Erica Mena 15 Minutes Of Reality Fame Is Up

Erica Mena Quits Love & Hip Hop NY

Those Are The Breaks!

HSK Exclusive – It’s looking like Erica Mena is left scrambling for a new come-up … after burning bridges with Mona Scott Young! “Erica quit and Mona ain’t going to take her back,” spills and insider. “She’s done.”

Word is … Mena served Mona her own walking papers, while banking on Bow Wow to set her up as his 106 & Park co-host. The problem is BET has cancelled the show! “Erica’s head got so big since she started dating Bow Wow,” says the source. “She even told Mona she refuses to get turnt up this season.”

Dig the Drop:

“Bow Wow was working to get rid of Keshia Chante and have her replaced with Erica as his co-host. Their plans got f*cked up when 106 & Park was canceled.”


  1. Oh well..another realty trash career in di toilet… plus she stupid, Erica was rolling wit di Kartrashians early in her quest for reality fame, she should have stick with Kris & em or perhaps continued to lick Khloe’s twat, then maybe she would have been a “stupidstar” hee-hee…

  2. Lmao who is she anyway obviously no one important on 2 the next. Should have gave up your day job

  3. And The Moral Of The Story Is.. Always Remember Where you Came From, Clearly Erica Didn’t Remember
    Just Because She’s Getting Dick Down By Bow Wow She Thought She Made It

    • no DUMB ARSE the moral of the story is to seek change and grow….. you are saying that once mona puppet always MONA puppet …lmao..please…screw that demon Mona I am glad that erica did not turn up good for her now perhpas she can grow up and leave all that foolishness behind

      • Yanno They were damn near 40 when they were hosting. The cynical part of me would have love to see memes and gifs of AJ crying ass once the news of 106 going digital was received if he were currentlt hosting. Lol

  4. I hope Erica ain’t that dumb to quit Love & Hip-Hop New York. If she expected to come up from 106 and park then she’s not too bright. I just hope Mona has a heart and let her back on the show because I do like Erica’s crazy ass.

    • SCREW MONA….love an dhip hop made that girl look crazy so the best thing she can do is quit ..yal acting like mona a god or something

      • She quit and asked if she could could back. Then, Mona told her no. I don’t know if that’s true or not. Also, I never acted like Mona was a God nor I ever praised her for her Love and Hip-Hop franchise. You’ve got me mistaken Guest.

  5. Well erica look on the bright side there’s plenty of poles left you can work, and the corners have room for you, your a well known ratchet throt, your old friends wate’en on you, bow wow I’m looking to hear you’ve committed suicide, cause anytime you hook up with a well known sleazy low down trick mama like her speaks volumes about your state of mind. See you on the strip erica you remember your home.

  6. She Should Be Getting Dick Down By Another Nukka As We Speak……..Bow Wow Prepared To Get Cheated On Because Erica Is A Cheater
    She Also Looks Like A Cheater As Well. She Even Cheated On Her Ex Girlfriend With Poor Bollar

    She Might Do The Same To Bow Wow. This Bitch Isn’t Loyal Sadly Bow Wow Will Learn The Hard Way

  7. She is too scrappy and a liability. That video where she kicks her childs father in the face is disturbing, though he was abusive to her and had it coming! Erica isnt the type to play submissive and divorce a man after 10 years to get his pension and assets like calm calculating birds.

  8. Omg please she is not really attractive like that. If she was darkskin i bet you she wouldnt be considered close to it. Bow wow looks better than her as small as he is. Only thing black males have is a self hate issue perpetuated through a society that glorifies lighter skinned women and never shows women that look like him. Men are visual and but they like to impress other males more than themselves bc it makes them feel like they have an edge over others. A man is so shallow he will date someone like Eva Pigford and if his boys tell him she is ugly and to get a white woman or white looking hispanic or asian woman, he will believe them and dump that true beauty just to please his ego. Blacks males in hollywood are hollyweird and they are programmed to like certain types of women especially if the white fags in the industry want to turn him out and think that black man is gorgeous. They steer him to certain types of women and away from black women bc they know if they don’t he will wake up to the foolishness and never see them as attractive or anything. Bow wow and Omarion was lovers. Bow wow in sealed documentation was raped by his driver and the driver said the paid him to do it. Bow wow even made a video floating around somewhere on the internet, similar to what Beyonce made when she was 16yo. About the industry being evil, crying and all on a rap he made as well. He is scorned and abused since a little boy. His mother tried to protect her son but too many male fags around her wanted his soul and it happened under her nose. Poor lady. There are many black moms like that that have children so beautiful they are preyed upon and brought down to the level they should never be. He has been lusted after all his life and he is really a decent little kind guy and God fearing. Now he is caught up in the spotlight of the wicked and there goes another one of ours. Lost. Nothing against Erica, she can grow on you and be very appealing psychically and sexually but sry she is not stunning to the eye. Im sry to say she is just another one that will be gased up by another lost black male. The end.

    • LMMFBAO @ IDC, if she’s not attractive, what that make you????? You look like the wax in her ear.

    • I absolutely luv ur comment! @IDC
      U hit the nail right on the head

      And @Mary Sue’
      How can u c how a poster look behind a computer?


  9. Bow Wow didn’t look out for his girl. When the show got cut by one hour, that was a sign. But, Erica’s hot in the ass mindset clouded her judgement. Nobody watches 106 & Park anymore…Technology Is A Job Killer! Now, she ghost on both fronts.

  10. Missy Thank you for capturing the perfect description of what Bow Wow looks like in photos with Erica. I’ve been trying to figure out what he reminds me of since HSK started featuring his “relationship” with Erica. A little boy in a high chair is perfect!

  11. C’mon son whoever said she’s not beautiful like that is a hater, she might be crazy she might be a gold digger but ugly she is not,she is quite stunning,hating ages about 10 years son

  12. This chick should be ashamed of herself humping on Lil Bow Bow. Now that he is unemployed i wonder when she is going to leave him. I guess the Wedding is cancelled now.

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