Ray J Won’t be Marrying Princess Love Anytime Soon

ray j married princess love

Even though Ray J proposed to Princess Love, they won’t be getting married anytime soon…and it has nothing to do with their abusive relationship.

HSK dropped the exclusive months ago…with audio proof that Ray is married and has a secret love child with someone else. But Princess Love is still in denial, and is acting oblivious about Ray’s other family.

Crazy Days and Nights revealed a blind item that confirmed all the tea Ray has already spilled.

This C list celebrity starred in a porn with and probably contributed to the death of an A+ lister. He also comes from a celebrity family. The woman you see in his life thinks she is going to be his wife. Nope. he already has one of those she doesn’t know about.

Ray J/Whitney Houston

How long before Princess gets some self-esteem, packs her bag, and leaves Ray for good?


  1. Ray J got a wife and P.Love… "Didn't even know it"…

    He's a Busta anyway. Male fame whore.

  2. Princess was dating Floyd, while she messing around with Ray J. Is karma pure and simple, the grass isn't always greener on the other side! Ray J is limp d*ck nicca, who's known to make a plastic bytch famous!!

  3. So if he has a wife…name her….who the help is it? He's none of that so where is the wife that she's so willing to stay in the background for a wannabe.

  4. @Ardee that's exactly what I was thinking. Who the hell is wife, how long has he been married, how many kids? Gay J is super lame, so I puzzle that his so called wife would be silent this long…

  5. I don't believe this. In this day and age everybody is looking for their 15 minutes and if this man was married with a child someone would be on snapchat/IG/FB & Twitter talking and posting pictures.

  6. Princess better get her head out of the clouds and look at this as a sign and run like hell while she can. Marrying this man won't change him.

  7. If Ray J. has a wife, I can see her playing the background. He made his money off of his image, which is that of a "player"/ladies' man. If he is married, there are no more reality shows for him. There won't be another "For the Love of Ray J." There won't be much of a reason for him to be on "Love & Hip Hop," because he won't have that relationship drama. Part of the problem is people only want to view Ray as Brandy's little brother and not a grown ass man. If he is married, he really needs to man up, claim his wife and stop faking single or engaged to Princess Pug.

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