Ray J Denies Princess Physically Assaulted Him

Ray J Shame

Ray J hopped on Instagram to deny that his girlfriend Princess, physically assaulted him; warning, “don’t believe everything u read foo!”

Here’s what the singer/reality star revealed:

“Just got back to LA! Don’t believe everything u read foo! Lol we Goin up at 4Pm on #BET oh yea send to music in to me www.musicxray.com/RayJ I’m going thru songs now! This beat that’s playin is dope!”


  1. All the media outlets are reporting this fool got lumped up. I’m not surprised he’s denying it’s because he’s a scared little bitch.

  2. I don’t know what women see in him. What income does Ray J have? I mean one can only guess he’s living off his sister’s Brandy’s royalties if there’s anything left. I doubt his parents would be supporting him but you never know.

  3. this drugged up looking motherf*cker looks like a f*cking bear
    as for his shemale princess bytch was swapping spit with floyd while gay j was banging her dry

    their relationship wasn’t gonna last when you cheat with someone else’s woman it won’t last
    don’t have no ideas about setting up a house. because the foundation is built on lies and deceit disloyalty and unfaithfulness

    ray j was shaking floyd’s hand while he was dry humping his girl!!!

    that shyt here was sign!!

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  5. He’s just trying to do his own PR. He doesn’t want no one to know that little behind chick kicked his azz and I’m sure he probably deserved it.

  6. For some reason, I believe it. He had better stay away from Kim’s house, or Nori might KHA. lol

  7. Give the guy a break. If he had struck here even in self defense people would call him a pzzy. He cant win. I read he picked her up from lockup and posted bail instead of leaving her there. Thats kinda admirable. Hes still a mitch who always has a fresh haircut, Hairline is still on point like Doc Rivers. They must pencil that shyt in,q

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