires

    • @15:47 Hopefully you can learn from the downfall of amerikkka, neanderthal hoe! What land will you try to steal after Trump gets WWWIII started and every country comes to collect from this place?

    • BLACK WOMEN? YOU MEAN BLACK MEN! Stop blaming black women for everything that plagues the affairs of the heart! There are a whole lot of things that are involved when it comes to these issues. And like I said, you need to stop admiring these nasty edomites who tramp around do dumb stuff and then go back to their mates AFTER their wrong doing! Goes to show YOU worship NASTY other GODS!

    • This women(LARSA) went and HOED around with another man while she was married and YOU applaud and worship that mess! You are just as disgusting and as vile as they are… belong with those heathens!

  2. Scottie has aged very well I must say. I think he looks better than he did in his Bulls days.

    • You would…he still looks like droopy. Just old.

      And his kids definitely picked up the droopy genes. Just goes to show no matter what ugly people do to try to get rid of it. Ugly still shows up in the next generation.

      • His kids look really nice. Why so much hate…you probably have no kids and or husband in your life

          • speaking of the kids….body language in the beach family pic says they haven’t forgiven her for ditching them…especially babygirl….mom mind as well be the nanny in the pic lol

        • And we all know you have no life, because you live here.

          So stop projecting… queen of the haters.

  3. It’s going to be over soon..Bottom line is you see a person that you love in a different light and feeling aren’t the same and you become miserable within..They are living a lie..She liked the attention from Future and is still into him..She even wearing his Fedora hat while she is with the family..SMH

    • I can’t disagree with you. She is not trustworthy. He gave her a diamond ring. For what, I have no clue. She publicly humiliated him then came crawling back to him after Future dumped her. She tried the single life trying to be a Kim wannabe but that was apparently a no go. How can you dump your beautiful family for that retched man. I think Scottie will keep it together until the kids are all off to school, but rest assure these two are not growing old together.

      • EXACTLY!! No child support then. Plus you have time to show the kids what a slut bag whore their mama is.

        • Good Lord. WHY on earth would you want your kids to to think their mother is a slut bag??? Are you insane? Or maybe just deeply damaged.

          A mature loving parent knows it is in the best interest of the children to think their parents are good and decent. Even people who HATE their former spouse knows not to taint the children with their own personal hatred.

          Where oh where are these atrocious parenting traits coming from? When did we become such horrible excuses for good mothers and fathers?

  4. Scottie is not droopy. He is a handsome African-American Indian man who looks like he could be the reincarnated vision of Cochise himself.

    Of course, y’all probably hate him for the fact that his kin mixed with native Americans right?

  5. A lot of us have are African/ Indian and look 1 million times better.

    He has never been handsome and IS DROOPY in the flesh!!!! LOL..

    • Why do us blacks clown other races and our own races physical appearance but when other races do it to us we start crying 🙁

      • You are NOT BLACK asshole…

        Which means your bama ass needs to go somewhere sit down and STFU…

      • I am talking about Scottie and no other black man looking like Droopy…

        Unlike you white humpty dumpty who comes here trying to talk shit about ALL blacks. Specifically women because you need the attention your mom never gave you.

        • But I already told you my black single mother gave other men more love and attention instead of me. Why do you keep bringing it up?

    • Anonymous you got serious issues man! You are on here like you know theses people or you are a stalker

  6. How much fucking photoshop does she do to her pictures…did anyone peep her arm!?!

  7. Future didn’t want that old used up woman for his “future”! She was just something to play with! What would he want with THAT? A washed out woman made of PLASTIC everywhere, fake boobs, lips and whatever else with all those damn KIDS and a HUSBAND!

    • Yup and like 80% of black female actress have been ran through by these white execs…just imagine how they would degrade them…probably make them have sex with dogs

  8. Scottie, I know you once Loved that Thout. But you do better without her. Send her back to him so she can get an STD.

  9. Larsa told Scottie she Fucking Future then told Future she told Scottie that they are Fucking..So Future is doing this because of this…AKA Green light on your Ass..What are you going to do?..Future feeling like the whole world should know this..SMH

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