Puffy Banned His Son From Appearing On Empire


Sean “Puffy” Combs banned his son Quincy from appearing on the Fox television show Empire. Know why? Because Puffy found out his son Quincy would have to sign over a portion of his musical rights to the Fox network.

Here’s what’s reported:

“Stars on the show are subject to similar music contracts as those on other shows like American Idol. Empire features a score curated by Timbaland and includes original songs that are sold on iTunes and Spotify.”

Here’s the drop:

“Diddy kicked up a huge stink and called all the top brass at 20th Century Fox TV to get them, to change their rules over music rights.

He said there was no way his son was signing over his intellectual property. So he banned him from the show.”


    • Looking at this pic all I can think about is he beat drakes ass! lmao drakes a punk diddys a flamer it all makes sense !!! Gay mafia lmao but won’t drop the soap !

  1. They probably wanted Quincy to play the gay son of that conked zoot-suited wifey-beater Terrance Howard but Puffy thought Quincy might base the character his DL life with Mase.

  2. So sad and funny how Quincy Brown, Al B. Sure’s son is now Puffy’s son everywhere you read. SMH.

        • Daddy adopted Quincy back in the day. Quincy knows Al is his real dad, but it was Diddy who stepped in because he saw that his brother Christian at the time was bonding with Diddy and Diddy didn’t want that to affect Quincy. Diddy is an awesome Dad. I give him credit on that.

          • It’s amazing how much flat out untrue information is disseminated on the Internet as fact. Quincy was never adopted by Diddy. That is your opinion that he is an awesome dad. A lot of us know this guy is a shitty individual. If he’s nice to kids…good for him.

            • Ok Told Ya, if I am lyin then tell Diddy to quit lyin. It was Diddy’s words not mines now said he adopted Quincey. And yes I think he is an awesome Dad. Its not because of their lifestyle. Its because he want to treat each and everyone of them equal. Let me put it this way, if a man want me, he has to have my child too. We come as a package. Can’t split that unless are God. Now U understand? I am going to take a nap.

      • Sure is Al’s fault. A father provides, protects, mentors and leads…and if Diddy was the one doing it he is truly the “father.”

    • When you raise a child, especially when raise a male child into a male adult, especially a straight male, then heaven yes, that is his son, it’s called unconditional love, and that was a smart move to have his SON reject that offer, Diddy didn’t get to where he is at by being a dummy.

  3. that’s not his son, can’t stand step father’s taking over, they need to know their place
    there’s no DNA or GENE so they need to keep moving!!

    once the p*ssy gets lose the bytch won’t be there, nor the step kids

    • @Slumped,

      So this kid’s daddy, the one with the GENES, the DNA, is such a f*ckin SORRY ASS LOOSER that he turned his back on his own child, and you have a problem with Puffy for raising this young man as his own? Got a few questions for you, Genius:

      What is a stepfather’s place?

      Deadbeat dad’s Genes and DNA is more important than anything a stepfather provides?

      How many children have you brought into the world and abandoned?

      • LOL. He’s not a stepfather either. He’s just another one of Kim’s tricks. Al talked about Diddy going after Kim and subsequently his son. He admits that he walked away when he should not have. I’ll be damned if a gay Cro-Magnon would drive me out of my child’s life and claim him as his own.

        • Sad,

          Thank YOU for speaking up for Albert. He is a very old & dear friend of mine & I can honestly say “there is WAY more to the REAL story than what everyone knows.”

          Far as I’m concerned YOUR comment is quite accurate on MANY levels. OMG…if I tell THAT truth I swear I’d start a big ass mess.

          Thank YOU again!

          • Ms. Reg Says,
            My heart goes out to Al, but most of all Quincy. Al has spoken about this situation publicly (to the extent which he felt comfortable to do so) and people still don’t seem to get it. All I can do is smh at anyone who thinks Diddy is a good father. A good father would never try to take a man’s son from him out of covetousness. People think they see Diddy loving Quincy. I see Diddy using Quincy in a twisted power play against another man whom he’s jealous of (for very obvious reasons). And the mother was an accomplice. As long as she’s kept in bags, purses, drugs, etc. she’ll let Diddy do whatever he pleases, clearly. Truly sad situation. I hope one day Quincy will reconcile with is true father.

        • Has anyone forgotten the Usher fiasco? I am wondering about Puffy’s motives. Are they paternal or sexual?

        • I’m sure it was hard for Al to step away but I don’t think he had much of a choice with his limited funds and Kim as the custodial parent.

          @5:36 I’m wondering the same thing. That boy is too pretty and Diddy can not be trusted.

      • Oh shit, that part right there! Oftentimes the “step parent” is more capable than the DNA match. Apparently as in this case.

  4. Quincy is Al b Sure’s son and I don’t think Quincy has music out like that so Puffy shouldn’t be worried. Puffy is a control freak and that’s why Kim Porter hasn’t had a man in her life since Puffy.

    • kim ain’t going nowhere she likes it.

      even though misa dated other men she says you never leave puff, and that once you have a chilsd by puff you are never free of him.

      misa, kim, and sherry even cassie has to do what puff says.

      and you wonder why puf never married he has his owen harem he controls.

      add laurie ann Gibson to the list for she came back to puff crying.

      puff said he loves to mindphukk women and men to his own desires.

        • I don’t think it’s so much a “mind f*ck” as it is these people relinquishing said authority over do to bonifide weakness. Where’s Jennifer? Ain’t no real, strong person of either gender having that shit. But I will admit money does talk & very loud.

      • Exactly: Kim is not going anywhere and does not want to go anywhere. She’s happy being one of his harem of on-call concubines. I have zero sympathy for her.

  5. Awwww is he getting the sand out of his eye for him, touching pic…….

    Damn Puff, get yo cakes up son! Back looking flat as a surf board.

  6. Puffy is the King of Fuckover, so he protected his son from getting f*cked. I respect his decision

    • I agree with you. If anyone would know about preventing the f*ck over it would be Puff.

  7. Sooner or later Quincy is going to have to step from behind Diddy’s shadow and learn to navigate the waters of showbiz on his own. That’s how you grow. He’s already legally an adult. He’s an unknown artist; he just can’t walk in the door calling the shots, no matter who his stepfather is.

    This whole situation is just making Quincy look like a punk bitch who doesn’t want to ruffle Diddy’s feathers, in fear of losing his opulent lifestyle. An appearance on Empire may have opened doors for him that could have more than made up for the music rights loss. But now he’ll never know.

    One day, he’ll man up, make his own path in life, and quit kissing Diddy’s ass….

  8. Where is that young man’s real father? Al B.Sure?why doesn’t he ever have any say conserning his son? so he made al sign over his rights or something? wow man up Al see about your son man

  9. All of this is creepy as hell anyway. Al B. Sure is the birth father and Puffy adopts him as his son via Kim Porter…Something Ain’t Right? Business-Wise, Puffy is doing the right thing. This is embarrassing, Why do we have to be the sucker all the time? They gotta milk us at every turn…Sad Statement Indeed!

  10. Weren’t Kim and Puffy together long enough to be considered common law? I think that makes Puff Quincy’s step father since Kim birthed Puffy’s twins and Quincy. Just because you separate or divorce, that doesn’t take away your status as a step parent.
    Honestly, if Al B. is not an active concerned dad, I think the young man is lucky to have Puff mentoring him. And no matter HOW nasty he is, I don’t think for a minute that he would pull a Mase on Quincy.

      • Reg, I just mention part of it above. I meant to say Justin instead of Christian.

        • DR1,

          This is one of those “too close to home” to really discuss in any real detail. Let me tell YOU this then you can fill in some of it in your mmind…

          You do realize Al & Sean were “boys/homeys” back BEFORE Al’s career blew up? They were best friends DR1. So, when I say there is WAY more to it than “Al’s a deadbeat dad”…
          That’s an understatement.

          • Hmmmmmmmmmmmm…….I remembered they were best friends for quite some time…wait a damn minute! I think I do remembered what really happens. That’s why Diddy going around saying that bullshit! Damn Diddy what the f*ck you did that for! Damn! Now that is some shady shit for your ass!

      • Who cares about the truth! There’s no way another man can tell me to stay away from my own child unless I have been proven to be an unfit parent. Quincey is grown now any way. Everybody is not a punk and afraid of Diddy.

  11. the whole thing is freaky. I still remember th e Puffy and Usher fiasco.
    Is Puffy turning him out and passing him around?

  12. This was Quincy’s open letter to his biological father, Al B. Sure several years ago:

    A Letter To My Father, Al. B Sure.

    Apr 14, 2009

    A Letter To My Father

    I’ve been inspired throughout my life by special circumstances and unique experiences. Foremost, I grew up with a family that injected me with unconditional love and enduring confidence.

    This is my foundation … the family holidays and celebrations with my maternal lineage … supportive smiles in audiences at school programs … guiding hands to complete homework and special projects in the wee hours of the morning.

    However, I grew up without my father, an irreplaceable force and influence that was absent in my life. I watched other kids enjoy the embrace of theirs, and I searched for a way to reconcile the meaning of my circumstance.

    Despite my pain, I’ve imagined a life as a good son with my father. Baseball … Playing in School Band … Church … All of the things that he would expect his son to do, I’ve done. I’ve stood in front of audiences to receive awards. I heard their applause and praise. But, the accolades have been absent the sound of his clapping hands and encouraging words … his voice that I could distinguish in my sleep. Where has he been?

    Now, I reflect on the journey, the pain, the challenges, and the triumphs through this song. I’m reconciled as a man, no longer a boy, in verse. Now, I know that I’m not alone.

    Albert Brown, also known as “Al B Sure!” is my biological father, but Sean Combs, also known as “Diddy” has been a father figure in my life for as long as I can remember.

    Sean Combs is the person whom I look up to and appreciate as a father.

    He is the one who help mold me into the person I am today and will always try to live up to his expectations. He has always been supportive of me and I will forever love and respect him.

    As far as my biological father goes, the “spitting image” is all I have taken from him. Throughout my life, I’ve always wondered about him; Where he was? What was he doing? and most importantly, Was he even thinking about me? The absence of my father has given me a better understanding of what type of man I am going to be. I am grateful for my mom’s love, support, guidance, and for her strength.

    To those who share my plight, know that you have a great future … a DESTINY. Take the lemons that you are handed and make lemonade. Your journey is in “A Letter To My Father.”

    – Quincy “iQ” Brown
    exclusive for GlobalGrind.com

    • This was Al B. Sure’s response in Essence:

      “I’m a human being so of course hearing about any family member being disappointed with you is devastating, but what can you do? I’m a human being and my job is to fix it,” Al B. Sure tells ESSENCE.com exclusively.

      “I will not engage in a private family matter with the public, but I will say that Quincy is the most wonderful, kind young man in the world, and whatever he and I are going through we are going to work it out and that’s all that counts.”

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