School Is Overrated To Jaden & Willow Smith

Dumb & Dumber

Dumb & Dumber

Jaden and Willow Smith said in a recent interview that they’re both into Prana energy and going to school could lead teenagers into depression.

Here’s what 16 year old Jaden Smith had to say about going to school:

“You never learn anything in school. Think about how many car accidents happen every day. Driver’s ed? What’s up? I still haven’t been to driver’s ed because if everybody I know has been in an accident, I can’t see how driver’s ed is really helping them out.”

14 year old Willow Smith co-signed with her older brother and revealed:

“I went to school for one year. It was the best experience but the worst experience. The best experience because I was, like, ‘Oh, now I know why kids are so depressed.’ But it was the worst experience because I was depressed.”

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  1. What point are they trying to teach? Its sure is not common sense! #Rich kids crazy thoughts. Its easy for them to think in their crazy rainbow world when they are born into wealth and dont need to strive for needs..just getting a world of “wants” at their feets. Parents sittin on over 600 millions. .yeah who needs school with that. Smh..sad direction of thoughts..they need a head check quick#!

    • I wish I could go to school

      and eat a sandwich

      who is this Willow Smith and why is he depressed?



      • Anonymous @13:25,

        No, Will & Jada’s New Village Leadership Academy was closed June 28th, 2013. They ended up being forced to close when many of the students’ parents caught on to the fact that of the school’s curriculum was deeply rooted in Scientology. Will & Jada denied this & swear “they’re not Scientoliogist” but they’re denial simply falls right into the rest of “their lifestyle.”

          • You didnt know that!?!?! Yeah they had sunk over 2 mil into that school…lol

            • Eddie i remember this. I always wondered what happened to the school?? Thanks for the info.

            • You guys are schooling me. I knew they opened a school but didn’t know they were using it as a method to push their church’s agenda. I never liked Will Smith, Jada was cool until she started having babies. That’s when she turned into a stepford wife.

  2. TF are they talking about? This is exactly why they should open a book whether it’s at home or in a classroom. Sad thing about it is, some misguided youth is out there hanging on every word Jaden speaks.

  3. Those are some funny looking kids and I hoped they would start to grow into their looks. I guess Trey will reign as the cute sibling until he starts balding and growing a gut.

  4. Wowwwwww! Really? Omg! Look at these kids they should arrest will and Jada for messen up these kids like this, I am shocked I can’t believe what I am seeing and hearing,they’re sending these kids out to convince other kids school is bad and depressing, so we’ll have a nation of drop outs, well they can do all of this they have money, but to the regular kids don’t buy into what they are saying, these two have drove these sick and confused kids crazy! Will Jada you guys are the worst parents and I never thought I would be saying this, and I am shocked at how they’ve come to be. You guys are terrible parents.

    • This is really shocking to see them growing up in this manner! I did NOT expect this from Will and Jada. Damn you, Tom Cruise! (And the rest of their hollyweird friends)

  5. At all. I think Jada can barely read herself and u heard about that school they had and the kids aint know shit and couldnt read at 5th grade

  6. I wouldn’t send my kids to school either. If its not home school or mobile tutors you are basically sending them off to become UPS workers or cubicle rats. Unless you live in an affluent area since school funding comes from property tax, and poor people don’t own stuff or are delinquent on taxes which is why the schools are horrible and the people in the community don’t look towards ownership and control so they don’t value education and the children follow the same behavior and are generally rowdy as hell. Gone are the days where illiterate grandmothers pushed their children to read and succeed because they didn’t have the opportunity.

        • It’s her usual bullshit observations. Everyday students from poor areas strive to receive an excellent education so they can go beyond and do better. They go beyond ups, I’m talking nurses, engineers, doctors, and lawyers.I’m glad not all parents in economically depressed areas just give up.

          • In a utopian world maybe.

            N.I.’s powers of observation may be outside your usual purview, bt they are anything but bullshit. She sees the bigger picture and speaks the truth. I like the fact that she never sugar coats her words in order to win favor with the clique here.

            • LOL. Utopian world my ass. Yall stay on here trying to plant the message that black equates no account losers. Fuck every single one of you bitches.

    • First off, I will be honest, 90% of the people I grew up with would have rather been elsewhere on school days, we just knew there was no use in saying it because we really didn’t have a choice or a voice for the matter. But the disturbing issue here is their sense of entitlement. And I think their “depression” is brought on by the fact that the world has yet to conform and to the way they want it to operate. They are depressed because they are spoiled as hell and when they go from home to school, they go for from a place where they do as they please when they please. But school has rules So them going to school feels to them, the same way it would feel if we had to wake up and go to jail for 8 hours during the day, soI can imagine how they feel. But but their lack of rules and boundaries at home will prove to be problematic in the future

      Public school is system that has been turned into a training camp to accept slave a system that they will live in, trains them to be institutionalized, discourages informed thinking. They teach lies in order to control different groups and categories of people in different ways. And there is absolutely no reason why, in a public school system that children from one side of the tracks are taught something different from kids on the other side. But think about school today, the greatest tool in sabotaging education are theses SOL and standardized tests. If you were a fly on the wall in these inner city schools, the first week of school you will realize that they are teaching the kids the stuff they will see on these tests and not much more than that. The other kids are taught more that that, not much more but none the less more. But hey, they made it so that in order to be able to exist in the place and feed yourself and family, you must attend these training camps. if school was doing what it should do and operate and doing the job that we pay them to do, i would say, shame on these kids. But I say say shame on them for their sense of entitlement. But we have to admit that schools are failing us miserably but trust and believe that there is something or someone, that they are doing a wonderful job for. I wonder who or what that is..

        • Honestly, and I hope I am wrong, they look like they may have already met. The biggest trend today in illicit drug usage are black folks turning to H for the first time since the old jazz musician days. I just watched a documentary on National Geographic called Drugs, Inc. and they featured Memphis. Memphis black folk have switched from cocaine to H because it’s now cheaper and the high lasts much longer. Cocaine is nearly a dead market in that city. This was a very gritty doc and it shows actual using and selling and even AK shooting. Not all are injecting though. That usually comes much later. Most stay snorting for as long as they can, but eventually, the body builds a resistance and then the user has to shoot it to get the same high they were accustomed to.
          Parents need to know this trend may be coming to your city in the not too distant future.

          • ITA, i too hope not but they look like the have already been riding the horse.

          • Its not just black folks. The state of Vermont per capita has the highest number of heroin users. I think its 97 percent white. (Dont quote me im freethinking not fact checking this at the moment but that is about right)

            Heroin is just cheap and feels good from what I told. Wouldnt it be cool to have a rural White trash version of “The Wire” on HBO though? If coke was .50 cent a gram more black people would use it too. I thought everyone did pills nowadays? Heroin seems so 1970s.

            • Oh totally Non Importante. My whole point was that until I viewed that new doc on Nat Geo, heroin was thought to be almost exclusively a white man’s problem. But just like X or Molly as they call it now, black folks follow into the trend eventually. When I first tried X in college, not one of my coterie of girlfriends had even thought about trying it. Now it’s not even considered edgy in the buppie crowd.
              And H was passe’ like you said, but this show said the reemergence of its popularity is due to the cheapness and availability(thank your friendly Sinoloa Cartel for that)along with the drying up of the cocaine market in flyover areas. NY and LA get most of the good product.
              Anywho, it was a great show and you should check it out if you get NatGeo. There is a new doc every Wed. night at 9:00. I’ve already seen Molly, H, Toot, Meth, pill nation, and this new drug called krokodil which will kill you from MRSA within 2 years because your body necrotizes from within. It’s taking over Russia because they cannot get H there. This homemade heroin is easy to cook and cheap as baloney.
              As for the rural white trash “The Wire”, I take it you haven’t seen “Southern Justice” on NatGeo. It is to meth and hillbillies what “The Wire” was to Baltimore and more urban substances. Every bit as violent, ruthless and gritty, but with an unintentional comic element. Those people ain’t got no teefus.

            • Anon 11:11 Thank for educating me on the documentary and krokodile. Im browsing as we speak and man this stuff is interesting.

              ” The active ingredient, codeine, is a mild opiate sold over the counter in many countries. Users mix codeine with a brew of poisons such as paint thinner, hydrochloric acid and red phosphorus scraped from the strike pads on matchboxes. The result—a murky yellow liquid with an acrid stink—mimics the effect of heroin at a fraction of the cost. ”

              The things people do to escape their reality. The videos are horrible. Their skin literally gets black and scaly like a reptile.

              I honestly thought everyone did prescription drugs for recreation buying percoset and oxycotin for 15 a pop.

              Also good look about Southern Justice. I wonder if its on Netflix or Hulu. I love to see White folks run amuck especially with bad teeth. Kinda sad about the Honey Boo Boo cancellaton.

              By the way were you a raver since you used to roll?

          • @7:40 I have seen that documentary. That is crazy! Something that potent can take over a poppopulation in seconds and way cheaper too! Willow and Jaden are two lazy ass kids that don’t want to do the work because they sorry ass parents wannabe their friends instead of being their parents. U don’t see Sheree pulling that bs on Trey. Oh we all know Sheree will go upside that head if U don’t get her schoolwork done. That’s the main problem right there! Parents wannabe their kids friends instead of being a parent. They need to put prayer and spankings back into schools. If U put God back in your hearts and as well as school these churens won’t turn out as bad as they are now. Pop up unannounced at they school, sit with them in all they classes.Hell do what my mama did to me! Get outta bed, wash her , face, ass and brush her teeth. Put on her housecoat, lit up a Newport and got her a Pepsi out the fridge and showed up at my High School for no reason! That shit works! She did that to prove a point and to make sure I was on point. I wished she was that strict on my baby sister. She only got a 9th grade education and two girls. Man, times are changing. Will and Jada need to do something quick!

            • Sheree is an excellent mother. Trey is a great young man. Shame on Will and Jada for allowing them to fall into such a state.

          • @Anonymous 7:40:

            If black kids are doing heroin, that is the fault of the parents and grandparents. That was the original Weapon Of Mass Destruction drug on the black community. they should be getting that history lesson from the elders.

            As far as the white community, I don’t celebrate the epidemic of heroin addiction, but I do recognize the karma, especially in heavily Italian American neighborhoods in the Northeast. The mob put the dope in Harlem and the Bronx via Frank Lucas and Leroy Nicky Barnes.

            No one will feel an ounce of pity for a black kid on heroin. That destructive ness of that shit should be to black folk what a large oven is to (so-called) jewish folk.

            Those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it.

            • Wow I like how you emphasized that the issues are due to the elders and not blaming outside forces or tptb. Havent seen too many self accountability posts.

            • Ditto. That post put me into a state of “accountability shock.” I don’t think anyone has ever cited a case where TPTB weren’t the cause of a plague befalling the community.

              Refreshing and smart.

            • Ot: Anon 19:30, Hey @Darl, is that u? If it is, i miss spotting ur comments on @hsk. but its also still good to c u r still around 🙂

            • @astute READER

              What the f*ck you trying to spot/tag/identify Darla for?
              If she wanted to be recognized as Darla, she would sign in as D-A-R-L-A…

            • And if you passed Darla on the street, you wouldn’t even know who she was , unless you are undercover Law enforcement…
              I don’t why yall pretend you know a person you don’t really know.

            • Is @Darla still posting here on @hsk? She was 1 of the most intelligent posters here besides myself
              Lol !

            • And @Anonymous 19:00, 19:01 and 19:05,
              U r correct. I should not be paying @Darla any compliments or any homage to any insightful posters on hsk
              Fuck u and f*ck everybody else on hsk who is miserable and nasty
              I pray and hope u all burn in hell!

      • true ..cause I was in public school and felt I didn’t learn certain things …the high school classes need to have a life skills class than just all the algebra we never use unless u gonna become a scientist etc.. I skated through high school but was a good student.

      • but will and jadas kids don’t have shyt to be depressed about….let they ass be sent off to a village in an African slum somewhere and with no running water, no clean bathroom, no toothbrush, no showers, take a bird bath in a river and eat maize porridge for 3 months…will see if they crazy asses will wake up then! im thankful to have the lil things that some ppl don’t have access to , clean bed, water ,good food, good health..thankful.

    • VERY true!

      Gone are the days, that education is important.
      If these two are homeschooled GREAT.
      left on their own….Thats ridiculous.

  7. Stay in school kids! Or at least get home schooled but get an education because it’s fundamental that children learn to read and write. To many youngsters these days are illiterate they don’t know basic maths, or how to spell. The heavily reliance of technology has certainly dumbed down the masses. Gone are the days where a child had to stand up in class and write a sentence, the school curriculum is always changing but it seems to be getting worse. This is why I want to become a teacher to ensure that youngsters get a fundamental education. 😀 Peace.

  8. Good Lord!!, Jaden Looks Like A Druggie And Willows Looks Like A P*ssy Loving Dyke

  9. Considering the states of the U.S. Economy and Job Market, it’s short-sighted at best to try to dissuade masses of non-rich (young) people to not go to school for fear of (gasp!) working in a cubicle or having some other relatively secure job. Everyone wasn’t born to be entrepreneurs, supermodels, or lucky enough to have rich, submissive parents. Flawed logic here is an understatement.

      • Not to mention STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, & Mathematics) jobs, which are some of the most lucrative with high job security, feature several ‘cubicle rat’ positions. One would have to be stupid, shallow as hell/entitled for no reason, or both to dismiss those jobs.

        • Raheim,

          I don’t have the time at the moment get into this but I want to share a a few things about these two children. There are certain things I can’t disclose because it will come back directly to me & jeopardize my job. I can tell you this…

          These two CHILDREN REALLY THINK THEY’RE GROWN & CAN DO, GO, SAY, BE & GET ANYTHING THEY WANT WHEN THEY WANT & are “purposely positioned to sprew off their “school is made to depress you therefore you should not attend” message to their peer groups of EVERY level.” It’s by design & for a reason. Imagine how many 9-15 yr olds follow these 2 on social media.

          Furthermore…what a lot of people DON’T know is just how many people of the same celebrity status as Will & Jada keep their own children AWAY from Willow & Jaden. One of Bill Gate’s friend’s wife made it VERY clear she felt Will & Jada were “absentee parents who allowed their kids to be trained & programmed to be exactly who they are & the shit they do & get away with is mentally & criminally insane.”

          I gotta go…catch up later!!

          • Thanks for that, Ms Reg. When you consider they and their parents’ behavior over the years, what you said is very evident. It’s easy to dismiss the things that ‘normal’ people have to go through when you’ve never and likely will ever know struggle or hardship of any kind.

          • Thanks for the info Ms Reg, how sad. Will and Jada should be ashamed of themselves for allowing their children to be corrupted in this way. I’m guessing a good number of the celebrity toddlers we see today will be spewing the same garbage when they grow up. SMH

    • The point clearly stated is that the public school system, especially in a defunct district, is not the best (nor only option) for developing minds or to create independent thinkers and eventually leaders and future adults. Many private schools have a designated amount of seats and grants for low-income families. In addition there exists Montesorri Schools, many that are free of charge. Parents have the choice to research a district stats and the freedom to bus their children (if they dont have a car) to higher performing district(where the parents are more involved in the system thanks to Civil Rights)

      The same energy used to discuss Nene Leaks on HSK can be used on or Perhaps reviewing curriculum every day and asking a kid what they learned instead of perusing marks during report card time. Opportunities are a click away. Im not a parent and know this information and its no Chinese secret. If teaching a child what to think instead of how to think or create and compete in a global market works for that family and community, and apparently it does by such responses and the indifference of parents towards education so be it. I see why there are so few black engineers outside of a recording booth.

      • It was never stated that public schools were ‘the best’ or ‘only’ option–My stance from the beginning was in regards to the millions of children, teenagers, and young adults who are born into certain situations and have little to no chance of escaping them i.e. underprivileged inner-city life, which is a main reason ‘there are so few black engineers outside of a recording booth,’ not because they kept falling asleep in Math class or were busy recording a demo in their cousin’s basement. I’m on my way out the door, so I can’t go into detail right now, but my point is clear–Everyone wasn’t meant to be entrepreneurs, engineers, celebrities, or snotty, entitled gossip mongers who see problems the lives and decisions of everyone but their own.

        • That is a lie from the pit of hell if I ever heard it. Joe Dudley founder Dudley cosmetics is a mentally retarded black man from rural segregated rural NC and runs a global hair care company. Not only does Dudley create awesome products, they supply opportunities from blacks at HQ to salon shop owners. Every human being regardless of complexion income zip code or poor genetics was sent here to create and be their own master. Indoctrination dictates otherwise. If you place a child in an environment where learning and creativity isnt stress then that energy will be used for destruction which is ehy chaos has fallen on the black community. I disgree 100% exponentially with the above response.

          • …And I disagree with 100% of what you’ve said in this post, so I suppose that makes us even.
            Anyway, it seems you’ve misunderstood my point–As a creative person myself, I’m well aware that people were sent here to create and be their own master, but I and many, many others are tempered by something called ‘reality,’ which in this case is people also need to have the means to survive out here, especially when creativity isn’t as reliable an endeavor as a steady job/paycheck, especially if you aren’t a creative person to begin with, which goes back to what I said about everything not being for everyone. Not to mention the fact that nowadays jobs, creative or not, are scarce, something you should be well aware of, being the fact-checker you are.

            In addition, there has been a concerted effort to deprive people, especially blacks, of resources across the board i.e. Unions working in concert with inner-city school boards to take Skill Trades out. And speaking of schools and creativity, I am aware of music & art classes being taken out of schools at an alarming rate in the past decade or so. These actions/issues have contributed to why ‘chaos has fallen on the black community,’ though outright dismissing school isn’t helping, either. I also wasn’t limiting my comments to blacks; I spoke about them because the two over-entitled space cadets we’re discussing as well as myself are black. In short, this issue, like many, is much more nuanced than those two and yourself are making it.

          • Hell he open up cosmetology schools too! One of his schools was in Bennettsville, SC that is closed down.

      • Parents can’t teach what they don’t know. Babyboomers (my parents) are afraid of what they don’t know. They were incapable of teaching me to do anything outside of getting a good government job. When I began to think for myself and choose another direction, it scared the shit out of both of them and my father let me know daily that he thought I was wrong.

        • @Lovable Fruits,

          Let’s be clear & honest here…

          Willow Smith has ALREADY been turned out sexually & has turned out a few young girls in addition to having had sex with older boys,girls/young adults. I’m told the first impression most parents get is that she’s a sweet, somewhat shy but outgoing girl who is nice & respectable BUT what people say later is how she’s been caught in extremely compromising situations with other kids. Some of these events/situations have been caught on surveillance footage in homes as well as in person but because in some cases “the parents are fellow celebrities of the same or similar status as Willow’s parents or people who work with or for them & these people DO NOT want a scandal attached to their name or to end up exposing Will & Jada & end up having to go up against them so they remain silent & keep their kids away from Willow especially but Jaden as well but for different reasons.

          Both of these children have been exposed to a great deal of unpleasant things including “abandonment & neglect” in spite of the fame & fortune of their parents.

          All I can say is stay tuned…
          THIS is nothing in comparison to what we’ll later see from Will & Jada’s kids. ALSO…take notice of how you NEVER see Will’s son Trey with his siblings & Will & Jada unless it’s to celebrate his b-day or when he’s hosting a tv/award event. There’s a reason for that…HIS MOTHER ain’t having it!

          • If you know all of this then start your own blig or write a book, i have a hard time believing someone just up here claiming this and that about people they dont even know, anyone can say anything, who the hell has surveillance cameras in thier own house, and there are lots of young kids doing compromising things with other kids thats why teen pregnancy is high go look at Facebook and tell me if those 15yr olds are saints, yall are so judgmental and hypocritical teenage years are awkward these kids are just like all the rest if the kids so why single them out as demons, appearance is illusion you should judge people by thier character

            • And might i add that shes right, if kids werent depressed at school they wouldnt be shooting the schools up, do you even know what prana is? Probably not since you think everything is the damn devil “omg the world is going to end because Jaden and willow study healing energy!” Yall on here talking about the illuminati all day and then wanna praise the public school system foh scores are at an all time low because these teachers only make 9$ an hour and dont giv a damn about thier job, people go to school to be geniuses and are still depressed,either that or thier expertise is used for something bad like creating a virus

            • The Bible says that the wiser people become the weaker the generations get, all of this knowlege isnt always good

            • Anonymous,

              Unfortunately, I could NEVER start my own blog & discuss a tenth of what I know &/or have witnessed because MOST of these experiences are due in part to or in some cases are directly related to my job. Yes, my job, the job that pays me VERY generously for a position created for me that allows me to travel worldwide free most times & rarely ever has a problem with me including my son when I have to travel for work. This is the same job that gives me tuition reimbursement because I chose to finish law school late in life & STILL work for them. I work for a company you’ve heard of & may know well. You may have used one of our many products &/or services. The company I work for owns over 400 companies worldwide in areas of telecommunications, travel, entertainment & lifestyle. We also manage ventures in financial services, transportation, health care, food and drink, media & public relations. EVERY company under our umbrella is connected directly with almost every aspect of the entertainment industry. Having said this, as it pertains to my position & others, our company requires most of us to sign Per Client Confidentiality Contracts. THIS means almost every other company/client we do business with has us sign one to “protect themselves from any of us discussing what we see, hear or witness at their venues or events.” These people range from rock stars to Egyptian royalty to US & Foreign Bankers. I meet some of EVERYBODY at one point or another so NEVER could I openly discuss most of what I know & get away without not only losing my job but also causing our company & myself to be sued civilly in addition to being blacklisted within my field. So, no…YOUR suggestion would not be an option for me.

              However, clearly you deem me to be a liar of sorts & to that I simply say: JUST DON’T BELIEVE ME & WHEN WHAT YOU SWEAR I’M LYING ABOUT COMES OUT IN MAINSTREAM MEDIA OR THE NEWS LATER YOU’LL KNOW I TOLD YOU FIRST LONG BEFORE IT CAME OUT & I TOLD THE TRUTH AS I KNOW IT. Very simple & no love lost!

              Love & Light

            • And if the parents in Holly weird are talking trash about your parenting and don’t want their kids hanging around your kids its got to be awfu . Kids can do anything there.

            • @Anonymous–Miss everyone here talking about ‘praising public schools’ when they weren’t–I for one said that, in the current system we have, school is still necessary for the millions of people in this country who aren’t rich and famous. Reading Comprehension works.

            • Every person in Hollywood has surveillance cameras in their homes. Even the athletes do. You think connected people don’t read these blogs? That’s where Jacky and whomever gets their stories! They even have celebrities that post under handles. Hell, I know some celebtiy inside tea and I’m nobody! Its no big deal.

            • I think @Ms. Reg is a celebrity
              She be knowing everything
              Even before Jacky be knowing
              So think twice before saying she dont know what she is talking about

          • Ms. Reg

            I couldn’t help but notice that your Bio is very similar to Supermans, but yet you chooser to use your powers to share unsubstantiated gossip (with zero receipts) with mere mortals such as ourselves.


  10. They are adorable kids, but WTF?? I am confused as to why they think they are so ‘edgy’. Because of their wild hair? Because of the way they dress? Well, the drivel that pours from their mouths just ruins everything. Because its the drive of EVERY school-hating, teenage CHILD. Newsflash: NO ONE LOVES SCHOOL. OK, so maybe a select few do, but MOST kids hate it! This is not new. Its not a new idea. Its not a result of deep thinking. Kids hate school but they continue to go be ITS NECESSARY! And they media you speak to just make you look like clowns for acting like to you have figured this out after some deep and reflective thinking. Shut your traps and finish school.

  11. The public school system is nothing more then indoctrination centers. The indoctrination centers ( schools) are teaching the kids nothing more then to be good little worker bees, and common core curriculum being taught to the kids is a complete joke.

    Some parents think there kids are smart because they have good grades, but do the parents ever take the time to read the text books to see what the children are being taught? If more parents took the time to see what the children are being taught they would look at the school system as nothing more then daycare instead of an learning institution for the kids.

      • If parents cant home school their children the alternative should be to find out what the children are being taught and fight tooth and nail to get the wrong stuff taken out of the school books and curriculum, which is a long stretch in some circumstances, so an alternative that can be easily obtained is parents/primary care takers putting aside time to teach the children curriculum that will enrich them instead of brainwash them outside of school.


    • I agree but some children are in a situation where that’s all they have. You can still get more education from going to school than you can sitting at home watching television all day.

      • Ditto Cheese. Even if what Nanmrgn says is correct, what is a VIABLE alternative? If you are to have a shot at prospering in this country, then you best be educated within this system. It’s far from perfect, but unless you have the means for a school with a more progressive and balanced curriculum, you go with the government “indoctrination” and do your best to learn the rest through your own independent study.

  12. This interview is just regurgitated verbatim from them Osho books and Organite cult they are involved in.

    Not an original thought coming from these 2 celebrity offspring vessels of crap.

    • No shit, Sherlock. ‘Many of us’ didn’t have masses of impressionable kids following us due to our successes, which is the difference here.

      • @Raheim I second that. Many of us didn’t have the money in which these rich kids have, we all said and done things when we were teenagers, but back then it was indoctrinated in us ‘to go to school.’ Actually I had no choice if I didn’t go to school I’d get into trouble lol.

        • Exactly. My parents didn’t give a f*ck about how I felt about going to school. Or anything thing else for that matter. There has to be a line drawn in the sand on certain things. They should be preparing for Harvard. Instead, their dumbasses are gonna end up shitting on their potential.

      • So what? You are judging teenage kids. It’s not 1995. There are many outlets for children to follow various teen celebs.

        Yall just hate on people for no reason. I see coming after the parents because they on that crazy stuff. But only a fool would follow the actions of a 14 and 16 year old. What the hell were you doing that was transcendent at that age?

        • More snide, faux-condescending tripe from you. Like I and others have said, the issue isn’t so much with the two spoiled, ignorant Space Cadets who made the stupid comment(s), it’s with their young, impressionable followers, many of whom will lap up whatever tripe they’re saying and run with it despite not being born with Silver Spoons in their mouths and Stock Options. I know you pride yourself on trying to start shit on here, but even you can see why that is a problem. And nothing ‘transcendent’ has ever come from that family, at least not publicly. Stop it.

        • 1995? WTF is that supposed to mean? I hate when people act like the internet just came out 2 yrs ago.

      • If you follow Jaden Smith you deserve what happens to you…

        I think 90% of the posters here are complete tools… But Raheim you are not a follower. Your goal is to post knowledge. The whole theme of my posts is not to follow these individuals. Turn the TV off.

        If you watch their every move you are exposing yourself even more than the average consumer

        • I agree, but you and I both know we live in a Celebrity-and-Money-worshiping culture (And for blacks in particular, a light-skin-worshiping one), which means that both of them will continue to have young, impressionable followers who don’t know any better. And yes, the TV & Internet can be ‘turned off,’ but again, you know many parents are either directly or indirectly shitty and will never come to that conclusion, hence many of the critical comments here, which I believe is one reason this site exists.

            • Raheim u are very smart but @lb3 is not down for us and is only a paying u a compliment to u to get his point across cuz he know u are 1 of the popular posters on here
              @Lb3 dont give a phuck about any underpriveleged kids struggle or how they turn out
              @lb3 is a celebrity worshipper and I quite dont understand y he has visited this site for the last 4 years

          • You can’t expect a 14 year old to be mature enough to understand the repercussions of what they say in some article.

            They are speaking from their world which is not like yours and mind. There is a level of extreme ignorance about normal childhood for them. We have seen young people in the industry repeatedly have issues.

            The true reason most of the people are posting is that they dislike the parents for whatever reason (Scientology, Illumanti, selling out) and want to throw stones at these complete strangers.

            • –Whether they’re 14 or 44, they are in a position of influence among a number of young people and are using it to lead them even further astray, something their handlers are well aware of.

              –The fact that their and countless other celeb kid’s ‘world(‘s)’ is/are effed-up leads back to the above point.

              –The parents are involved/being attacked because, as Ms Reg said above, they created these monsters behavior-wise and have done little to nothing to rectify the issue other than possibly paying the authorities off/getting clearance when CPS was investigating a while ago.

  13. They Both Can’t Read Or Write Cos Their Too Busy Living That Lifestyle

    Isn’t Willow Dating A 19 Year Old Boy, What Is Will And Jada Thinking (Clearly Nothing) Jaden Managed To Shake That Black Dick Loving
    Kendell Off His Dick, Her Family Are Poison…….

    • it was Kylie.. and I was thinking the same thing too. If a no moral having Kardashian female drops a wealth black boy or man the he must really be f*cked up for real..

  14. Unortunately 90% of folks don’t understand the true point of high school. It is simply to expose you to a variety of subjects and possible careers in hopes of sparking an interest or identifying an aptitude in a possible area of future expertise. It’s why you take one of everything. Dropouts miss that full exposure and their choices become that much more limited. Parents simply need to be involved, learn about careers and advise accordingly.

  15. What the hell? Maybe I should read the full interview before I pass judgement.

    • That sort of thinking will not do in here Lola. We take great pride n forming opinions based on a 10 line summarization. 😉

      • Let me point something out to you, Smart Anonymous Person, this entire article is made up of 2 1/2 paragraphs, 1 of which are quotes taken from what they both said in the full interview, also it mentions down at the end of the article to read the full article on another website. Another thing, if you think I would give a shit about anyone’s opinion of my opinion, then your sadly mistaken. I know all about this website and these posters like you. **don’t do it**

        • @Lola I am sorry that you misunderstood my post.
          I thought that by putting the smiley emoticon at the end you would realize that my words were tongue in cheek. I was in fact COMPLIMENTING you for have the wisdom to not form an opinion based on half of the story.
          The second sentence was a dig at people who jump to conclusions based on a small soundbite.

          • Cool but that brings me to my point that I dont want to get into the drama n going back n forth. If it isn’t helpful and pertaining to a topic of interest that will help me learn something from(as the post willie jones made) than please don’t respond to me. I try not even read these comments if they don’t have an interesting topic. Sorry for being offensive.

    • Its kind of long and definitely scripted.
      Willow prompts Jaden a few times.

      Their “theories” are cult spewings.. they read these Osho cult books, and play with organite pyramids and recite what someone else conjured.

      • Yea, the things they were saying were cult-ish. Very coached or rehearsed. I’m just shocked at how little common knowledge that they have and I know that first imterview(that I had seen) little Willow had done, she spoke and came across very intelligent,nothing like she does now.

  16. @Anonymous 9:49 I agree. I have an open mind about certain things so I also understand what Jaden and Willow are saying to a certain point. But their also rich spoiled kids who don’t have to worry about money to survive. In most cases we have to do what we have to do. I also read the full story and they were just talking about the energy in the universe, and meditation. So they’re not crazy but intelligent. Now they might not have common sense or may not o how to identify to common folks because they’re rich.

    • Why ridicule regular school, what teenagers normally do that is conducive to growing up. They are delusional and will never learn about real life. All that money makes you rich but you are right, they have no common sense.

    • I am not trying to be funny but Jayden and Willow are also devil worshippers in training. Willows favorite rap artist are odd future. Those boys who take pleasure in blaspheming Go. Smh
      and Im not going to sugarcoat it cuz the enemy come to kill , steal and destroy and
      In that order. he is not trying to play no sweet free spirited minded games and is out to destroy the minds and souls of the future generration
      One day u all will see that the powers that be are not playing games and is harmless

  17. Did they just put Dumb and Dumber under their pics? LMMFPRAO!!!!!! A BWAH BWAH HA HA HA!

  18. Did Will and Jada really just have some kids and say f*ckit? What the hell is going on? This is embarrassing.

  19. LOL. Who else besides me and my siblings got their asses slapped the isht out of right in front of the teacher and/or classmates? You could do whatever you wanted with your kids back then. The 70’s, wow, gotta love It!!!! What a different world back then. LOL

    • Oh my god TB Lol I’m an 80’s baby but I remember the look your mom gave you when you got in trouble at school. Man my mom would scare me, damn if the school called home I knew I was in for a roasting hahahaha!

      • LOL…Mannnnnn, Listen. One time the Principal DIDN’T call my moms because she already had a reputation for “Stop, Drop, Open Up Shop” on her kids’ asses. I used to freeze when I saw my moms at school. Remember when Bernie Mac’s stand up? “Whoever’s doing their math homework, Oh, that’s your mamma over there”. LMAO

    • Me, LOL! My mom came up to my school and beat me with an extension cord for lying to her about something school related. It was the second and last spanking I ever gotten but I’ll never forget it.

      • Aiiggghtt. Why do I suddenly feel like playing the Album “Songs From The key of Life” by Stevie Wonder?? “I wish those days, would come back once more…why did those days ever have to go, cuz I love them so” LOL

        • Nah you can keep those days because that shit hurt, lol.
          It really was a different world back then. I went to a private school and students would get swatted by the principal for acting up in school and then they would call your parents to discipline us when we got home. Students didn’t cut classes, no one was cursing out the teachers and a good number of us went on to college. Times sure have changed.

  20. let me be honest i hated school so much i even skipped schol multple times. i still hate school not the’s not my point

    will and jada aren’t doing their jobs as parents, just because they dropped out of school at a early age just to make it
    into hollywood doesn’t mean their children should follow suit.

    we know the elite want to keep people dumb and sheep like just to brain wash people into believing their system
    jaden needs to be careful what it says because young kids look up to him and willow can’t think why

    but young kids think he’s the chit he’s just a un-education little brat with too much money than sense

    • That’s the point. It’s not about them. I don’t give a f*ck about them. I care about their followers.

      • JJ,

        THAT was my point…
        These two children are NOT quality influences to ANYONE. It’s not my intent to “bad mouth” them but to explain “these are NOT teen role models” by any stretch of the imagination.

        • Then the parents of the masses are just as bad letting thier kids on twitter all day and expects them to come out with wholesome advice and role models? Dont be think back in history and tell me a time when the older generation wasnt outraged by the newer generation…don’t worry ill wait, they said the same thing about rock and roll and rap and here we are like old people doing the same thing with the new generation

    • Hey Krush
      We know you skipped school. That’s why you spelled it schol. Dumb ass.

  21. Diddy’s son goes to USC…you work hard this generation to make your next generation greater. That’s all.

    • Denzel has a child at Harvard. Silly me, I thought that some self-absorbed Hollywood star would care about their children. They only care about themselves!

    • There are some rare exceptions. These two dropped out of elementary school but they want to convince you they know metaphysics.

    • Diddy’s son goes to Harvard… HSK rips him for being a faggot sell out coon

      Will Smith’s kids don’t want to go to school… HSK rips him for being a faggot sell out coon

      What have we learned?

  22. nearly everyone in Hollywood are not literate they either can’t read or write because their too busy focusing on being
    actor or a singer. some of them can’t even look after their money that’s why they get caught out

    their accountants are stealing their money right underneath them because they can’t look after their money probably

    stay in school

    • They get some money from an early age and in some cases, the parents are loaded and that takes the motivation away. Gwenneth Paltrow is an example. She may have graduated from high school but has the social graces of a doorknob. She grew up privileged and contemptuous of people who ‘don’t have’. And these two empty vessels have parents with a net worth north of $250 millions. They intend to live on that so they get away with remaining ignorant.

      • That’s the difference between the real elites and these stupid, posing, puppets. Elites don’t play that mess, most of their children attend ivy league colleges for at least 2 years.

        • BlueSky and Say Cheese

          you do’t get my point i was talking about rags to riches, celebrities who grew up poor some of them do’t know about money they buy things they do’t need

          jaden and williow should be careful remember their parents are rich
          everyone in the world aren’t rich like themself so they need to tread very lightly

  23. You can tell they have no basic education, but they are parroting from a book on metaphysics to front intelligence and higher level thinking. No need to learn basics they say. So sad. These two are empty headed silly people and where are the parents. Oh that’s right, they don’t give a sh*t.

  24. This whole article pissed me off smfh will and jada are the worst f*cking parents in the industry. Lord I hope these kids don’t grow up and get hooked on drugs and overdose or do some other crazy crap hollywierdos do even tho the poor kids are already into that stuff.

  25. Are they high or something?!? Will and Jayda need their asses whipped. These kids are so confused about life it’s sad. It’s like they were reading off a script of things so called intelligent or enlightened kids should say but then it becomes plausible because they slip up and say something silly that a normal kid would say. I caught that mocking of the creator thrown in there too. Can someone say brainwashed. This is what happens when you let your kids act like adults and become influenced by the wrong people.

    Parents need to keep their kids far away from these two, they are walking talking breathing examples of the agenda wants for the children of the future.

  26. Can someone take that black lip liner out of Jaden’s back pocket, before he makes himself a handlebar moustache?????

  27. School= skull and they are mind control indoctrination camps just like churches, but these two are under mind control as well,because they have handlers and zionist satanist are trying to create a new religion,because they know folks are waking up to their Jesus psy op.

  28. JADEN: Anything that you can shock somebody with. The only way to change something is to shock it. If you want your muscles to grow, you have to shock them. If you want society to change, you have to shock them

    Hmmmmmm, really? Very telling…


    THEY ARE INTO SOME DEEP STUFF FOR TEENS THOUGH YES VTHEY STUDT SCIENTOLOGY AND MIND Expanding theories something most kids thewir age won’t do.

    its not their fault they was born rich.

    at least thewy’re not out killing other kids and and stealing they’re not hurting anybody.

    the hell with school these white kids are going crazy anmd want to kill other children because they read certain websites about hitler and satan.

    glad my school daze are over school is where kids are getting shot these days.

    • CrazyChris,

      It’s not their fault they was born rich.

      At least thewy’re not out killing other kids and and stealing they’re not hurting anybody.
      -You don’t know this for certain. You’d be very surprised what other kid’s parents have to say about them…seriously!

      • And if the parents in Holly weird are talking trash about your parenting and don’t want their kids hanging around your kids its got to be awfu . Kids can do anything there.

        • I remember seeing a photo of Willow crying when she met her idol, the guy from odd future who raps about chopping people up and raping people
          Willow said she was so happy to meet him and that she looked up to him
          Real talk. Google it

          • The least she could do is not look up to shitty ‘rappers’ who only appeal to bitter white Suburban dudes & drunk, self-important Frat Boys. Can’t say I’m surprised in the least, though.

  30. …Just to make it clear, there was no advocating for school (especially for blacks, considering how hard the schools try to destroy black boys via targeted unjust punishment, unnecessary medication for a condition that doesn’t even exist [ADD] that can make them sterile later in life, and ultimately pushing them to drop out, which adds to the school-to-prison pipeline, a topic that is central to Dr. Umar Johnson’s lectures & work) other than the fact that its unfortunately a means for both ‘regular’ and ‘creative’ people of all races to enter the work world, and it’ll remain as such until a large-scale & effective alternative comes about.

    • I went to school for 18 years and am doing pretty well. Not to say that’s the only or even beat path. But no one can take my education and training from me…

      • “…no one can take my education and training from me…”
        It makes me proud just to read that! Thanks for posting that.

  31. Really are they any different from the average person tho. I kno about 50 people within 2 years of me who dropped out b4 or in high school or never attended after elementary or middle school. Hell girls havin baby’s soon as they hit puberty or in high school. Let em be everyone in the worlds a lil f*ckd up. I grew up sheltered only going to school and I wish I had seen alot more things and experienced alot lot more in my teens.

    • I wish I knew then what I know now about the world, our country, life, government, whole system

  32. Of course they would say this. They are two of the most spoiled ass ignorant children in Hollywood. And I’m not surprised Willow cosigned Jaden since she can barely read.

    Our educational system needs much improvement, but lets be honest here. Within the system created in America and the rest of the world, you need some kind of formal education to be successful. Tell all of the people who used to be poor, but used their education to become successful that school is overrated. Tell this dumb shit to the true wealthy in the world, who understand the value of a good education. Everyone who is successful in this world has had some type of formal education. You will get no where not being able to read and perform basic arithmetic.

    These two clowns are neither deep nor intelligent. They are spoiled rotten. They are being raised by two hoodrats with money, who have given them everything, who don’t hold them accountable, who think its okay for Willow to lay up in bed with a 20 year old, and who I’m sure allow them to do drugs. They are not giving them the simple tools they need to continue to be able to build upon their parents success. They don’t appreciate shit. I predict that within a few generations after these two rugrats have inherited their parents money, that Will’s and Jada’s descendents will be back in the hood or still being prostituted out in Hollywood.

    Get mad, don’t care. It’s one thing to say that the educational system needs improvement – it does. But to act like going to school is completely pointless and useless is beyond ignorant. No you dumb coons. If you want to be successful within the system that we didn’t build, your dumb ass will need an education. Even if you want to be a drug dealer, you will still need to learn how to read, write, and do some arithmetic.

    • Well stated, say what. I would feel sorry for those kids but the fact that they are pushing this message out to the masses bothers me.

  33. Something is weird about the way they finish each other’s sentences and answer for each other. They are too weird. I got the vibe that they were high in this whole interview and that they are sleeping with each other. They both sound ridiculous with the pseudo intelligent responses. Poor children. They will never be normal.

  34. None of the rich kids go to school. The Osbournes didn’t go to school, and Krustaians don’t go to school. Education is not, unfortunately, a priority for the rich and famous.

  35. So….they have been given the job to push the drop out of school agenda. Poor dumb ass rich kids, nothing they said made an ounce of sense. And if they keep this up they won’t be rich nor famous. More like hungry and homeless.

  36. Will and Jada better start checking those kids rooms coz its obvious they on that stuff !
    Flip a mattress check the hamper kids are crafty now n days. I’m just saying. Nlmao
    I’ll say a prayer. Lmao

  37. They sound extremely bored. And… extremely ignorant.
    That is a dangerous combination…

  38. These kids are fawked up lol!!!!!!! He wanna be peenless and hates school, damn she just confused lol I’m sorry Will and Jada are not doing a great job.

  39. I agree 100% with these children…Due too their inherent wealth they have been afforded an opportunity to choice and they have seen enough of the WHITE RACES racist and mundane educational system to know its mostly about mind control and creating uncreative worker drones who are GIVEN JUST ENOUGH INFORMATION TO BE SOMEONES COMPETENT CLOCK PUNCHING EMPLOYEE….

    Its okay for black parents to send their children to be educated by their enemies in subjects that cannot be manipulated by lies, such as:


    but do not let your enemy teach your children:

    because these are topics that can be manipulated by his lies and he is a liar and not to be trusted..

    Only the top 3% of European elite get a real education and they are given it because of their bloodline which can be traced back to their FATHER, THE DEVIL, and that includes OBAMA and certain negroes like Colin POWELL who look black but are related to them by DNA


  40. Education means something different to different people. Truth is all you need to know is as much as possible about your area of income and then a little about finance and law to keep and grow said income.

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