Big Freedia Forced Into Rehab

    big freedia rehab

    Big Freedia, the bounce music artist that was featured on Beyonce’s “Formation,” is being forced into rehab.

    In March, Freedia pleaded guilty to Section 8 fraud charges after stealing $35,000 worth of low-income housing vouchers between 2010-2014

    According to Bossip, Freedia has also agreed to go to rehab for substance abuse as a condition of his bail while he awaits his June 16 sentencing.

    Freedia faces a maximum of 10 years in prison and a $250,000 fine, and he will have to pay back the value of the vouchers he stole.

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    1. How do you steal section 8 vouchers? Were they lying on somebody's desk somewhere? Were they do this at?

    2. Better not come up here talking about the illuminati or any other bullshit sometimes black males f*ck up and that's it!!

    3. Little Richard called yesterday and said….
      "Tell that fool to give me back my hairstyle and get his own!"

    4. Ever since he lost his mother, he hasn't been the same. It was a huge lost for him. They were extremely close. Not excusing the stealing but the rehab part…I get.

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