Jay Z Caught Voguing

Jay Z Strikes Derek Zoolander

Jay Z was caught striking a Zoolander pose in New York City. Is H to the Izzo, channeling his homeboy Kanye West in this picture?

Let’s Go!


  1. The illuminati talk overshadowed the hay talk. Why you think Beyonce was moist over lebron, she knows her man is gay with herpes

  2. I see nothing “gay looking” about Jay Z. I love the way he dresses and he makes the most of what God gave him. He’s come a long way from his meager beginnings. He is what Kanye so desperately wants to be, but never will be.

      • Lol.

        I’m sure Larry Johnson can vouch for Jigga’s fruitiness. Y’all bey hive better know Bey will NEVER be enough man for Jigga.

  3. everybody knows he’s a puppyf*ckin monster! lmao smh Beyonce gagged A LONG TIME AGO at the fact that she is nothing but a beard. bitch how the f*ck he know how to speak “pig latin” ??? girrrrl you married and had a child by a FLAMIN FAGGOT

  4. Whether bey loved jay or not she benefitted and thats all matters why would any woman stay with a fag if she wasnt getting benefuts

    • The only benefut Bey got was a was a front row seat at a nets game , that whore is a has been !

      • Exactly the reason why Gay Z pimps out Beywhore to the highest bidder us because he never loved her he loves men n money over his hoes. Just sayin

  5. I like the way he looks. He has style.

    And for the person who says Beyonce is a has been whore, dream on honey. She ain’t anywhere near over.

  6. He is one of the most awkwardly built non athletic persons with height who makes simple tasks look arduous. Always seems so uncomfortable. Still get a good laff of his bicycle and diving memes. With that said, this is one of the few shots where he looks relaxed. Doesnt look fruity, just playful or like he is about to sweep a chimney(or hit a stem and a bottle of wild irish rose).

      • Just like a bum who posing with a nice boosted jacket. Nope he doesn’t look fruity to me perhaps that recent photo of Michael Irvin in a tutu, but not this.

  7. I love Jay Z and I just don’t understand all the hate here. I really don’t get it.
    I get the Beyonce problem, but Jay Z is someone who has striven and made it. Are his hands scrupulously clean? No. But name me a 1/2 billionaire whose hands are clean.

  8. You better work
    (Cover girl)
    Work it, girl
    (Give a twirl )
    Do your thing on the runway

    You better work it, girl
    (Of the world )
    Wet your lips and make love to the camera

    Work, turn to the left
    Work, now turn to the right
    Work, sashay, shante

    It don’t matter what you wear
    They’re checking out your savior faire
    And it don’t matter what you do
    ‘Cause everything looks good on you, supermodel
    – Rupaul

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