Maxine Jones Says En Vogue Christmas Movie Is Wack

Maxine Jones vs Lifetime Network

Former member on pop sensation En Vogue, Maxine Jones, said the yet to be premiered television movie “An EN Vogue Christmas” on the Lifetime network is wack.

Here is what Maxine revealed:

“Yeah I heard about it. I think it’s wack, and then I saw the trailer…I don’t like it when I’m watching them, I don’t. I don’t because I feel like they’re calling themselves En Vogue, and they’re not. They’re on Lifetime,and it suppose to be, and En Vogue reunion. It’s two of them there, and what, you think you can pull somebody off the street and call it a freakin’ reunion? I don’t think so.

It’s not a reunion that’s for sure. I don’t know what it is, and to me, it doesn’t make them look good, and that’s why I don’t mind doing these interviews because to me,
I just want everybody to know it’s just Terry and Cindy and some other chick.”

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    • welp! at least she’s letting us (viewers) ahead of time, unlike the ‘Aaliyah Bio Movie’ then maybe 3 million viewers wouldn’t have been disappointed.

  1. So She’s Jealous Because She’s Not Making Money With Them??

    She Probably Got Kicked Out Becase Of Her Bad Ass Attitude Or She Left Because Her Bandmates Couldn’t Stand Her Nasty Ass

    • Ur probably not talking about Maxine since Dawn Robinson is who you just described.

        • wrong again. Dawn Robison is the entire reason En Vogue(original members)will never get back together.

          • @datjerk

            Well On R&B Diva’s, She Seemed Really Nice And Sweet She Even Talked About Her Abusive Marriage

          • @datjerk,

            These folks must NOT know about Dawn for real huh? You are absolutely right about in your articulation of her. SHE is also the reason Raphael Sadiq didn’t/wouldn’t keep
            “Lucy Pearl” together as well. Dawn Robinson acts like both her “voice & her va jay jay” have some kind of super power that gives her the right to inflict her will upon others & when it doesn’t she’ll throw bitch fits of epic proportions…

            • @Ms Reg Says!–Sounds like Dawn’s expired milk ass is on some Halle Berry/Mariah Carey shit where discord follows them wherever they go & get with, yet they’re NEVER at fault. I hear Lil’ Mo recently put Dawn in her place on whatever show they were on together.

            • Yeah, I learned that she had a boyfriend that wasnt even in the music business that would come to the sessions and try to call the shots. Stupid sucka would close down recording sessions. Guess he said to himself, I will show y’all who got the power in this piece, just cause y’all don’t know my name don’t mean I ain’t running this.

      • Yes Dawn was a mess on R@B divas LA. She acted so timid and scared of all thecladies on the show and didn’t want to participate in anything. I don’t know whose worst, Latavia or Dawn. She was kicked out of Lucy Pearl too.

  2. IT’s Lifetime, of course it will be whack. She makes a valid point, tho. Anywho, I won’t be watching.

  3. Eww lifetime should just put the nail in the coffin because the network sucks. Since when was Envogue pop? Lifetime is just not a watchable channel.

  4. I can believe it after watching the past of the celebrity bio’s were awful I most likely won’t watch, the others were less than worthy.

  5. Dance Mom’s Is On Life Time…Were Young Girls Dance Very Provocatively, They Also Wear Make Up And Skimpy Outfits

  6. nothing like an abusive relationship to bring forth harmony and understanding from other women . no one has to bash black women they do a damn good job all on their own

    • No sweet heart, a whole culture of women have nothing to do with a flock of heffas who make themselves look bad. No more then some ignorant black men who choose to be the stereotypical black man, thugnificent, thieving, baby maker, lying, cheating, no kind of responsibility having ways, should never be compared to black men who got it going on with sexy mature self. In other words, don’t stereotype, cause you wouldn’t like it if someone put you in a CATEGORY cause of your being the color or gender you are. Do unto others as you’ll have them do unto you.

  7. All I know is they rocked and still could sing when I saw them at Embarcadero a few years ago with my folks at a festival. Christmas specials are normally wack anyway. People remember halftime shows more than xmas specials. Gives grandpa something to do though.

  8. En Vogue fell off big time once Dawn left the group and that was proven with those Haphazard EV3 sales.This group was never the same since.

  9. It was rumored that Dawn was dabbling in Porn once upon a time but I’m not sure.

  10. Nothing but some talented singer mess. These singers would have less troubled careers and lives if they would just submit their talent to the Most High God and not their E(asing)G(od)O(ut)

  11. @ non importante and 414:

    God will not compete with EGO. He will decamp and when He exits, you know who shows up.


    We gotta realize, yes, there are some of us that can saaaannngg,

    but we ain’t the only ones. If our “saangers” keep bein’ so DIVA, some new singin’ hookas who don’t look a think like them will show up.

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