Beyonce Pimping Vegan Diet Service

Beyonce Vegan Meal Service

Beyonce and her personal trainer, Marcos Borges, will be launching a Beyonce branded vegan meal delivery service.

Here’s what’s reported:

“Beyonce was inspired to start this program after she and her hubby participated in a 22 day nutrition challenge in 2013. Prices for each meal is reported to range from $9.76 to $16.50 and services include three meal plans but it would cost you about $630 including twenty bucks for shipping.”

Here’s what Beysus said:

“I am so grateful that I took the challenge and credit Marco with leading by example. He came up with a great program to get people motivated to make better nutritional choices. All you have to do is try. If I can do it, anyone can. I am excited to partner with him.”


    • They can if they go on down to the supermarket and pick it up themselves. No secret to it: leave the chips and frozen pizzas alone and stock up on the fresh and frozen veggies and lean meats if you’re not vegan.

  1. uh uh! one of the faggots from the beyhiv+ typed this article lmao smh “Here’s what Beysus said:” REALLY?? hunty, She is far from JESUS roflmfao She need to divorce Gay-Z and go back to being the Beyonce that we love from 1998-2OOO

  2. Beyonce has a multiple personalities. No telling who she is today and camel is her handler. Marco burgess, = another sell out and sold his soul as a vegan myself , now maybe the sheeple will listen now, since beyonce says it ok to eat healthy.

    • yeah that’s why her words always sound scripted and rehearsed never know which personality may come out .Regardless she needs to be pimping breath mints and mouthwash and her handler needs to be pimping bottles of water for the camels on dry land they both need to gtfooh.

  3. Smart move. In the past Ive paid decent money for Selma Hayeks cooler cleanses and Khepras raw juices when in DC when time and travel prevented me from making my own. People who are serious about health will invest in quality product.

    But Bey unlike the others doesnt live the lifestyle. I remember when she was vegan a few years ago snacking on what resembled popeyes crispy chicken strips. Perhaps they were soy based.

  4. beyonce is like a f*cking child she steals other people’s idea, and say she created it that’s what children do!

    is cheaper to make it yourself these celebrities think their slick!!, but they ain’t some of them
    didn’t even finished school, their dumb like boiled pancakes

    if you want to lose weight

    ridding a dick
    ridding a bike

    (sexing is better!)

    • Here’s the thing: IF you are making mad stacks in your own business, then your time is well worth the amount of money this sort of service charges. Sure you can fix it cheaper, but why spend even an hour doing it IF you can produce hundreds of dollars of revenue in that hour? This isn’t aimed at non-salaried workers. It’s for folks who want the healthy food but can’t spare the time. I’ve been getting meals and snacks from another service out of Winter Park Fl for 6 months now. It has been a godsend for me. I doubt I’ll try this because I don’t believe veganism is healthy for me. I want to incorporate some fish and minimal poultry in my diet.
      I hope he does well though. It’s good to support other black business regardless of what you may think of the Carters.
      And by the way, for the many HSKers who think that Jay Z is ovah and on his way out(or brought down by TPTB), today Tom Brady, who might be the most famous white guy this week, listed Jay Z as his favorite artist to listen to. I’ve said here many times that white folks LOVE Jigga, and the fact that his own people have turned against him does not mean the death knell for his brand.

      • for$300 a month or less I make ,prepare and/or cook 3 healthy meals a day .I invested in a magic bullet and juicer and make my own green vegetable/fruit juices and own soups and whatever tell Beyonce to sit down and finish sending out subliminal wicked messages to the masses .

        • Okay Crazy McCrazy. I wouldn’t want to receive wicked messages in my Kale salad.

        • I didn’t say it mattered. I’m saying that is indicative of a certain demographic which is not represented here.

  5. This is nothing but bullshit – you can go to Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, etc for much cheaper where you get meals, recipes, counseling sessions and more. The rich people who can afford ain’t going to buy shit from them when they already have their vegan people supplying them. And if Black people want vegan they can go in their own neighborhhod and get true vegan food for less. They are stores and restaurants to get your vegan supplies, also they sweets are non dairy, so I am just saying no one wants to buy their new con game!!!

  6. I am just wondering if she recommends that you wash it all down with a nutritional can of Pepsi – diet free if you really want to cut calories.

    • @Scorpiess

      her Pepsi deals are her bread and butter!!! she would be damn fool to advice people not
      to drink it!!

      • But it seems contradictionary – hypocritical even – to endorse one unhealthy drink but also promote healthy food.

        • Didn’t she once rep Popeye’s or tell people it was okay to eat so they could be bootylicious? Yep, when the brands contradict one another, it’s time to hang it up.

          Like when Hammer flaunted his wealth but was doing payday/title loan commercials less than 10 yrs later.

  7. vegan need to understand they won’t survive without meat, this whole healthy food shyt is a lie we need meat!!!

    these celebs are pushing vegetarian shyt

  8. most thing celebs martket are bs jenny craig and weight watchers , heatlhy choice. are not healthy food most of them tear down your inmunne system it’s poison. jennifer hudson got lifeo and she does drugs. stop eating that stuff. go to a small store in state that serves healthy a small local store not wal mart

    • by the way celebs don’t eat what normal people eat they have in house chefs that cook real food. fast food is poison as well mcdonalds, subway, etc.vegan meals are great because your can’t consume meat daily you need to get a colon clense if you do. eat meat but not too much. i have been on diet for 1 year i was 266 ibs now i’m a 193ibs. anything celebs market is trash

      • Well, there are some of us who are between “rich enough for a live in chef” and poor enough to have to watch our pennies carefully. I promise you there IS a market for this service. People in LA have been getting 3 meals a day and snacks delivered since back when The Zone diet was the big thing.
        If you are single, it’s not that much more expensive than trying to buy and cook for one.
        If you are making between 6-10K a month as a single person, this is very doable.

  9. She is so grateful, she’s so excited, what is this an awards ceremony? Meanwhile in other news she is supposedly arguing with her hubby at a sushi restaurant. I remember when they started that diet, she went to a vegan restaurant dressed in leather. She stays caught up, Smh .

    I wonder what Gwyneth Paltrow has to say about this venture?

        • A lot of people make the same mistake that she did because they are ignorant to what veganism is really about which is co existing without harming or consuming animals in any form. I guess I expected more from Beyonce, a little research maybe. Especially if you are standing behind a product.

          I worked in a health food store and during my training we had to learn the difference between vegetarian and vegan lifestyles which can be confusing because some vegetarians consume butter eggs and dairy but obtain from meat so go figure. With strict veganism you even have to consider clothing, hair and skin products even shoes all which can be made from animal products.

          I try to eat healthy and I have cut my meat consumption down to 3 days out of a week, mainly lamb, beef and fish. It’s a lifestyle that I could never truly get into because I happen to believe that God gave me my incisors for a reason.

          I have to say personally that some vegans don’t look that healthy to me, almost vampire like, weak and fragile hence the need for all the extra supplements in their diet. But hey, whatever floats your boat.

  10. wonder will her dyke ass church followers will become vegans now.

    will the beehive become vegans now that mother beyonce says its okay not to eat meat.

  11. Sacred Cows…Don’t Let The Methane Gas Blow Up A Good Thing Ya’ll! A pound of flesh is gonna get bitten into regardless of what it is…Fish, Chicken, Cows, Turkey, Pork. It’s going down with pleasure…Feed TheHungry!



  13. beyonce isn’t the smartest tool in the tool box, her hair brained scheme to make a quick buck
    is very un-smart, i’d bet her target audience is the black community because we all know
    some black people eat unhealthy and she wants black people to buy her food, the same black race that she’s
    embarrassed of

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