Rapper Jacka Robbed & Murdered

Rapper Jacka Murder

HSK Exclusive – Bay Area rapper, Dominic “Jacka” Newton, was robbed, beat down and murdered last night in Oakland, California.

An insider is saying the 37 year old rapper was also a marijuana dealer and that Jacka was the victim of a drug deal gone bad.

Newton was a veteran of the San Francisco rap community and collaborated with a who’s who of fellow Bay Area legends throughout his career, including Mac Dre, E-40 and Yukmouth.

Here’s what a witness is saying:

“I heard several shots fired around 8:15 p.m. on MacArthur Boulevard by 94th Avenue.”


  1. Never heard of him either but may he rest in peace but is the a gang sign he’s throwing up?

  2. I think the l he’s throwing up stands for love. Its sad he died but the rap industry is a joke because why was he selling weed. Rap doesn’t pay the bills and they resort to doing all these side hussles. I’ve never heard of this man but may he rest in peace.

  3. Uhm,a rapper by the name Jacka gets Jacked then murdered.Sometimes it’s really What’s In A Name”.

  4. A 37 year old rapper selling weed on the side? ‘kay. RIP. Never heard of him but tired of all the murders.

  5. RIP
    OT: I heard Biggie Smalls also had to sell drugs on the side just to maintain and hold up the rap image he lived

    • …There was talk that Biggie was near-broke at best some time before he died (Between his first and second albums, if I’m not mistaken), which was why there was talk that he wanted to get off Bad Boy Records. Suge got wind of this and made his infamous speech/Puffy diss at the ’95 Source Awards. Seeing how the majority of former Bad Boy artists are doing since they’ve been out of the limelight, I’m inclined to believe this or something close to it was the truth.

      • Me too. And it really makes ya wonder who was really behind Biggie’s murder.

  6. heard the devil’s rejects album a few years ago.

    remember jackah he was into horrorcore and was very underground.

    he has a lot of cd’s and mixtapes if he wasn’t from the bay area and from the south he would have been more known.

  7. jacka wasn’t selling weed. since 2008 he literally made a couple hundred thousand a year from rap and lived a simple lifestyle outside the videos. check the stats. he was indie and after costs and distributor fees he was making about 3 dollars in profit per album and got paid around 2 thousand per show. for the last few years he made a ton of money. his album tear gas in 2009 sold 75,000 copies. it was number 4 on the top rap album on billboard and #93 on bill board top 200. he wasn’t main stream but he made a lot of money on being regionally popular in northern california.he was ver successful and not a weed dealer

    • Thanks for that love you just showed…these MuthaFuckas on here talking like they new my cousin & speaking ill things about em. Not cool. I was told by the rest of the family that were not talking to the media. So I can’t say too much. But thank you for correcting these dildo’s on this site.

  8. also he was not ‘robbed and murdered’ he was hit by a stray bullet from another person shooting at a guy a few blocks up the street. it was not meant for him or anyone he was with.
    all this he was robbed and murdered, sold weed on the side, is just made up nonsense

    • Sad to hear this. I knew selling weed didn’t sound right thanks for the real…. Much love Jacka RIP baby

    • Why would anyone making that kind of money be living in/hanging out in a neighborhood where stray bullets fly?

      • there is a studio near where he got shot. even guys with a little money like to go to hood studios. kind of hard to make ‘street’ music in a comfortable crib. so they go back to the hood to record

        • Good music can be made ANYWHERE. I agree there are lots of hood studios and every one I’ve ever known of was a drug front. I don’t know if this man was s drug dealer or not. I’ll just say this: Something is just not ringing true about this story. RIP and may black people stop slaughtering each other in 2015. Please God.

  9. A lot of ignorant fools on here. Thanks to willtho for telling the truth.

    crazychris : Jacka was not into horrorcore. He was making gangsta rap with a touch of honesty and consciousness.

    His discography is incredible.

  10. You should sadly do the ugly wife or palm of yours to whoever is reporting this sad sssshhhit incorrectly. The L for love comment? That’s sad you don’t know much about where he’s from or what he talks about . Was just another rapper you think?? Come on it’s he for a reason it’s something new . But lame peepz can’t do reports unless they grab there own gossip to live a lie about . even though he can he didn’t even try to be mainstream. Ima save my words for you CHeadz. ……..Lo !!!! M.O.B !!!!

  11. He got hit with a stray bullet get that shit correct and all you fu king lames who dont know the ja the jack artist the jacka wtf. Sad still no one arrested but i guarnteed aomeone got there’s

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