Reggie Bush’s Side Chick, Five Potential Baby Daddies?

reggie bush side chick monique exposito

Monique Exposito, the woman who allegedly got knocked up by Reggie Bush, gave birth to the NFL players baby boy on Super Bowl Sunday.

She named the baby Preston. Many people assumed she would go with the name Reggie Jr., and it’s good thing she didn’t because Reggie might not be the daddy after all!

According to BOSSIP, the Miami cocktail waitress wasn’t only getting pounded out by Reggie, she was also hooking up with NBA vet Alonzo Mourning, pro boxer Steed Woodall, Florida Marlins player Giancarlo Stanton – all while she was married to her estranged husband, Alex Bastin.

Monique is said to be “upset” that the baby looks so much like her, and isn’t as “dark skinned” as she would have liked.

Despite the baby’s appearance, she says she’s sure Bush is the father.

“After [Reggie] pays to support her and Preston for the next 18 years, she’ll be sure that Preston becomes a famous ball player too and sets her up for life, because she’ll be a good mom, and was the one who decided to keep him – not Bush.”

SMH. Everyone in this situation deserves an L.


  1. Well damn a non black women preferring dark skin babies hmm that sounds normal. Wasn’t also Obama’s mom happy about his dark complexion?

    • 1. She’s not black.
      2. That’s bullshit. She absolutely did not express that.

    • My bad. I thought you said she was black.

      But I still call bullshit on her being “upset.”

    • President Barack Obama is no where near dark-skinned and was likely very light when he was born.

    • Ignorance!
      Obamas mother married a poor college student.

      You need to get over your little hands!

  2. She looks like a dude. An ugly dude too. Reggie sure seems to dig the tranny face look.

    • It’s not just Reggie a lot of black men like overweight and masculine looking features. I never understood why…look at all the iG models most have squarish bodies and hard faces.

      • Brainwashing and Stockholm syndrome. It’s what happens when someone spends too much time in the company of albinos.

        Most Africans are confused by attraction to that.

        • I am not sure about brainwashing because before the civil rights era black men use to adore slim black women. Even during the 80s and early 90s hip hop use to pedastal feminine looking black women. It’s not until the 2000s that manly, overweight, vulgar women have become attractive. Look at Joseline Hernandez she is the apple of most black men in Atlanta 🙂

          • The attraction probably started after the boom in prison population black males started getting paroled. Then they took that wanted something not quite like a man, but reminisced about being with someone not so feminine either. Didn’t help that most of the female groups just before this era were pushed wearing baggy pants and shirts with a manly vibe and thugged out look like Xcape, Jade, Kut Klose, etc. Dudes who like angular females (not curves) are usually suspect

            • Lol you know what that sounds really reasonable. It’s strange the more thuggish the man is the more masculine his woman is.

        • Confused by attraction like that?

          You so easily dismiss actions you do not approve of as confusion.

          You sound a bit confused as well.

      • Why is every black men gay…is that like the new thing to say about men who people don’t agree on?

        • You know very well that one of the coping mechanisms black women have adopted is accusing all black men who eschew them of being homosexual.

          It’s sad, but if it helps them accept the fact that they are losing ground with great speed, let them have their comfort.

        • The vast majority of the black population lives on the continent of Africa.

          Caucasian women travel there, and have to pay black men to sleep with them.

          Caucasian women also pay them outside of Africa.

          The majority of black men, in and outside Africa, are with black women.

          It’s a real pattern of behavior that many black men with caucasian women are on the DL. Caucasian women are more accepting of that, and it’s easier to hide it from them.

  3. A fool and his money will soon be parted — and Reggie Bush is a str8t up fool!

    • That is true. A lot of these women from different races prey on black men because they know they are raised by single mothers and thus are stupid and easy prey. When is the last time you heard someone like Tom Brady, Eli manning, Clay Matthews get finesse by a thots. It’s mostly black men

      • White men are just sexual abusers…Ben Rothesbutthole is a rapist, Joe Namho, Brett Fart among others love to sexually harass the women around them.

      • Damn you are stupid. Reggie Bush is from a two-parent household.

        Come up with another excuse


      • All those men you mentioned have multiple women and multiple children on the side. The difference is that they keep it all very quiet.

        That myth is like the myth about CACstars not having baby mamas. They do, but they make sure to keep it quiet. Many black men like the attention, and like women fighting over them and wanting to have their children.

        • Like I said white men are always on the offensive meaning they are in control of the situation. But black men seem to be always on the defensive… the women are controlling them. White men can have several mistresses and they hardly get finessed. But black men they get extorted, dragged through social media and laughed at by these hoes 🙁

          • Not a surprise your kakkra ass would be cool with rape and sexual assault.

            Namho and Fart were humiliated for their acts. And they will forever be cast with that shadow, no matter what they do. Just because people like you are not paying for your deeds now, don’t think you won’t have to…every thing you do will come back on you in one form or another.

            So laugh now, but you won’t have the last laugh..believe that!

            • Damn and this is the type of black women us black men have to be uplift, marry and build with. No wonder 75% of black women are single. You guys can’t have dialogue without cussing, bringing death threats or shaming black men. #blackwomenaremanly

              • If you perceive a woman as manly, just know that’s because you’ve slacked off as a man. Not everyone is comfortable sitting back and letting everything go to shit.

              • It’s a result of exposure to the disease known as whites. The US is a white infested toilet.

              • You’re a retard who writes like a child with so many grammatical errors it’s pathetic! WHO CARES what BLACK MEN DO! All of you can NOT get married if you choose because most of you are so childish and want to do whatever the WHITE HEATHENS MEN want to do instead of following what GOD wants you to d! So go straight to HELL right along with the WHITE HEATHENS ya’ll love so much!

          • That’s bs. Dudes like Reggie just don’t care. They don’t mind if their business is out there like that.

            As for black women, I’ll say this. Black *American* women have spent their entire lives around the disease known as whites, and so have their parents. As a result, they’re not normal. Whites are a fucking disease.

            • STFU with the black american women BS…you idiots who single out one group of people are as retarded as these kakkras who come on here.

              • And don’t bother explaining what you fumbled up on expressing not interested in reading the BS.

              • It’s reality.

                And I don’t need to explain anything. I meant exactly what I said.

              • ^^Your dumb ass is not a black american woman and the shit you see on tv does NOT make you an expert on knowing all black american women, asshole.

              • You don’t know anything about me, and I stand by what I said. AA women are infected with the disease known as white people.

              • Yo why are you always swearing and throwing tantrums like you embody every stereotype that most people associate with black women. You are going to be single 4 life trust me!

              • ^^LOL..Why are you riding my clit bitch…because you will never have another one to ride…

                I am doing fine…you are the one on here on a saturday night up on it cuz you want some…get a life white fag.

            • color of a person is not a disease you dumb fuck. It’s the mind/mentality of the person.
              nobody is born a racist they are taught this oppressive behaviour

              • So if they are not born racist why don’t we uplift racist white people instead of degrading them…just like how black women tell us to do to them 🙂

              • ^^Fuck off kakkra no one will uplift you…shit on you and chop you up like the pigs you are then feed you to your own but never anything else.

            • And I stand by what I say…you are NOT a black woman and you don’t know ALL black american women…so shove your BS opinion about them up your ignorant uniformed ass!

              • Cont’d…you sit here all day hollering about CAC this and that but talk the same talk as them…FOHWTBS…dumb MFin’ asshole.

              • It’s 2017 and thanks to tommy sotomayor us black men are rising up and not letting you black women SHAME us into submission. It’s funny that now days only simps and coons get manipulated by black women 🙁

              • You don’t know anything about me.

                I do know “all” black American women. You live in a country governed by sick people (whites) and heavily populated by sick people (whites). Sick behavior, thinking, and practices are all normalized in your world.

                And then on top of the whites there are mulattos who engage in even worse thinking, behavior, and practices.

              • ^^If I don’t know you, YOU DON’T KNOW ALL BLACK AMERICAN WOMEN…so NOTHING you say is relevant when it comes to them. All you are doing is blowing smoke out of your ASS.

              • Sure sweetheart. That’s why you spend the better part of your time NOT uplifting your own.

  4. Lmfao that’s what his dumb ass gets! And that person he knocked up looks like a he and a ugly one for sure. Pretty sure this nigga is bi

  5. Since when did getting pregnant while married become the it thing? Kim K did it with Kris Humphries now women think it’s cool.

  6. I hope for his sake it’s not his. Then again, two of my favorite players (Mourning and Stanton) are involved in this mess. Don’t know who the boxer is, but it would be extremely hilarious if that kid turned out to be her husband. Is he black. Clearly this woman was shopping for rich melanin for her own gains. Then she wants to spend the next 18 years doing nothing and after that, the kid to become a famous rich baller to SUPPORT her. I hope her husband is the daddy and that he’s short short short. These men should be trembling in their boots and praying they are not the ONE.

  7. Look at this karma for Reggie bush. He cheated on his wife for a whore( face it, this is what she is). This woman should be ashamed of herself. Sleeping with multiple people at one time is not a good look. All of these men played Russian roulette with their lives fucking with this whore. You know that marriage inside the house is a wrap.

    • Sometimes I don’t disagree with black women when they say black men ain’t shit. It seems like all we do is fuck and cheat…I guess that’s why I divorce rates are so high regardless of who we marry

  8. I don’t think you can name a baby after the Daddy if the Daddy did not want the baby, that don’t make sense.

    • Men should be able to waive their parental responsibilities if women are able to abort and kill babies

      • They rights are waived if women do that…and you aborted your rights when you chose to go bareback.

        • True…that’s why I tell black men NEVER EVER go bareback on BLACK WOMEN. They make bad mothers so your risking a lot. Hopefully my campaign succeeds

  9. Monique Exposito looks like one of those trannies on the Jerry Springer show. Speaking of trashy talk shows…Reggie, you need to call Maury and have this man-face thing take a DNA test.

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