Kylie & Tyga Sex Tape Gets Posted Online!

kylie tyga sex tape

Kris Jenner must be getting desperate to keep her family relevant. After realizing no one cared about a Tyga and Blac Chyna sex tape, it seems like now she’s trying to release a Tyga and Kylie video!

According to the Daily Mail, a tape featuring the ex-lovers has “surfaced.”

Kylie is reportedly “freaked out” about the intimate video getting into the wrong hands. A clip of the video was posted on Tyga’s official website,, for approximately 30 minutes before being taken down.

“Tyga will not sign off on releasing it to the masses, but Kylie is scared that a sex tape could get in the wrong person’s hands with one of his buddies and they could put it online to embarrass her,”

A Twitter user says they were able to secure the footage before it was taken off the site, but it hasn’t been confirmed.

The Daily Mail goes on to say if Tyga is behind the initial leak, he could be hit with California’s “revenge porn law.”

Yeah, okay.


  1. This is all Kris. She did the same with Kim. Tyga was the only reason black people were interested in Katfish; thats why they're tryna pair her up with PartyNextDoor now.

  2. if she and PND are really an item then she better be prepared for ALL of her business to be put on front street because he kisses and tells immediately. This is the beginning of her being passed like a blunt.

  3. normal folks would have called the FBI to investigate this.
    But since Kis did it. No nned.

    Do we really care? No…..

  4. She thinks tapes of her other daughters will have the same impact as Kims'. That idiot has no clue that boat has sailed. No one cares and no one will pay her money with residuals for a porn tape of her other barn thots.

  5. Well I don't know/wouldn't say there is a lack of interest…Porn heads love newbies and with her being a freshly minted and attractive 18 y.o. heads will check for her…thing is, this shit was on the net for 30 min and Nobody Right-clicked-saved-as the thing?..Either it's a bold ass lie to keep her name in the gossip blogs, or the jenners are trying to drum up interest to see if it would be financially worth her doing one, and then it will "magically" be "leaked".

    I myself would check it out if she's f*cking with her current face, lmao the old one was wack.

  6. Jackie these aggressive adds REALLY need to stop or find another way to insert the adds in the loading of the page or within the Java page script!! I'm not cool and I can't speak for anyone else!!!

    Now-Kylie is a HOE and a THOT like her Momma and her sister Kim…"lil Kim 2.0"….smh!!

  7. WAIT!!! Given the fact that man started having sex w her B4 she was 18, wouldn't that implicate him in statutory rape???? As far as Kylie being embarrassed, puhleaze!!!! She already wants to be just like Kim so her next step would be a sex tape as well!

  8. It's pretty odd that they whore their children out and they make the mostly white daughters look like Kim. Aside from a massive distraction, what else is this all about?

  9. This is really f*cked up and sickening that a mother would pimp her daughters, HER DAUGHTERS out like this. I just can't fall for the fairytell and go along with the whole entertainment of what has been done this poor girl. It was largely chris's idea that she get plastic surgery as well. Poor girl is under MK ULTRA 🙁

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