Rapper Rick Ross Shook In Detroit: Scrams On Summer Jamz!!!

Rick Ross Bails on Detroit

“A decision was made from Mr. Ross’ team the conditions were becoming threatening and posed a security risk.”

William ‘Rick Ross’ Roberts would have you believe “a peace protest wit picket signs and locked gates” kept him away from taking to Detroit’s Summer Jamz stage, on Saturday. Turns out… that’s far from the real deal. Don’t believe me… Just ask the promoter behind the Chene Park event.

“Between 100-150 individuals lead by a local rapper, prevented and threatened to harm Ross if he entered the grounds to perform at Chene Park Amphitheater.”


Here’s the statement released by the president and CEO of Right Productions:

“The band of individuals orchestrated a human blockade around the service entrance to the venue – preventing Mr. Ross and his entourage from entering the premises.

A decision was made from Mr. Ross’ team the conditions were becoming threatening and posed a security risk. We want to extent our deepest regrets to our patrons who attended Summer Jamz17 who should have been treated to an outstanding performance from Rick Ross.

We have the upmost respect for our guests at Chene Park and they deserve better. This is the fifth Summer Jamz event we have hosted with our partner Radio One and Host 107.5 FM – and until this point with no incident.

Acts of intimidation, bullying, threats or violence of any kind that compromises the security and enjoyment of our shows will not be tolerated at Chene Park.

I will be reviewing this matter with our collective team and sponsoring host to ensure the integrity and respect we hold for our patrons and artists is upheld for future acts performing at Chene Park Amphitheater.”


      • Trick Trick is a notorious & powerful Gangster/Street dude/Rapper from Detroit who, like street dudes in other major cities, makes rappers who aren’t from Detroit that want to perform either pay a ‘street tax’ or let (a) local rapper(s) open for said rappers in exchange for safe passage or a ‘Hood pass’ when entering & performing for the out-of-town rapper(s). Trick Trick is also well known for beating Styles P & Trick Daddy up in separate incidents (And beating up at least one of them ON STAGE), keeping the peace between local artists (His words in his recent ‘Breakfast Club’ interview), and for giving failed rapper/long-in-the-tooth Industry jump Charli Baltimore a home recently:


        I’m sure people here who are either from Detroit or are familiar with its street scene can further fill you in, though.

  1. Trick Trick should tell his Detroiters to fix & keep uo their properties. Pay their property taxes. White neighborhoods with those old homes are worth $hundreds of thousands while black homes are worth a $1000. Dfference is they take care of their homes and have pride. ‘we don’t

    • Trick Trick Ain’t No Political Figure,That’s Up To The Owners Of The Properties That’s Not Paying The Taxes,These Rappers Need To Stop Pretending To Be Something They Are Not,Real Rick Ross Does Not Rap!!!

  2. yeah thats whats up, keep detroit’s economy in the shitter by preventing rap stars from doing detroit gigs mayor trick trick, coon ass nigga smh

  3. aaaand this is why I hate niggas! U setup a human blockade to prevent this dude from performing cause you think you “run Detroit”? But 10 of y’all can’t go and cleanup your effing neighborhood??? OMFG…

    • There was no blockade, Robert was in his dressing room when Tricks squad rushed in and jumped on his crew, they took his chain and hit Robert in the eye.

  4. Ok larry hoover, if you rap the rap, then be ready to face all types of stupid situations. Pay the street tax that you support by your ghetto fantasy rap music.

  5. Seems like tiddy man is going to hide behind the man while Someone faces legal persecution. Phony tiddy man.

    • That’s Chicago, dumbass. I was in Detroit on business a couple weeks ago and I didn’t see a war zone. Pfttttt! Neegros!

      • I agree. I feel perfectly safe and sound while in Detroit on business. On the other hand, even tho I LOVE the city, I now feel like donning Kevlar before hitting the streets of Chicago. Even in the better neighborhoods I still feel vulnerable. Can you imagine what it must be like to be there 24-7-365??

        • It’s all about who you hang with and what you’re doing in ANY city.
          I’ve lived in Chicago since ’99 without ANY incident because I’m not out ‘parking lot pimpin’, chillin out on the notorious blocks or parks, or participating in any BS in neighborhood spots (gambling, drinkin, talkin shyt, slapboxin’/fighting, etc…) and that type of thing.
          If you pay attention and try to keep yourself out of harm’s way the BS usually doesn’t find you. Hangin with stupid and shady m/fs doesn’t help either.

  6. Pay the cost to be a (hahaha, wait, hahaha hang on I can get it out hahah ). Boss.

  7. So trick trick is a bum nigga who robs people who actually work for a living. And he’s not in jail beeeee cause… (fbi informant?)

  8. Somebody got something to do with something cuz if Celine Dion was getting chased out of venues… Somebody would pay the piper.

    • That’s just it–MOST artists, black and white, pay up, and without anything hitting the news/blogs, and this info about the white artists is coming from someone in the D who knows how the game goes.

      • If I was an artist and this is how it goes in Detroit, then guess what city will never appear my tour schedule. Guess what my manager will say when someone calls to book a concerned in Detroit. You guessed right. You might think you were talking to the Rock, cause you would hear this.

        manager: well where are you calling from and is chene park located?

        person on phone: Detroit

        Manager: f*ck your concert, and as far as Detroit goes, you can take that ragedy sumbitch, shine it up, turn it sideways and stick it up your candy ass.

        Take money from me to take care of Charlie Baltimore, yeah right?

  9. Anarchy has already popped off. When street dudes start telling major artists whether they can or can’t perform in a city…S**t is Sideways!

  10. Dude is fowl for that. Real men don’t do mess like that. You reap what you sow. You don’t run Detroit.You out your rabbit as mind.Silly Wille as Fool. Extortionist.

  11. WOW, how smart of Mr. Trick Trick, to take an artist who would’ve filled up an arena, which would have increased business in that area of Detroit. Thanks, Mr. Trick Trick, you really “care” about your city. Hey Mr. Trick Trick, can we bring in a business to provide jobs for the citizens of Detroit, or how about hospitals for medical care. Do we have “permission” for these amenities, Mr. Trick Trick.

    SMH, at people in Detroit, and other places, that think this makes Detroit look “gangsta”, “hard”, or whatever. When in reality it just took away a chance for entrepreneurial minds and businesses in that area to make money when an artist comes to town, for a city that REALLY need it.

    “No Fly Zone” for ANY hip hop artist to bring business to the city, is stupid. It doesn’t make Detroit look “gangsta”, but stupid.

      • Yeah, how dumb can you be. To hell with your street Tax, there is 1000 other cities to perform in. I don’t blame Rick Ross, fraud or not. They do this to people they think are easy targets. I don’t buy it when they say this happens in every city because if this is how shit works, then why wouldn’t Rick Ross just pay up if this is the norm, Its not like its his first concert. So to say every artist pays street tax is a lie. White people are not giving you one red cent just to be allowed to perform. They will call the local PD on the way and get an escort in and out of not just the venue, but out of town.

  12. Man trick trick been doing this for years raheim know what he talkin bout. As I was reading the article and heard 100 goons trick trick the first person came to mind .street tax is the norm remember when the gd’s was banning the whole mmg from every state the gd is in they claimed ross owed them money so he had to agree to some amount. People still pay street tax on the west coast and trick trick been doing this since the 90’s could have been worser for ross like chasing him out of the city limits. Might as well tax these fake ass rappers they do nothing for our community but take and give nothing…





    AND HOW MAny times rick ross life been in jeopardy.

    • Come on Chris mang. Who wanna be famous. Fucking show ponies that’s who. The most powerful people want everything but the fame.

  14. black on black crime so called real street duded who gets mad cause a rapper who never ran with a gang makes more money and trick feels like he’s getting robbed.

    well lets see trick trick try and run up on deneiro or oliver stone and joe pesci.

    as long as trick oppress his own people hes keeping ity real.


    • trick has a thug mentality.

      all the rappers he robbed what did he do with the money nothing.

      trick made 2 albums in his career.

      if he did rob timberlake or bieber or robin thicke he wopuld have been arrested and finally get the name he wants.

      trick better weatch it hes 40 and he might get robbed and shot one day himself.

      since he wanna make ganster rap he gonna have to pay the piper he might end up like mac dre and fat tone.

  16. LOL major artist dont pay this fool, they do pay for real security (a tax in and of itself). But a fool like this couldnt get near a real artist like Celine or Timberlake (both mentioned here).

  17. all these so called gang members wanna oppress their own kind for street tax they need to get at these white folks and directors.

    Justin biebers an imposter lets see trick slap his ass.

    all these white guys who make these gangster movies none of these hood streetdudes ever rob them.

    no pacino gets a pass.

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