T.I. Caught On Camera … Kissing a Transgender!

Rapper T.I Trans Scandal

HSK Exclusive – T.I. is the latest rapper reportedly caught in a trans scandal!

Here’s the kicker: Troubleman’s intimate kissing connection with the transgender – whose goes by the name “Jessica” – has been caught on video!!!

“Jessica is a confused coke head transgender.”

Word is … not only is the video currently on the bidding block, the trans has supposedly set up shop inside T.I. Los Angeles spizz!!! Insiders say that’s the reason why T.I.’s relationship with Tiny remains on the rocks.

Dig the Drop:

“Someone filmed T.I. and Jessica when they were at a private gathering. T.I. knows about the footage being shopped around and he wants to buy it. He told the seller, ‘If this gets out it could ruin me.'”


  1. O my this is terrible, yet sad T.I. you been turned out mane I had hoped you was one of the ones that got away, if there’s any that got away, cause all yall gay, I believe all rappers are the gay mafia participants and or gang, what will you tell your kids? Living a closeted D.L. lifestyle? apparently so you liven with this thing or letting it stay you, o my god this is awful. Poor tiny run’en around look’en like the white women she dreamed of being she hated herself so much, wow what’s really goen on?

    • Come On Now, was not T.I. and Evan Ross during the filming of the Movie ATL? (was not caught on video though)

      BTW,dos eyes and the dik sucking lips R a dead give away n the above pic.

    • Wow it is this kind of attitude that kreps black men in the closet! grow up sister. These men have the right to live theit lives any way they wish.

  2. Hey T.I.; if the thought of being with a man turns u on. Or if doing sexual acts with a man turns u on. U r gaaaaaaaaaay.

    It’s sad to think that these ppl have children. Yet their behaviors/ actions r so despicable.

    Still think he broke up with Tiny because he wanted to be the one wearing the heels & panties in the family. Just come out of the closet already.

  3. I am playing devil’s advocate and hope that he was ignorant to the situation or high. I mean some of these new age trannies are believable and make me insecure.

    • Need to make it a requirement to see baby pics & lots of them… Also if you can’t prove that’s really her baby pic or meet ppl that the person went to school w/ (who’s not a friend aiding them in deceit) then walk away!

  4. If Miss Piggy Fixed HerSelf Up, TI Wouldn’t Be Wiggling His Nasy Tongue In Some Tranny’s Mouth

      • @scorpiogirl

        Tiny Fuck Her Face Up!!! She Looked Better Before
        No Wonder T.I Is Dicking Down Trannies, Because He’s Wife Looks Like A Monster

    • If she fixed herself up? That poor woman has done everything under the sun to make herself as attractive as possible! She even surgically changed her eye color.

      How would anyone feel if they had to read every damn day the whole of the blogosphere calling them Miss Piggy? I don’t know about y’all, but when I hear or am told of someone taking a cheap shot at me, no matter how I might front that I don’t give a rip, it huts me deeply. Can you imagine reading that you’re ugly every day? And even worse, your husband is a handsome Lothario? FOH….
      I wish we could lead the way and stop tearing down Tiny just for shits and giggles. She may be half white, but she’s still a sista.

      • @Anonymous

        Now Your Talking About White People, Thought You Liked White People?? Now Your Bad Mouthing

      • Say that shit! She is STILL a sista! W/out make, A WHOLE lot of us would be not so attractive. Coming on this, or any other site & hearing that u ain’t or don’t look like shit WILL eventually take it’s toll. For folks to holla GOD & self righteousness ALL damn day is truly a mystery & a monster.

      • @anonymous

        Your A Dumb Motherf*cker, Keep Mouthing My Name Cos It Proves Your A Fucking Trouble Maker
        Now Get Your Minons Like, Will Jones jr Who’s Too Stupid To Listen You

    • Naww, it’s too many other women in the world. No matter how Tiny looks, he married her and if he was straight the most we should be able to say is that TI is f*cking around on his wife with some chick. Considering this is true of course. Can’tut this on Tiny, I will smash Tiny 10 times a day before I look in Wendy Williams or Joselines direction. We know Tiny is a woman, the verdict is stil out on the other two.

      • I agree, well said. Some guys WOULD pick a sexy trans over an unattractive real woman. IDK what makes that decision for men, but I don’t think it has to do with looks…if a man wants to be with a trans it don’t matter what his wife looks like. His choice is based on something else…

        • @TainoBoriqua

          Trannies Look Way Better Than Real Women, Tiny Needs To Focus On Her Marriage Fuck These Realty Shows. It Ain’t Helping No One

          • LOL…I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder…although, the decision to be with a trans has nothing to do with looks. Because I’ve seen some busted real women like I’ve seen some busted looking trannies. It’s all on how you conduct and carry yourself. And, you’re right Reality Shows ain’t never helped no one…but I think this marriage may have run it’s course. Once you start losing respect for one another, it’s a rap.

            • Your comments are so obvious dont you have anything not so obvious to share that might get people thinking, you come in here “1+1=2” then your Co signers all come and praise you for that dunb shyt, you daradiant, glok, 414, and loveable fruit are annoyibg as fuk with your Corny ass jokes and lame comments, we need some more interesting point of views in here this shyt is wack

            • Base my whole argument???? Obviously, you read my comments. Thanks!! LMAO…I don’t argue with Anonymous people. You too moist to even put your stamp on what you said. Next…

            • Yet you responded in .2 seconds, like i said you and your little internet clique are corny..jmo

            • I knew that was you Skanky Cat. How you doing these days?? Mad much? You sound like a 12 yr old parochial school white girl. “You’re annoying”. Bwahahahahahaha!!!!

            • Now, now Skanky Cat…remember, piss in the kitty litter…not outside the box. K?

            • Skanky Cat ain’t Glok, that’s for damn sure. It’s not witty enough. LMAO

            • Yall r so dumb i hate glok yall really think you are on some Sherlock shyt, im def not glok but i was one of the glok 2s

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            • Wow, you have a lot of hate in your heart Skanky Cat. You invest too much emotion in the people on this thread, people who don’t even know you and don’t care about you. Now, like I said before, you know you’re DECLAWED so please stop trying to be Thuggish.

            • says the bytch who cosigned the biggest fake thug in here, bye Felisha come up with some better arguments, ill piss in the box when you get your head outta the box

            • At least I can get along with people. Who loves YOU baby?? Haha…you’re alone here as you are alone in life. Bye Skanky Cat!!

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            • She mad…HILARIOUS. It’s so easy to push this moist Skanky Cat’s buttons. LMAO

          • I don’t care how good a muafuggah look, if it’s a dude. I when it comest to getting it in, I can’t get around most stuff. No filthy ass women, no STDS AND as long as you ain’t got what i got or never had what I got, we can work the shit out. It’s too many pretty add women out here. Trannys ain’t that good looking. Find the prettiest transs in the world and bring it and Tiny to me and tell me to choose. Im a tell you like this, Tinys jelly roll will stay swollen.

            • You damn right, out of all the things I have tried in the world, there are two things that cant be out done, women and water are the two sweetest things that God Provided for me to partake in. And in very appreciative for. Thank you father.

            • Oh man, I never saw the crying game, I just went to Netflix and looked at the movie description. Did i read correctly, Did a dude fall in love with another dude in prison?!?!?

            • It’s complicated Eddie, but no. It’s way more mysterious than that. I can’t believe you didn’t see it hen it was out. It had a very good cast and director and the plot was fairly complex and well written. The deal is, the male lead(Stephen Rea)doesn’t know that Jay Davidson IS a man as he is falling in love. Of course you have to suspend disbelief in order to buy that premise, but hey- that’s Hollywood. Any normal adult with good vision would suspect the she was a he from the get go, but at least he was delicate and soft, not like a big ol’ 6 foot trans with size 12 feet and man hands. I know you like movies, u should watch it free on You Tube sometime when you’re bored.

            • Yeah…but not in jail. LMAO! The leading character at first thought it was a female…some girlfriend of a mutual friend (played by Mr. Forrest Whitaker) who was executed by gangsters. He went over to just tell shim that her man died, wound up falling in love with shim. Then when it came down to the smash scene…They showed a silhouette of the Shim taking off his skirt and a big pee pee went BOOOINNNGGG! WOMP WOMP. He got mad at the Shim, but then said “Fug it…nobody will know.” And they lived happily ever after.

            • He did have an adam’s apple the entire movie, so???? Hollywood! Just like Anon said…That’s Hollywood.

            • I got Netflix on my phone, I watched it up until Forrest Whitaker had to piss and asked the dude to zip his pants down….lol. So you mean to tell me that the girl Forrest Whitaker had a picture of, is a man!?!?

            • Yes Sir, YOU ARE CORRECT! LOL…If you look real hard the actor who plays the Shim, is the same actor who played Ra in that movie Stargate with Kurt Russell…name is Jaye Davidson.

            • And then in the movie he’s a hairdresser, and very feminine…so in his defense it wasn’t like he was a HARD ass trans, but still like Anon 9:28 said, any normal adult with good vision could have peeped it, but it is Hollywood. Shoe, I know of guys who’ve gotten fooled in a dimly lit club.

            • “Did she fock my Jodie? How’d she get him? With her tits n ass?”

              Haa haa ha! Definitely one of my classic movie favs. Forrest Whitaker’s accent was flawless, love the frog and snake story.

              It is a pretty good movie.

          • trannies spend way more money on trying to look and act like women….so to say they look better than real women sounds really stupid…..im a real woman and if i had the money shit…..

            • that nigga gay….theres too many real beautiful women out there to be f*cking a dude thatb wants too look likw a woman….bullshit….

    • ti likes trannies anyway.

      there are plenty of women he could have kissed no excuse for him to go gay unless he was gay anyway.

  5. I am waiting for the actual video before I toss Tip on the pile with the other victims of trans transfixation. He may have honored a friendly request for a phone pic during which the aforementioned ladyboy planted an unsuspected smooch on him.
    That’s the thing with everybody having a camera with them at all times. If a celebrity says no to a photo with a fan, they’re an asshole. But if they say yes, then the fan can turn around and publish it, tweet it or IG it and say “Look! I’m out with so and so!!”
    People here don’t much like T.I., but he is a smart and determined man who is far more successful than most of you give him credit for being. He would think very long and hard before self-destroying his career as the “family man and role model dad” which he has become in the eyes of a lot of the public.
    Rappers come and go every three years, and T.I. has been relevant for over 10. He knows that expanding into acting and other revenue streams is the path to a Camel size bankroll. He’s going to throw that away for sex with a trans w/o a non-disclosure deal first? I don’t think so. This ain’t Hank Baskett we’re talking about.

    • Yea im just gonna wait on it. Majority of the rumors that I have heard about him has no evidence but doesn’t mean he isn’t doing it. I can tell that there is trouble in paradise with the wife n him tho but they’re gonna be mum about that.

  6. The Whole Hank Baskett Dicking Down A Tranny Was Fake!!!
    To Get More Rates For Their Crappy Realty Show. Oxygen Probably Told Them They Had To Do Something To Get More Views Or Their Show Will Get Cancelled!!

  7. The thing is everyone this ATL rapper is the illuminati, so he is protected, get it , so he won’t be exposed anytime soon…On another note what the hell is up with Wendy Williams producing that shitty ass movie… DAMN!!!!!!!!!!

    • Yeah right. T.I. is right up there with the Rothschilds, the duPonts and the Rockefellers.

      He comes from the Bankhead branch of the Illuminati. smh

    • For a illuminati membership first you have to be a Trillionaire or connected to someone who’s a Trillionaire.TI on the other hand is nothing but a Mule for the Illuminati via Rap Music so he can’t possibly be a member.Try Plantation worker.

      • Ummm plantation workers for the Illuminati get paid in crumbs…that’s worth millions. For the small amount he’s getting…not a bad paycheck.

        • well then, if you content on being poor and/or ghetto class under 30K per year, living a common_boring life with loans, debts etc at the 1% mercy that controls interest rates, bonds, stocks-commodities, EBT, welfare, politicians etc that determine YOUR future, secretly wishing you have the good life that the global 1% elite has…that’s on you.
          I’ll be a member of the group that determines your “hood” life future.


        • Speaking of sleeping well at night @trumpet blower do you remember that post about a week or so ago about that dream I had about my teeth?..well somebody did die. It was a good friend of mine and he was found in the street face down. His family is having an autopsy cause they don’t know if he died on his own or if somebody hit him on the head and murdered him..just sad:(

          • Thank you so much and could you send some up too for his wife cause her mind done completly snapped. She has recently been confined cause can’t nobody do nothing with her. Her mom called me and asked if I could go down to the institution and comb her hair and help her eat cause she won’t let nobody else near her. Even though some days she thinks I’m Etta James (I have no idea why her) sometimes she does know me and I’m able to get her to smile..which me makes me smile but my dear friend is in a bad way. May God continue to bless you soilder

          • Yes I do remember you saying a celebrity would pass also that image in a frame that you had was me because although I’m no warrior such as yourself I do take my Daily Word with me and read
            It to her..Wow! This spiritual battle that I face daily against evil and principalities shall not prevail. I put on my armor and thank God for another day to fight not to become what the world is today and I try my best to pass on that strength in the word to anyone that will receive it! Keep blowing your trumpet ma..keep blowing!!!

          • Hey @applesandonions…Good Morning…you see, I reluctantly interpreted your dream when you had it…Reluctantly because no one wants to hear that word “death” and it was meant with a little grief…I don’t make the rules…the universe gives these symbols and omens out. That’s what the teeth dream usually means.

          • BTW…truly sorry to hear about your friend and his wife. My prayers go out to them.

          • What kind if fuking idiot comes on a gossip site for spiritual guidance smh and sharing personal sensitive info? #bitcheshavenofriends

          • @TB Good afternoon to you and yes I also remember what you said. Thank you too for your sentiment. I used to have a dream interpretation book but I had to put that bad boy in the trash can..on the curb..out my house. It just got too creepy for me. Speaking of creepy just had the snake dream reoccurring of course but this time even though it was big and strong it couldn’t get out ta the bag. I think that implies a spiritual battle

        • …AND GIVING them the PIES, BROWNIES, AND CHESS SQUARES that I had ON MY TRAY TO SELL..is that what they call prostitution in your suburban hood nowadays??!!
          …BTW, even on MY SALARY, I AM (NEVER) GONNA BE ‘POOR’..welfare checks must be good!!
          Upset that you never made it in life??
          Too many baby daddys?? EBT shortchanged??
          Mad at the upper class since you can’t belong??
          Obama-care doesn’t cover your kookoo meds like they used to??
          …Felt that someone is going to die..you a voodoo/hoodoo/doodoo priest or something??
          MK ULTRA?? stay off of crack cocaine that is known in your “community”.
          I’m surprised the public library is opened this late to let them use it this long.

        • Anonymous Is A Motherf*cker Monkey Paw Still Sucking On The White Woman’s De-Flated Breast
          Damn You Sellout Nukka Are Tell Your Goons To Stop Commenting On Thread You Shyt For Brains

  8. TIP, bro, that don’t make sense to turn your back on a woman who stuck by you before your career sky rocketed only to end up with a trans. Why mess with a trans? Tell Tiny to wear a strap-on if you wanna do something freaky. Since he sold out I’m sure he’s got turned out by the man and had to let the man use a dildo on his ass. You too fine to be seen with a trans TIP, not a good look homie.

    • If the motherf*cker wants his old lady to wear a strap on, the bitch might as well blow the doors off the f*ckin closet. Fuck it put a dress on, soe lipstick, 4 inch heels and go get a Gucci bucket purse and go to the Underground. A stap on, man WTF!!!!!!! It’s over y’all, I need the address to a fallout shelter. Blow this bitch up and lets start over again. Wow, all hope is gone, A SCRAP ON!?!?! I’m a need a defibrillator too. I just can’t no more man.

        • Come on TB, has it come to this!?!? Ok, ok I’m not stupid, I knw it has, I’m just trying to see if anyone is as outraged as I am. All of the stuff that wasn’t ok, is now accepted. I’m for change but not Babylon type of stuff, We need boundaries but the world is wants to be free to do whatever. They say we are free but there is no such thing. And if you want to We can talk about freedom and why there is no such thing and the reason I biblical.

          • LMAO…I hope not ELTHP. Real talk though…To each his own. These type of fetishes have always been rocking, (since the Greek & Roman times)it’s just that the men who get turned on by it will never admit they like a little feather/finger teasing their sphincter. LMAO…If your woman does that to you in the heat of passion, (some men don’t mind their women doing that to them, but they’ll never admit it. Strap ons too) is it any less gay then if a trans does it? SMDH…Things that make you go hmmmmm? LML

      • JAJAJAJA I mean damn, I would feel better if he wouldn’t f*ck with a trans that has dick. Those transs are a mess LOL! I’m just speaking on what I feel would be a private moment for Tiny and TIP in the bedroom. I know there has got to be some men out there that likes for their woman or wife to stimulate that prostate from behind in the bedroom. Some men just scared to admit that they get a sensation out of it. These things are taboo so a lot of couples not gonna be open about it. I still don’t know why the trans tho…

        • When this guy told me how Dr.’s check your prostate gland, call me naive but that was my aha moment.

            • Hey @Anon 11:00, but please don’t let that stop you from getting your yearly exam. Catches anything in their first stages…God forbid.

            • LOL Girl it’s me BE, I reset my browser and didn’t notice till now that I came up anon.

              But it’s good that you put that out there for all the men.

            • LOL…oh, ok. yeah sis, they need to know that exam is important…makes the difference between life and death.

            • Yep Black men dying from prostate cancer like crazy. My dad passed from it last year. 🙁

              Get yourself checked men. Early detection and treatment matters.

          • Did he tell you about how a lot of men involuntarily ejaculate right there on the spot once that instrument touches the prostate? I mean really with all this technology you mean to tell me they can’t find one more way to check that? It’s soooo suspect

            • Yes and they got the nerve to he urging..I mean begging black men to get them..smh! Truth be told I even cringe when my son has to get a physical and the doctor has to handle his testicles. I know it’s necessary but it’s WEIRD for me..I just wanna KICK that fool backwards touching my son like that ugh!

            • Yep I didn’t want to say it (just aha moment), he said when he did it he involuntarily ejaculated. He was so pissed off not to mention embarrassed.

              At that time, I had never heard of the procedure.

            • I don’t thinks it’s no different for a man to get his prostate check and for a woman to get a pap smear or a mammogram. Even tho both procedures are weird it can save lives. People shouldn’t run from getting a full physical. You don’t wanna regret learning that it’s too late to treat something that could’ve been prevented a long time ago. My cousin is in his 10th stage of prostate cancer and he haven’t had his yearly physicals like he should. It does not take a long time for doctors to check your prostate. It only takes a quick 3 seconds minimum. Prostate cancer is the leading cause of death in African American men and black men are more likely to get it than any other race.

        • @lol901..involuntary ejaculation..therein lies in the difference. I’m not trying to dissuade anyone from getting the procedure but I totally get why men are reluctant. Government can see thru my walls but that can’t be updated? I’m saying if they’re so concerned about saving lives seems to me they would step into the millennium

          • @ applesandonions, some men gonna have that happen because the prostate is a sensitive spot, that’s natural. It’s embarrassing no doubt but not all men have that issue about ejaculation when getting their prostate checked. Some men have ejaculations issues even when they’re not getting their prostate checked. Some men can be turned on and ejaculate without touching themselves. You can get blood work done but you have to really be in a certain stage to show that you may have cancer. Early detection don’t always show in blood work. If you don’t want your prostate checked, cervix checked, breast checked then try finding a place that have cancer sniffing dogs. Yes, cancer sniffing dogs. I can’t say the government suppose to have the tools find cancer because it’s up to the health professionals to find other techniques to use to find cancer.

            • I was referring to how modern technology actually is and using the government and their technology as an example. How about I use stem cell therapy then? My point is that there should be alternate methods if men are opposed (for obvious reasons) to the current one. And no it’s absolutely nothing like a pap smear or a mammogram. Men already as a whole don’t like going to the doctor I just wander why this “life saving” procedure can’t be less embarrassing and invasive. I’m a woman and I absolutely wouldn’t want some stranger or anyone for that matter sticking something up my rectum. I could only imagine what that’s like for a man

    • exactly. and come to think of it…i’ve never seen him even kiss Tiny, intimately, in the mouth either,let along just a woman in general. TI loves kissing another man…just not in the open public that is. only behind closed doors is he kissing someone intimately in the mouth. but nevertheless, that is a good point you bring up @Scorpiogirl. one has

      • He pushes Tiny away and run from her. They are business partners. They marriage is a business arrangement. He got love for her but he’s no in love with her. I’ve seen him be playful with her and hold hands with her and Hoopz but never kissing.

  9. The Tranny Is Iggy Azeala…..Just Admit

    Khole K Made A Racist Joke About Black Men

    • @TainoBoriqua,

      I sent your comment out on our office’s internal chat so it popped up on certan people’s screens…

      I just heard a bunch of laughter & one person choking on her Jamba Juice Stawberry Dream!

      • LOL!!!!@414…He’s slappin’ his lips, huh? Well, that just means you must’ve put some extra love in that sammich this morning. If I make my man something and he burps, shoe, he’s just telling me I put it on him in the kitchen! I’m at work right now and HONGRY! What kind of sandwich was it anyway? ISHT, now I want to know!! LML

        My Pet Peeve is when people blow their nose without a tissue and blow that isht out in the air or on the ground. PLEEEEZE GTFOH with that!

  10. People have a right to believe what they want to believe, but I hang out with some of Atlanta’s most fabulous gay men(I’m a woman by the way)who do hair and interior design. They have all the tea on what’s what in our city(especially Ms Funky Dineva.)

    They WISH T.I. was gay or bisexual. But so far, don’t none of them have any dirt on him creepin’ in the ATL gay party scene. And if any of them was with him in private, there’s no way that shit wouldn’t get out.

    He straight with possible freakazoid issues.

    • I find that when people can’t or won’t come to terms with their homosexuality they often find other labels that make them feel more comfortable with themselves and their alternate lifestyle. What does straight with possible freakazoid issues even mean?

  11. If you look at his show, he and tiny are never passionate with one another. They act like the kids are more important than their marriage. They really don’t kiss or touch each other on the show.

  12. Yeah, your right… TI Gay ok Bi, Tri or Gay for Pay just like all the rest. It’s the White people too. It’s HollyWeird in general, they’re all freaks. Even though these Trannies look like women they are still Men. They still have to have sex in their anus. Now a Transexual is when they actually have the surgery. Most of these celebs are getting caught with Men that might have breast but they still have a Penis. Gay, Gay, and more Gay….

  13. All them WEIRDO FAG DL niggas in the music buiss acting like they REAL MEN f*ck all of them that’s on CRIP

  14. This must be a photo during when he was TIP. Someone needs some proactive, chemical peel or colon irrigation. Adult acne, no thanks.

  15. oh please. im so sick of muthf*ckas, mainly fans of his, thinking that he was straight just because he got a klan of damn kids with umpteen babymamas. TI’s b*tchass been gay for the longest time. this trans slash man is just one of a many men who he’s been with tho. so cease with the state of shockness people. your “queen of the south” loves men, and he’s been getting his guts pushed in by dudes for the LONGEST damn time. he’s just confused in the brain….hence the reason why he kept on populating the earth with all these nappy-headed-ass children. hell Messiah, the oldest boy, gonna be bisexual too…if not gay, because of his shy, noticeable gay gestures he exhibits to this day. and hell Tiny’s botched plastic surgery having ass is a dike, so she shouldnt be shocked either by her soon-to-be ex-husband being a “lollipop” lover. TI loves the men because a man will always do sexual freaky shit in the bedroom to another man that a woman will NEVER think of doing to him…in addition, a man will always have what a woman doesnt have and what the man loves to play with every now and then, and that’s a “tree limb with berries hanging.” Tiny tried her hardest to please him sexual, swallowing his jizz and all that (so the kids on the streets say), but the ish didnt work, because he has turned to a chic with a dick.

  16. I agree that Tiny can do so much better but I think she has a type. T.I. been in and out of prison and so has Zonnique’s dad. I dont know but she must feel very low of herself to be with someone who cheats on her. Who knows what diseases he’s bringing home. Tiny doesnt have enough strength to leave him.

  17. I’ve seen T.I.’s other baby mothers and Tiny aint got nothing on them. Tiny has a fake butt, tits, and eyes and still cant keep her man home. I’m glad I stopped watching their show. They are far from the Cosby’s.

          • @Bill Cosby lol RIGHT in his chin!!
            About my son he’s just now getting his little short and curlies so he’s more comfortable with who he thinks has the same but believe me when I say I’m working on it. As for me I had a horrible experience with a male doctor unnecessarily inserting his finger where it had NO business being…twice. Me and the nurse were looking at each other in total disbelief like “what in the”….but I get what you’re saying cause I tried a woman but wasn’t comfortable with that and went back to men…kinda figured it was just that weirdo

  18. T.I. isnt much to look at either with his scrawny ashy self. His music and acting career is in the toilet.

    • That’s your opinion. I think he is very handsome when his face is clear, and his finances are just fine.

  19. Ever Since Gecko Looking Bitch Iggy Came On The Scene, Tiny And T.I’s Marriage Been Running Dry
    T.I Is Too Busy Helping Iggy With Her Crappy Music Career. He Ain’t Satisfying His Wife, No Wonder Tiny Leapt On Floyd’s Dick Like A Flipping Flopping Fish Out Of Water

    Tiny Stop Acting Like A Teenager Your A Mother For Got Damn Sake, Stop Acting Young Because Your Old Stop Trying To
    Compete With Iggy, You Say Your Not Bothered About Her And Your Husband But Clearly You Are

    You Changed Your Eye Color Just To Compete With Iggy, Is Not Worth It

  20. we already know that TI like the lady boys. thats not even a secrect. he’s also been with Justin Timberlake, who is also a downlow ( not so downlow) guy

    • Actually, Tip is one of the few dudes Jussy HASN’T been with. Jussy is Timbaland’s main man and a fb of Pharrell.

      • There is a blind item out titled “The Rider”. Justin Timberlake is the rider and it exposes him being with T.I., Timberland, and Pharrell.

          • @Willie Jones jr

            You Would Lower Your Standards Watching That Type Of Filth, Your So Uncouth!!

            • He was dressed and in the studio making an album. ExplIcIt chaIr dancIng I would call It. It was attached to the story.

  21. Didn’t Dwight Eubanks out “TI LUDACRIS, YOUNG JEEZY, & USHER.. BACK in 2007 on Wendy Williams radio show @ the time?? A yo!! Guess who else was gonna out TI? Remember ALFAOMEGA!!!! TIPS right hand man, no muscle @ the time…. Wonder why omega stop making those videos putting him on blast “HMMMMMMMMM” can you say “HUSH $$$$$$$ DAMN!!!!!!!$$$$$$

  22. I hate to say this but aren’t there a lot of gay blacks down in Atlanta??? Of course not all men from there are gay but I mean this Is not shocking considering Hollywood people are evil af and do any and everything to make it to the top. I use to love t.I smh

  23. Tiny is beautiful and she has a tender heart. She took care of her dad when he was sick, takes care of her mom, and paid for her mom’s house. She loves and takes care of her kids his sister and TI’s kids. It’s mean to talk badly about a good person. She’s kind. Does she make mistakes and bad decisions–yes–just like everyone else.

    Q. Why isn’t anyone calling Kim k. out about her Photoshoped butt pictures–no dimples, cellulite, or blemishes. Yeah right!

    • I like Tiny too, she seems to be a really nice person, and very easy to get along with. She also seems like she’d be a very good friend, which is hard to find these days. She also has a cuteness about her. The most beautiful woman you’ve ever seen can be the most conniving, evilest bitch you’ve ever unfortunately experienced. Tiny gets her share of criticism, and I hope that she doesn’t allow other people’s insecurities (which they transfer to others) affect the way she feels about herself.

    • Why you getting all butt hurt cost no-one gives a fig about Kim K’s photos hopped batty? This is the 2nd time you asked the same question…

  24. I remember Dwight Eubanks exposin ti,usher,luda etc I believe it to cause a well known gay has nothn to hide an not go lie for no reason

  25. One thing bout ti he always play a hard guy image everybody kno them be the biggest punks who’s soft

  26. Didn’t TI and Lil Flip has some kinda altercation years ago..cause Lil Flip was questioning TI sexuality..notice you don’t hear from Lil Flip no mo…i wonder why…

    • It might have something to do with TI, but for the most part Lil Flip was pretty much um…….Garbage

  27. Tiny is a cool chick. She had her own money and house before T.I. stepped in the picture. She has poor choices in men. I never heard of Tiny getting arrested until she met Tip and they were arrested in Beverly Hills with drugs.

    • Tiny is very cool. I know a lot of people that know her personally and they say that she is just like one of the homies. Her self esteem is shot though. All of those surgeries she’s having are getting ridiculous. I hope she doesn’t go blind having that surgery on her eye. It isn’t worth it.

  28. T.I. was a bum before meeting Tiny and found it convenient to use her studio that she had in her house. Tiny can do so much better than this fool but she thinks less of herself and thats why she’s with him.

  29. More and more I see the 1970s rollin’ back in. Except this time the bad guys are black. Now we know why the hip-hop became mysoginistic — because of all the DL fags. Yeah, I said it. Always got a gay vibe from this bitchazz. Gay men hate women!! Before HIV in the 1970s, a faggot was someone a woman betta avoided. After they wound up in AIDS wards in hospitals did the gay male community change and pretend to like women. But that hatred for women was always there. F*ck this Old Southern Queen. How the f*ck did we go from Tupac and Eric B & Rakim to these DL woman hating queers?

  30. Let me get ahold of Tip, he be sucking the tip of my 13 inch Kentucky oak wood! It be a real nigga hoilday as I proceed to bust that nigga rectum wide the f*ck open, inshow no mercy as he screams stop it its to big! I luv me some boi p*ssy!

  31. @ThatChick414

    Tiny And Her Wild Animal Friend Are Nasty As Hell, They Make Black People Look Bad!

    Her Friend Talks About Fucking Old Trailer Trash White Men, Yuck!

    Tiny Needs To Focus On Her So Called Marriage Because Is Falling Apart Like Wet Cardboard
    She Flipped On Floyd’s Dick Like A Flipping Flopping Fish Out Of Water!!

    Probably To Make T.I Jealous!

  32. Fleece you can work dis rectum any day, I can take all 13 inches of that balls deep! Iam due for a good pounding! Lol

  33. Good, let’s get his ass up outta here. I stopped phucking with him when he started trying to force that White Kangaroo on our culture and down our thoughts. Bye Fagboy

  34. Not a shock! Hell, half them rappers are nothing more than Jolly Ranchers anyway.

  35. Bill cosby likes to rape huh, ill have in my cell begging for all 13inches of dis not to enter his old ass! That nigga will need a diaper for the rest of his life! Lol

    • Fleece…yes he likes to rape! Somebody dug up some old charges Raven Simone filed on his funky ass. I ain’t mad at you for this one after all one good turn deserves another..just like that!!!!

  36. I know I sound so stupid but can someone please clarify what they mean by transgender. Is she a man? Did she have surgery? Does she still have a penis? Does liking transgendered mean gay?

  37. No whoever Glok is well is not me, iam a warrior! Glok sound like a punk nigga, that if I had in my cell back in the day would kiss the ring, or my 13inch Johnson! I grease that pig up and bust that bootyhole wide open, we be playin butt naked twister and shit!

  38. Hahahahaha I knew it he go hard gay! Wow all you gangster rappers really go hard mr family man ha hahahahah . So atl standup your king prefers queers lmao !!!!!
    Atl get down like that coz you overlooked the gun charges over looked tips to the cops commercial hmmmm that was extremely SUSPECT from a gangsters point of view just saying. But he hangs with Aussie ostrich looking bitches who call herself a modern slave master and frequently uses the n bomb so yep it all makes sense atl go hard gay long live the queen queer damn it I ment king hahahahah a .!

  39. All these DL fa&&ot rappers are giving bad impressions to our youth. There are so many of these switch hitters in sports, entertainment, music,

    Just wait, wait until all the HIV medication fails…

    Let’s see what they represent then.

  40. We need to acknowledge the ugly truth about a lot of brothas in “Show Bizness.” Those that actually love blackwomen with vigor are persona non grata. None of this makes sense. Afraid of their sisters based on what? I’m trying to decipher this madness, but i can’t. Tip is a gay man, but he’s in denial. His family is in turmoil. His daughter Niq Niq has surgically removed her brown eyes in favor of blue eyes. Tiny is ugly-fying herself even more, fake booty and all…A Crisis In The Midst!!

  41. God Bless U Trumpet Blower. I am new to this blog n ran across ur posts. I am n dire need of prayer warriors. plz respond

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