Trick Daddy: “Child support interfered with my BMI checks”


Rapper Trick Daddy Broke

Trick Daddy is the latest rapper reported to bite the bankruptcy bullet, after reportedly falling deep behind in child support payments. He says child support is the very thing that kept him from receiving his royalties. Specifically, an income withholding order over his “BMI checks.”

“Child support interfered with my BMI checks. That’s what left me flat broke. I respect that and accept any punishment God has given to me.” ~Trick Daddy

Here’s the latest:

“The Miami rapper filed for Chapter 11 saying he’s got about $430K in assets – which sounds decent, except he also has $645k in debt! Including: $34,837 child support to one mother, $22,282 to another, $290k in back taxes, and $280k on a mortgage.

Interestingly, Trick Daddy says he still makes about $14,500 a month — most of it off music publishing and club gigs — and doesn’t live a baller lifestyle. Hell, TD says he only has $550 in clothes and jewelry!”


  1. T Double D was the man in ’02, ’03. I can remember bumpin’ that “Thug Holiday” CD on the walk to school in 7th grade.

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