Is Mary J. Blige An Insecure Diva?

Mary J Blige - Insecure Diva

Mary J. Blige has been married to Kendu Isaacs since 2003, and they have a pact with each other, where they agree not to have friends of the opposite sex.

Here’s what Mary J. Blige revealed:

“All females for me, all guys for him. There’s none of that, ‘Oh that’s my female friend.’ Not in my marriage, I’ve never seen that work. Being a single person and an artist, there’s a lot of selfishness that you don’t even know you have. Being a wife, it’s not all about me.”


  1. ……And This Is The Same Woman Who Got Dicked Down By A Married Man

    Her And Khandi, Fantaisa Are All The Same. In The Bible It Say’s Something About These “Mary Magdalene” Home Wrecker

    Mary Your A Damn Fool Cos Kendu Is Dicking Down A Man, Your Probably Fucking A Women (Probably Lil “Clown Face” Kim

    • @Lovable Fruits; I was thinking the same thing.

      I read the interview & Mary J said that her husband sucks d–ks & she licks p—y.

      • @Freddie Mercury & Andy Gibb 4ever

        Mary, Is What You Call A Hypocrite She Got Dicked Down By A Married Man She Knew He Was Married Or He
        Lied Not Sure?

        Mary, Khandi,Fantasia,Alica,Beyonce Are Home Wreckers, Their Sing About Girl Power And Women Sticking Together

        Yet They Got Dicked Down By Some Woman’s Husband/Boyfriend

        Their Hypocrites

          • @karyn

            Who The Fuck Are You Talking To Bitch?, I Ain’t Talking Bad About Black Women. I’m A Black Woman Myself, You Heap Of Fucked Up Trash Bitch!
            These Black Women Are Examples. White Women Fuck With Married Men Also But I Can’t Remember Some Of Their Names!!

            Lean Rimes, Anglina Joile, Tori Spelling, Iggy Azeala

            So Take Your Motherf*cker Ass Somewhere Dumb Bitch

            • Are you a woman? That language you just used is some awful ghetto trash mess that was over the top and uncalled for to get your point across. All the nasty language detracted from your point. Classles….

            • anonymous 07:05 We’re not sure but we think it’s a woman. It hates everyone but especially other women. I wish it would take some meds.

    • Something about you seems retarded. I tried not to say anything, but your logic is screwed. Mary Magdelene was Jesus’ wife. How was she a home wrecker? You must not be married because you would know the importance of having only female friends and the man having only male friends. Smh.

      • @Get real

        Doesn’t It Say In The Bible Mary Was A Street Walker??

        Last Week It Was Reported Her And Jesus Were Married, And They Also Said Jesus Never Met

        Matthew, Luke Or Jon Etc

  2. LMAOOOOOOOO! lil clown face kim, well if her and her husband feels comfortable with this set up then that’s good . they have an agreement. Now if he’s indeed on the D.L. and her to well what can you say? Nothen but it’s sick.

    • @on topa thangs out here

      Knowing How Hollywood Roll, Mary And Lil “Clown Face” Kim Probably Fucked
      If You Watched Lil Kim’s Realty Show Called “Countdown To Lockdown” Mary Was On Here
      Her Body Language And The Atmosphere Was Weird…….Very Weird

      They Didn’t Speak In Years (Wonder Why?) They Meant To Be Best Friends Very Weird.
      Celebrities Fallout Because Of Money Etc

  3. I’ve heard rumors about Mary liking women but no one has officially confirm these accusations. Honestly, I don’t know if I can agree with not having a opposite sex as a friend. Sometimes people can connect and build a friendship without being sexually attracted to the other sex. I’ve seen this a lot with a married couples. I don’t think it’s odd that they made that agreement but maybe they are doing some dirty things on the low. He may be getting it on with a dude or meeting his boys somewhere and have his side chick to meet him there. This is just my imagination tho.

    • I don’t know man, it’s takes a lot for men and women to start as friends and them be around eachother and NOTHING ends up happening. I have heard too many chicks say, “I don’t know, it just happened” I have worked with women and never go to lunch with them one on one, It always at least 4 people. If not, I won’t go. Is actually dangerous to carry friends of the opposite sex no matter how strong we think we are times of weakness alway present themselves ALWAYS.

      • I don’t think anything is wrong with setting boundaries in your relationship. Nothing is insecure about that. That’s just like a lot of married couples don’t hang out with singles. You see what happened to Sheree Fletcher Will Smith’s ex…hanging out with Hollywood exes but married to Terrell Fletcher …now she’s filing for divorce.

      • I don’t think the friendship has to involve lunch or anything. If it’s a couples date then that’s all fine. I believe if your friend is of the opposite sex then that person needs to have a man/woman and/or they need to be happily married. I think it’s all about having a good communication and understanding. Besides, a lot of couples don’t go looking for opposite sex friends anyway unless they are unhappy.

  4. What man wants 2 b friends with dat crazy bitch? Mary my gurl but she still has problem & still depressed listen 2 her new cut it old Mary she back with her problems smdh

  5. Its a revelation when the women here in the comments admit that women do be having major issues esp when it comes to sex

    • For some reason he seems like the closet abusive. Shes is more grounded since they have been together but he seems like the type that may be an asshole to her in private. Yanno the type to say “I made You” and bring up her past. I could be wrong and he treats her like a princess. Then again, I never met them.

  6. I can understand that. But Mary is depressed and so is her music. She is still hooked on KCi. In her interviews, she is always talking about him. He never says anything bad about her. They were both smoking/drinking but she want to capitalize on pain for 30 years now. Get over it!

    • Yeah but didnt Kci introduce her to prescription drugs and cocaine? If I encountered a destructive man in my life like I am sure it would leave scar.

      • No he did not. When they got together, they both had habits. Just like Bobby/Whitney. She is hurt from the breakup because he never said goodbye. He just left her without explaining.

        • Ok Thanks. I understood that he abused her, had her hooked on painkillers and belittled her since she was a newbie and he was more established in the industry.

          • That’s not true. And a liar will speak out to defend their lie. He never speaks out about them. What I do know is that they did fight. She would hit him and he would defend himself by trying to keep her from hitting him. Anyone would do that. He never punched her. If so, where are the charges/bruises? I know these things for a fact. This is not something I read. I heard this from the horses mouth. I hope Jodeci does well on the BET awards. They will perform a medley. Also, they have been working hard at staying clean.

  7. I hear NeNe Leakes is playing Mary J in the Lifetime movie “Crispy chicken in the dancery: the Mary J Blige story”…

  8. Hey, if she like it, I love it. It’s THEIR MARRIAGE and if that works for them, then who am I TO JUDGE.

  9. Of course she’s insecure. She’s WACK. She’s a half ass singer, she’s not very smart, and she’s not a nice person. I speak from personal experience…

    PS- Let’s not talk about what she looks like…

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