Rapper Beanie Sigel Shot

Beanie Sigel Shot

Rapper Beanie Sigel is in surgery Friday morning following a shooting in Pleasantville where he and another man were injured.

Sigel was shot in the torso and transported to AtlanticCare Regional Medical Center’ city campus. Police confirmed the victim as Dwight Grant, which is Sigel’s real name.

The second victim reportedly refused medical treatment on the scene, the cause or extent of the injury was not immediately available.

The shooting was reported at 9:25 this morning at 834 Spruce Ave. No information on additional victims or the shooter was immediately available.

It’s unclear what Sigel was doing in Pleasantville Friday. He was released from federal prison in August and was released to residential re-entry management in Philadelphia on Aug. 14 and then sent to home confinement on Sept. 25, according to the federal Bureau of Prisons. Bureau officials said the location of the home confinement was not available to the public.

Rapper Beanie Sigel Shot Dead


  1. Oh boy…none of this sounds good.

    May God bless Beans with a speedy recovery & another blessing that includes this matter not causing him to be returned to prison. Hope he was not where he wasn’t supposed to be. This is the last thing anyone involved needs.

    Blessings of total health, optimum well being & peace to you, Beans…

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  2. I am a avid believer when it comes to these alleged blood sacrifices. However these kneegrows have to try to do the right thing to avoid trouble and negativity
    I wish him a speedy recovery and he has another chance being alive

  3. Another black man shot. Sadly this is not even shocking news anymore. It will be even less shocking if it was another black man that shot him. So bad, so sad.

      • Blacks always hate the truth. I am bored with this site, but I will leave with this note. As I type this, some black man just shot another black man. This is more common than cops shooting black men, but blacks say nothing about it. This is why I can’t respect my own race or take it serious and this is why other races don’t respect this race either. Now curse, rant, do what ignorant people do. I said what I have to say and now I am going back to work.

        • What u said on both comments are a matter of opinion…..n that is something ur allowed to have as a human…and frankly I agree with u as much as I hate to say it we as blacks are quick to fight one another and fear the ones that r truly powerless.

          • Checkout chicago. They killn each other like mad.wheres al sharpton, wheres the protest. Lets face it we do a good job of killn our own and no one cares unless it the police.

            • Some say its the CIA and paid snipers deliberately attacking youth in Chi and other metro areas to incite riots to provoke civil unrest. The same for the gang violence in California in the 90s with Ferguson being the most recent incident. Dont know if there is any truth to its being repeated on blogtalkshows and Youtube. They claim the violence broadcasted in the media is by design and the neighborhoods arent that bad.

            • Non Importante I too hoped that the bulk of the looters and agitators in Ferguson were brought in to cause trouble and make the lower middle class home owner filled burg appear like an out of control mess. Unfortunately, I peeped the booking sheets on the web and all but three of the arrestees were Ferguson locals. The neighborhood is not bad at all, but like everywhere else, it has it’s bad apples.

            • Thanks for sharing your research and debunking the conspiracy theories. Guess we find ourselves back at self accountability.

        • All of us should be vexed about this. Whether he had it coming or not…Needs To Stop! Street Life is inherently violent, because it’s not populated with men that see beyond today. Shooting another blackman is crack to some. They get high from making another person bleed and beg for their life. Power is the real culprit in this cesspool of hate. Guns give power to the powerless. Thus, some nut on the street can take our lives away because their life sucks like hell…Simple As That! I pray for his life and recovery…God Bless!

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              • I mentioned 414 chick The Trumpet Blower because like you she posts like a crazy person when she’s having a manic episode. Anyone who is a regular here knows that, duh. How in the hell does that “blow my cover?” I have been a regular since 2012 and I started posing anonymously after my own screen name was jacked 8 months ago.
                I am not interested in “enlisting any support.”
                Support for what? I don’t have a problem with you or an of your personas, but you are posting so frequently it makes it difficult to check for new posts. All I see is your stuff in the recent posts list.
                But knock yourself out. If you like it I love it.

              • Listen up I’m not the one with the personas you are COMPLETELY confused..I am not. And if you were reallykeeping up you would know that it was the very same person that I’m going in on that stole your screen name DUH!! Don’t attempt to patronize me cause you will not like it when I throw it back. And if you’re checking for frequency on who’s posting you may wanna check on the number of new unfamiliar fake names ( since you’ve been here since 2012 and all) and maybe just maybe after this is settled you can get your identity back. You don’t have to love it but you damm sure can thank me later

              • If its not a recognizable legit poster’s name.. it’s CB.

                All these random names .. its CB

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            • No, that CB thing and it’s various handles has been causing nuff trouble up in here. Anon and I don’t miss suddenly popped up out of nowhere? Glok and that 414 chick seem to come in and out sporadically with their cray cray ish drama, and the decent people all stay missing. Something’s seriously weird going on…

              • I didn’t pop up out of nowhere I been reading Hsk since Jacky really was the owner..before he took his infamous one way trip to Mexico. I ain’t new to this hell I remember when Jacky would occasionally post in the comment section. I can’t speak for Glok or 414 chick but I ain’t no part of “something’s seriously going on”. What I can tell you though is I have no negative intentions. I just wanna kick it and be enlightened in peace and at this point I’m willing to fight to get it…GET IT????

    • 🙂 I am so glad that some one else will take the backlash of emo responses.

      Beanz is one of my favorite rappers but he is too old for this. You think that life and prison wouled teach one to watch the company they keep.

      • It’s easier said than done. Most human beings are hard-wired to be extroverts. Meaning, the crowd will move them along the way. I can navigate both realms, but, I can be to myself as well. A phrase that sticks in my cerebral…The Company You Keep! Violence can pop off anywhere, but, associating with a bad crowd increases the risks…Common Sense!

        • I understand but I am hardwired to avoid danger. You can still enjoy life and have a good time without surrounding yourself around a bunch of rowdy nwords. Especially in your 40s. I wish him well but this incident is hella ignorant. He was released from jail just 6 months ago.

          • Beanie and the rest of them take the easy route. Reckless is not hard to accomplish. Again, we gotta take the masks off. Many assume they know what makes us tick…Not Really! Weakness is not acceptable in the hood. It’s ratchet like a mutha, but we own it. YT got Wall Street, Rodeo Drive, Pennsylvania Ave. and other famous roads to brag about. Basically, the gutter babies and men are striving to create a self-made paradise in their neck of the woods. The Choices We Make!!!

            • Thanks Tyrone. I dont understand nword mentality though I dabble in occasional nword shyt. These are grown men not adolescents trying to come into their own. In your 30s/40s you should be working to be set by middle age learning from your mistakes especially when you have a family. Even Joe Kennedy took drugs/bootlegging money and invested’legitimately’ ensuring his family/children rose from lowly Irish immigrant status, were educated and forced into politics. Each generation is suppose to get better but seems men like Beanie and others are moving backwards. Perhaps this is a reason why people whor are classified as Black were and continue to be dominated bc of men of this mentality who from what I told are naturally born to “lead” women and family(cynicism).

              I dont empathize with self inflicted misery. Now women getting raped in the Congo as we speak is another issue(and their husbands abandon them offtopic). Again he was just released from prison last season! I heart him but if he dies I wont be lighting a candle or sporting a RIP tshirt but I wish him well.

              This incident gors against crime stats in that neighborhood/grid which again fuels police presence affecting the residents in that area who are decent and minding their business.

            • No NI
              Chicago shut down two of the largest projects in North American. It’s them niggas shootin

  4. men are the weaker sex, and women are the stronger sex.

    go figure!

    men today act like little bytches on drugs, don’t blame women for being lesbians.

    • Growing Up, I noticed a disturbing trend. Mothers spoiling their sons, and cracking the whip in relation to their daughters…Recipe For Disaster! Allowing boys to run wild is asking for trouble. As I noted on another post, behavior tells the real story. Brothas that conduct themselves like men will always stand out. However, in the teen years, the clownish dudes get the love. The ones who skip class, jibber jab all the time, etc. It’s a fact of life in the formative years. Sometimes, it feels like we’re stuck in a time machine. Sistas are strong because they have to be. Men are supposed to maintain order and peace in the community. How this dynamic got flipped upside down is a mystery. We can have fun and be childish at times, but not 24/7/365. Many of us have to grow up and be sober about life…Simple As That!

    • Sorry chocolatw apple cant lump all men together jus the ones u come in contact with are mitches male bitchs. Im all man no games here my family know am100% all the time.

      • ARE YOU MARRIED can I swallow your babies that’s all I want to f*ckking know? , I love sicking married men dicks only , not the Tyrones , single and gay!

      • Men today act like little chumps bitching and gossiping
        running game. Blame women for spoiling their son’s.

        • Okkkkkay. You wanna talk about sons do you? Well Tiffany let’s talk about that poster who went on about your incesestual relationship with your own son..shall
          we? It’s just like you kissing the dog in the mouth ass funky hoes to do it too!


      • Nah tricky the only thing you got f*cked by last night was your own fear and that sickly imagination of yours that got you thinking you could come back in here again with your bullshit. The jig is up boo! That pool of something that you’re in is your own drool and vomit from that massive hangover from that witches wine from the corner store that you guzzle daily with yo pickled alcohol soaked ass. Get off Glock’s dick and while you’re at it get off that bottle you f*ckin drunk p*ssy lunatic!!

  5. I wish Beans a speedy recovery. I was just reminising on what a great lyricist he is. All the battles between him and Jadakiss was legendary. I hope Beans and Jay are on good terms. I remember Beans called him out.

  6. Probably Was A Hit By The Elite, He’s Been Rolling With Joe Camel Looking Ass Jayz

    One Evil Motherf*cker




      • Willie Fuck You, You Cause This Shyt By Causing Trouble
        Now Your Acting Like A Fucking Hero…..Yeah Right

        Your A Villain.. Your Caused This By Teaming Up With Anonymous

        You Threaten To Burn My House…. Do’t You Remember?
        You And Anonymous Were Laughing About It

        Your Luck I’m Not Taking It Seriously, Sick Fuck

        • Willie ain’t started nothing he just can see what a lot of us see too. Why you picking on him when you know damm well I set it off up in that Jcole thread. Check the stats and stand corrected. See Me..that’s if you can!

          • @anon and i dont miss

            Your Wrong!! This Shyt Popped Of Last Month
            With The Nene Leakes Thread. He Joined In With Anonymous’s Bull Chit

            He Even Threaten To Burn My House Down… Jokes Are Jokes But He Took It….. Too Far

  8. Now yall know this ain’t got shit to do with Beanz past, the people he runs with, his dubious bizness practices etc. This was a failed demonic sacrifice!!!!!

    • Its funny that u should say that
      I was just reading The lil Wayne and Cash money thread and I remember last year when they tried to off/overdosed Lil Wayne
      Now I read somewhere they (CashMoney) owe Wayne millions
      The people in the industry is ruthless

      • I was being facetious anonymous.

        But I do agree that Wayne’s future doesn’t look good. If I was him I’d double my life insurance to
        take care of all those chirren and I’d get the hell out of New Orleans and move to Switzerland.


      • The original Beans didn’t survive but will be replaced by a double. The media will report that he lived but this person you will see won’t be him. The illumanti does this all the time Travolta Carter Etc.

        • Yes. Beans is very big in the Illuminati. I hear that his moms is a Rothschild.

          • Stay asleep if you want to. 1/3 of people that are in the industry are clones. These people have already died but we’re replaced. The illumanti saves sacrifices for the largest stars such as Whitney and MJ. These people are grown in labs to do the bidding of the global elite.

            Notice that a lot of stars will go underground for a while. That’s replacement. Listen to Mariah Carey’s voice. She was replaced by a clone after a drug OD. I can’t help it if you don’t belive the truth. Don’t let the global elite control you with the mainstream media and the pesticides and fluoride they put in out consumption supply.

            • Even the recent killings of black youth. Look up the families. Littered with people who are connected. These murders were intentional to start a race war that will institute martial law and FEMA camp improsonment. Please be vigailant and careful of what is transpiring in society. Begin to stockpile necessities and grow your own produce.

              Western society is focused on the collection of money and things. Money will be worthless in a few years. You will need water and food. There are ways to generate electricity also. Please don’t be fooled. I come to HSK because the posters here are enlightened and have there third eye open.


            • So why didn’t they clone Whitney? She’s way more famous and influential than Beans. Why in the hell would the Illuminati clone a dead man who over half of the public doesn’t even know but NOT clone one of the biggest stars in the world who everybody knew?
              Do you people even think before you spout this shit? Your third eye may need some Visine. no offense

            • Whitney’s death was specifically for sacrifice purposes. They held a party after she died. She was set up by Ray J and Clive Davis. Michael Jackson was targeted because he spoke out against the illumanti.

              Other celebs are just simply cloned and replaced because they are more valuable alive than dead. If someone was actually reported dead it was likely some sacrifice or a message to someone.

              You don’t have to belive. Some prefer to be blind in the journey through life.

            • I’m not asleep. I’m also not a paranoiac with an addiction to You Tube conspiracy sites.

            • Im another poster @12:10, but I could hit u with some real life shyt, but I cant because u probably still wouldnt believe even if a sacrifice was done right b4 ur very own eyes up close and personal. But 1 day u will believe whether u want to or not because every knee is going to bow and every tongue is gonna confess that Jesus is Lord to The Glory Of God The Father. One day this is going to feel like a dream. It is crazy how The queen of England, The Rothchilds and the families that control the world believe in the occult and numerology, but the sheeple only believe in only what they see and hear on the tv or in the media

  10. As long as Dwight Grant goes by the name of a murdered Jewish gangster, he will continue to be a bad example for Black youth.

  11. And im giving free blowjobs to any married mofo who wife wont , f*ck it boyfriends too but no latin men im done that last one left me and I don’t do Goya men no more , keep your chitlins and rice and beans tho!

  12. A nicca got shot and you people are acting like little children geez go back to school with your ratchet azz

    don’t use this blog to air out your dirty laundry
    grow the phuck up

  13. Y’all mofo are so emotionally attached to these damn celebs who don’t give a f*ck about none of you, they would have your asses robbed and raped without hesitation.. Man please f*ck em all

    • U r so right with this comment. I met a few celebs and they r as cold as ice with no emotions

  14. It’s a sad day on this site because I’m reading these dumb childish comments. Somebody is impersonating/harassing several users on here. We need to do better than this homo-erotic nonsense in these comments sections for real. I used to come on here for some insider scoop but now it’s just coon shit.

        • and I think you’re Tiffany the tip licker and nah your shit ain’t in the least bit funny. That attack on Glock was unprovoked. You just all in yo feelings cause baby cool on that hot fish pocket you got..whoever that is that got you covered in this bitch is walking you just like the DOG you are. Swerve it bitch and quit playin

          • Anon 15:30, LMAO, The Glok9 impersonators are funny as hell. I know you hate it Glok9, but they are hilarious. Don’t be mad at me Glok9, I like when you come back and start posting your illiterate garbage after an absence, because you open the flood gates to pure comedy. Mutha fukuz come on here and just unleash. Stop posting under ‘anon and I don’t miss’, post as your regular c00n self, GLOK9……LMMFAO!!!!!!!

            • exactly SATURDAY Glad to see someone figured it out.
              But I’d rather read Glock impersonators all day every day instead of the real Glock that coon. He could stop the madness if he would just act right and stop bashing women.

            • Lmao @you Tiffany the cock pleezer. You know damm well I ain’t Glok hoe and cut the cosigning bullshit out cause really bitch it’s stale. Nobody’s buying what your selling never was Patty! You just want the real Glok back so you can e-taste his tip and you know it. Your desperation is so apparent. You done tried to use my name three times today to beg him back in here by accusing us of being the same. Your game is see thru and lame. You pink bitches be FEENIN something turrible for that meat huh? Back to your cave you go howHE DDON’T WANT YOU not even for dome! DUNZO HOE DUNZO!

            • I been coming here for 3 years and I have never seen anyone so unhinged as you. Your posts may not be as long as The Trumpet Blower 411 Chick’s are but you make up for that in quantity. Something ain’t right and you’re the one flapping your gums 24/7.
              You’re starting to make old CB look good.
              I don’t know any Tiffany here but I remember Choco, and she never made any trouble.
              Why don’t you chill for a few hours?
              And this definitely ain’t Tiffany, TippieToes or anyone else you’ve named.

            • Whoever doing Tippietoes TROLLING got my whole staff at work rolling with all that dick SucKing and devil talk .We work the graveyard shift an we needed this laugh thanks whoever you are lmao,but the glocK imposter’s are boring and corny and say the same shit over in each thread !

            • That Tippietoes troller is hilarious I agree! Its just her trying to do glok and I also agree just like her its really boring. That’s why she has to impersonate cause the real her is just..well..dry!

          • Willie You don’t really think that CB is clever enough to be one of the Glock impersonators do you? The woman can barely write as herself.

            • Yeah. I do.
              I figure she’s 90% of the posters on here today.

              I figure she’s posting to herself switching names but forgetting she left caps on..

              I know CB is a barely functional illiterate. L I think she’s just posting back and forth to herself. Its very inconsistent and scattered. But its all her. Its got to be.

              *** I am Willie Jones Jr. Im the only one guysx. I only post as myself. Just a quick note.

            • Well you sure made time for it today. Or tonight. Wherever in hell you are

            • I sure did make a lot of time for it TODAY, LMMFBAO!!! Judging by your comments you make plenty of time all day, every day tho.

            • You know because YOU’RE ON HERE TOO.
              ALL DAY ERY DAY.

              Sorry Tiff I won’t be joining you today online. I’ve got grown folks stuff to do.

              I’m sure you’ll still be here when I get back, posting to yourself nonsense all day.

              I have no life, but I’m a housepet.
              What’s your excuse?

          • Willie, The Btm Btch…….You’re obsessed with this CB person . What if it is her/him, then what????? Between all the stories on this blog, you’ve typed CB & Tif about 500 times, apparently sge/He doesn’t give a fuk, CB, CB, CB, CB, CB…….LMAO!!

            • If you didn’t care CB you wouldn’t be here.
              Idc what name you use. Its all you. You are every poster on here. You’ve responded to yourself. Over and over all day.

              I have more of a life than that!

            • Willie, I have no idea who CB is. You can call me CB until your fingers fall off, lol, I don’t care. Whomever CB is, they must’ve really got under your skin cause all your comments refer to him or her.

            • Tiffany you make time every day of your liquor infused life to try to get a black dick somewhere near you even if its via the internet. It’s like a drug
              for you. Stop tying to act like it was just today that you “made” time. This shit is a career for you!

            • Well I guess they wont know me as Tiffany the dick sucking witch under this name will they no?, bitch im a f*ckking drunk slut I dont have shit else to do with my the rest of day, other stay on hsk cast spells and of course suck me dick feed my sucklings , put them to sleep sniff some blow suck me a dick and back to my 35 handles and im good !


          • Say that Willie!! I ain’t letting up until you do Tippie toes. Did you give us any peace when we asked? Did you let up on us while you were filling your day trying to clown black folks intellect? No you didn’t! You can stay on your crusty scaley worn out knees begging for me to relent but idgaf..you didn’t now did you? The only way I’m backing up off you is YOU back up off US and that’s all of it! Don’t waste your time here..your pain has already been lived and felt by many so don’t come looking to me for compassion. Show some first!!

            • willy is obsessed over me because of my sex game
              we sexed for 45 hours non stop

              he was moan like an animal

              damn my sex is good

          • @Anon 05:28, See thats how it all started. Apparently Choco or Tipp started all this mess on the down low and folks are tired of it. I heard she have also done this on other blogs. She even got nasty with me WITH her handle name when i shared in a comment about abuse, so she isnt a very nice person or an upstanding commenter. Thats why it has gotten down to this is people are on to her now. And no, this is not the person who is getting in her ass. Im another observer who has been watching what has been happening

            • Thank you love! An astute reader you very well are. That is precisely why I tried to warn her to cut it out cause I knew to blow her up I would have to blow up Hsk and I would have much rather not done that. You see I dig this blog and have for quite some time
              and just like you I’ve seen her creep in her and commence to spreading her vile venom for no other reason than to insult people AND be nasty. Yes you are correct she has done this countless times on other blogs and that’s exactly how I know what this is and exactly how she operates. To fight fire you gotta come with the heat and that’s what I coming with. I would like nothing more than for Jacky’s sight toget back to what it once was but it never will unless her corruption is neutered. Your observation is the truth!


  15. Something just isn’t right with this webiste and I’m not just taking about the elephant in the room. I guess it’s just the weekend traffic , congreagating on this site…

  16. If there are any Bay Area HSK’rs going to the Battle of The Bay (Raider vs 49’er game) today, come by our tailgate. It would be nice to meet some of you. Good eats will be in full attendance, smoked chicken, baby backs, Tri-tip, salad, beans, sandwiches, sweets, plenty of drinks. Email me at rknetflixacct@yahoo.com, so I can give you our location at the Coliseum

  17. how many times beanie gonna get shot either this fool is getting shot he’s going back to prison.

    he was supposed to do a colab album with scarface.

  18. What the hell has happened to this site??? This blog used to be good all you see and read now is a lot of f*ckery. @HSK and @Jacky Jasper please ban these stupid trolls who keep coming up in here disturbing the peace.

    • Amen! If everybody ignores the troll/s thereby starving them of the oxygen of attention they so badly need- hopefully they’ll just f*ck off n die.

      • That’s my new M.O. from here on out.

        I’ve noticed trolls lurking and I’ve ignored them.

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