Ray J Blasts Country Singer Naomi Judd for Racist Remarks

ray j naomi judd

Ray J posted a video on his Instagram and accused country music singer Naomi Judd of making racist remarks.

Ray and Naomi are filming their FOX cooking series My Kitchen Rules, and during the show, Ray claims Naomi called grits “slave food,” and she’d rather starve than eat them.

Ray admits he felt uncomfortable about her comments, and it doesn’t help that Naomi has been very vocal about filming with him and the rest of their cast mates.

Before the video was posted, Naomi trashed her co-stars in a Facebook post. She said the producers of the show misled her about who would be appearing on the program, and she wasn’t happy to be associated with any of them, including Ray J who she called a “bad boy” who does porn, former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ Brandi Glanville, and Lance Bass of NSYNC.

Naomi says she would never “choose to socialize with” people like her co-stars, but she has already signed her contract so she can’t back out now.

Anyway, peep Ray’s video below:


Do you think Naomi’s comments are racist?


  1. I don't give a f*ck about Ray J. Black people ain't going to do shit except come to the white man defense

  2. Grits were for the white people in the big house……….at least that's what Ossie Davis said in the movie Get On The Bus……………

  3. Was it racist when Ray J did that sex tape with Kim? Or how about the rumors that claimed he gave Whitney drugs. Let's not forget Brandi did a Bruce Jenner fatal car crash. Then he appears on those dumb reality shows making Black people look dumb. ..and he's upset about what an old ass white country singer said. White people were slaves too, so RayJ take a seat, and don't worry about what a has-been country singer said. Both of ya'll need the attention and the money.

  4. I agree with that old pasty lady. I wouldn't want to be associated with reality tv 'stars' and weird lookin ass lance bass. The slave food thing…is it slave food? It might just be…that's not racist. Some things are just true.

  5. Yes of course her commits were racist. She's from the south she mentioned slaves and she let it be know she doesn't care for his black ass. That's jealousy and envy because they can't be black FUCK HER DRIED UP ASS

    • Please! She has nothing to be jealous of. It's all a publicity ploy to get people watching yet ANOTHER cooking show. Maybe it was slave food, bad

  6. Don't know who she is but her brows look like they are in the process of becoming extinct!

  7. dumb ass sheep !! this is just a tired publicity stunt Ray J loves white women and that old white woman is a whore and f*ck anything f*ck them both.

  8. We all know that no one is checking for any of these people. So how do you make people take notice? Add some controversy. Look at Ray J, he had to wear shades to tell us about this why? Because he knows it’s bull shit but he had to do what he was told to do and plug his upcoming nuptials at the same time (yeah, I caught that) try again….

    N. Judd should be the last person to talk about what she won’t eat. Look at her daughters, one is anorexic the other is overweight because of her overbearing need for them to be perfect. She can say grits were slave food but what in the hell were squirrels opossum and raccoon? They were “whatever in the hell your po white ass could catch and throw in a pot” food in Kentucky. Get the hell out of here with that rhetoric. Some people are quick to forget where they came from.

    Ask Paula Dean’s racist ass about grits. That heiffa has made a killing off of “slave” food. Naomi needs to shut her pie shaped face up before she winds up on the news crying through her mascara talking about please forgive me I’m not a racist. Hmph, better sit down somewhere and be glad that someone even gave her a job to stay relevant.

    *wonder how she contracted Hep C?

    • Naomi Judd Had her boyfriends raping and molesting her daughters that's why they both are crazy she is a white trash bitch and this is a publicity stunt

    • ?BE…I know I can always count on you to tell it like it IS.
      I can't say anything…you covered it all right on down the that "fake-ass wedding" plug we both caught!

  9. I would not eat any damn thing from this hillbilly ass white woman who had hepatitis C f*ck her azz

  10. Grits are NativeAmerican in origin. Grits are polenta. You can find polenta in the most high end testaurants in the Country.

    Why do Black people care what people like her think?

    • Right!!! Why do so called Black people care what any NON-black person thinks?!
      We're all we got – and we're all we need!

  11. Paula Deen pride herself on cheese grits and she is white as the driven snow. Naomi is stupid

  12. At The End Of The Story White People Love Are Slave Cooking Ass In Tennessee And I'm Currently In Memphis The Home Of The Bar B Que !!!! I Read Shit Likes This And Cannot Do Anything But Laugh ??????????????? Because Down Here Yu Cannot Beat A White Person Buying A Black Sister Plate During Lunch Break Hours … This Topic Is Funny Ass Hell Towards Me ???????? And Towards Others DOWN SOUTH !!!! Aunt Jemima # Slayssss ??

    • Same thing with that BS they try to shame Black folk about Fried chicken and watermelon. You can google the video on youtube about white dude that threw a holy-hell tantrum cause he didn't get his chicken bucket! That shyt they pull is straight PROJECTION!

  13. all of them are DUH come on man. tell us what u gon do about it…not somethin we already mfkin know

  14. Why should anyone give a damn about either of these lame stars? She is an ignorant cracker and he is a overrated ghetto nigga.

  15. Namoi Judd is a prime example of "white trash." People like her were told for decades that they were superior to other races of color, even while they were walking around barefoot in rags, eating corn pone (they couldn't afford grits), cold molded pork fat, and water cornbread smothered in pork grease and, if lucky, and living in one-room shacks with newspaper on the walls for wallpaper, sleeping 8-10 to a bed – LOL! And Lord, let's not forget those "out-houses." She got a lot of nerve talking about "slaves." That's all poor white southerners were – they were just too dumb to know it. One thing about those "slaves"–they didn't stay slaves – no thanks to the likes of people like her.

    As for Ray J – the boy is just lost! Pray for him – LOL!

  16. You could watch this show and other programming that does *this* for publicity, or you could support independent media by black artists. Just saying.

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