Lil Wayne Wants Out After Learning YMCMB Played Him!

Lil Wayne Leaves Cash Money

HSK Exclusive – It’s been less than two-months since we broke first word of Lil Wayne being cheated out of of his Cash Money! Guess what? Weezy just set off some Twitter bombs that don’t only confirm our October report … the posts also reveal Wayne wants off the label!

According to our tipster …Cortez Bryant, Bryan “Birdman” Williams and disbarred entertainment lawyer Ron Sweeney are the culprits behind the alleged plot to get into Wayne’s pockets. We’re told Cortez Bryant recently spilled the beans to Wayne, exposing Birdman and Sweeney, while excluding himself from the sketchy equation. A source tells us … not only is Wayne pissed, he’s said to be suffering “financial ruin.”

Dig the Drop:

“At the Cash Money meeting Wayne found out he was getting $10 million from Universal for his recording budget and Birdman was taking $9 million and he was only giving Wayne a million to record his albums. Sweeney and Birdman were taking 20% off Wayne’s show monies. He’s done with Cash Money.”

Lil Wayne Broke

Lil Wayne Pusha T


  1. Awwwwww wezzy don’t be too upset, yo daddy as you call him ran yo cheddar? wellllll what can you say? See what happen when you trust people’s with your money? See your daddy kept you leaned up and high, so they could cut and run wit yo dough, so now that you sober which yo daddy hoped you wouldn’t be, he hoped you take to much of that shit and drop dead and he could take all yo shit LMAOOOOOOOO! but you didn’t kill over like he’d hoped, so now he’s thinking up a new plan, like once you get locked up, when you get out he’s gonna be gone, WIT YO MONEY lol, shame though but you have to watch the bottom line wayne, but you were to busy get’en ya lean on and well you know, you were get’en took! but you were a good puppet for yo daddy, in fact YOU MADE YO DADDY VERY RICH! you mus be proud? well look at it like this wezzy, you had a good time lol you did somea errr thang, been all over you had fun it’s just the ride is slowing down now, nothing last forever, sorry to hear such bad news lol

    • Looks like the spokes man for YOU CANT MOLEST BOYS clubs !
      Is wanting out of his devilish contract .

  2. After Baby and them ran thru most of his money plus the money he gets off of Drake and Nicki
    Birdman is the devils helper for real

  3. Guess baby stop f*cking him and started screwing him ,out of his money and poop shoot??. Lol

  4. Wayne should have known better u can’t mix money and business u get raped everytime

  5. What about all of his kids? How are they going to cope? Christina Milian really has the worst luck!

  6. Juvie told him what was up 12 years ago. Dude said he was jealous. Now the chickens have come home to roost. Wayne thought he was special.

    • so why the hell is juve back on the label.

      cause he wasn’t getting no money or airplay.

  7. Had to laugh at Pusha T’s post…cause that is exactly what Baby does in every video. Y’all we been knowing he wasn’t right. Everybody left the original Cash Money roster. Why? Because they were being raped for their money. Somethings will never change.

  8. …The only thing I’m surprised about is that it took him this long to figure out what the rest of the thinking world knows–That the Williams Brothers are crooks who keep/kept many of their artists high and broke in order to control them. And considering he’s little more than a cancer to black Americans anyway (“…Rappers like Lil’ Wayne are paid to f*ck up the minds of black children. That’s his whole mission. His only mission”

    …He doesn’t get any sympathy from me. I was laughing at Pusha T having a field day with this shit on Twitter yesterday, though LOL

    • Well said…they were plotting on him since he was a young boy, but that’s what happens when you do everything the devil tells you to do.

    • Mmmmhmmm. I only feel sorry for all his kids because eventually the checks are going to stop coming in.

      • Yeah, though Wayne has made enough connections in the Industry to find a cozy home being a slave to another major label. It’s funny and pathetic at the same time that he didn’t learn from B.G. & Juvenile when they first left the label in the early ’00s due to Baby (A grown man calling himself ‘Baby–‘ Bleh, but I digress) keeping the former drugged and not paying both. Wayne was reined back in with money and his own label, Young Money, so he has no one to blame for his current situation but himself.

        • True, as datjerk stated he thought he was special, the golden child. And I agree with you on a grown man calling himself “baby”. Can’t be pretending to be a man and claiming yourself as a baby at the same time. Be a man period.

          • Any black man who appropriates White Supremacist tactics to subjugate other black men is a baby by default. ‘People’ like ‘Birdman’ would kill their families for a dollar. How much sicker can one be?

        • So that probably means Drake and Nicki aren’t getting paid either. I don’t see Birdman letting Wayne out of his contract that easy, this is going to get real messy.

          • I predict another “seizure” in the near future.
            Perhaps in his home where there is no medical support to come to his rescue.
            He better be very careful. And hopefully he has some decent security on staff who are loyal to him and not subject to being bribed by Baby.

            Question: If baby has Wayne murked, would that be a “sacrifice” or just an old fashioned hit ob?

          • @Say Cheese–It’s possible (They both likely have 360 deals) and would explain their branching out/branding themselves like crazy because their contracts are shitty. In Drake’s case, there have been rumors for a couple years now that he was being underpaid on the label and wanted to leave, which is the same reason his labelmate Tyga left recently.

            @Anonymous–I wouldn’t be surprised. Shady people do shady things, especially when money is involved.

          • Remember when Prince was writing slave on his face? It’s no wonder he didn’t die.

  9. Oh well he bought his daughter a ferrari or a mercedes benz for her birthday. He spending more money than he’s getting. I cant imagine him going broke with all those kids he has.

  10. Well,well,well isn’t it funny how the mighty have fallen, this shit is pure comedy, he replaced Wayne with a younger dumber blacker homo thug, shame on you Wayne for being such a naive bottom smh

    • Am I the only one who needs Google translate or urbandictionary when listening to a young thug song?

  11. All it took was for Birdy to stop shoving dollers in waynes g-string and now we have a war..all the dirt is about to be exposed now

  12. You know shit just got real if Lil’ Wayne started dropping dimes on the label. It was only matter of time! Birdman knew Lil Wayne was a cash cow so he manipulated him and used him all these years. I do feel bad for Wayne to be put in this situation. Wayne trusted Birdman but honestly Birdman has been torturing Wayne all his life. This is far from over and I hope this don’t end in a nasty way.

  13. I just hope I don’t have to hear anymore of the shitty ass music from any of them. The faggs and witch can crawl under a rock and disappear.

    • jas prince is calling her a bitch and laughing at her dumb ass now.

      Christina needs jelp she was married to dream, dated nick, dated dre, dated wayne in the past.

      dream has to pay nivea child support and nivea has a child by wayne too.

      betcha birdman phukked all of Wayne’s baby mamas we know he phukked Christina because she got a record deal on cm.

      Christina thought the money was with wayne she left jas prince who has money but isn’t making noise like cash money its was about who’s most popular right now.

  14. wow wayne damn son…u got f*cked wit no vaseline …again by birdman only this time its figurative no literal..they setting wayne up the same way they setting nicki up, by replacing his azz. I heard a young thug song my nigs, he sound just like wayne!! like just like him. im like when wayne dropped this shit ppl like…nahh dude this yung my nig what?? lol they did nicki the same way wit icki alazella only wit wayne yung thug nig wayne can easily be replaced birdman already know the formula for the W. wayne u done son, u better get some advice on bankruptcy from too short cuz u about to be another broke azz rapper in 3..2…1..

  15. This won’t happen, but IF Mayne were to retain a top notch attorney and sue Baby for molesting him as a minor and then keeping him under control via drugs and emotional blackmail for 20 years, he could take all of Birdman’s birdseed. It would be complex, he would have to present as a PTSD victim, and it would be a huge blow to his personal machismo and “reputation” as a “ladies man”, but it has worked for women in the past. There are so many documented indicators that Wayne was suffering from Stockholm Syndrome following sexual abuse as a minor, and in the eyes of the public he would be seen as a victim.
    I guess it all depends how desperate he is to recoup a large portion of his rightfully earned fortune.

  16. We get jacked on both sides, the cruel reality of entertainment. Lil Wayne should have been wise enuf to know that his career path is a pit of crocodiles. Always will be a treacherous game…Be Warned!

    • Tyrone: it seems like your the only sane one on here,
      while the others are insane

      lil wayne dissed Emmett till and he didn’t even apologize

        • He dissed a dark skin sista, it was uncalled for
          he’s darker than a TV screen

          • Stfu tryna to be down talking bout “he dissed a sista” bitch you was all up in this bitch under some yt bitch name Kesha talking bout you can’t stand black. Yes Tiffany/anonymous SLAVE/I’m sick of blacks then you some Jamacian joke nigga girl BYE! I see you how and @black enga was right you phoney baloney smelling shaggy haired shithead! Bitch you con learn today! Ain’t no more Mandingo dick fantasies here for you Sally. I should have known with all that victim playing and crying and shit “guys pls pls pls leave me alone” yo weak ass wasn’t no chocolate queen GETCHO FUNKY FLAT ASS THE FUCK OUTTA HERE!

      • Oh dammit now she wanna guzzle Tyrone’s semen! Bitch when will it f*ckin end? Ty I KNOW you know better! This is Tippietoes modus operandi.. Attack..then compliment.. then unsuccessfully try to seduce! Bitch go get one of them recycled part time penises that only show up after ten and only stay for ten minutes and suck that to sleep or til that nigga wife call and wonder whats taking him so long at the “store” cause yo ass is DUNZO up in here..f*ckin horny here toad GROSS!!!

  17. Lovers spat. Birdmans hands only rub together for young thugga now. Lil weenie f’d Baby just gelly.

  18. Seems after the Carter II and III he would have renegotiated a better deal especially being the breadwinner for the label at that time. Dude should have did an MBA program at that university he was attending.

  19. Why is lil wayne acting shocked that dirty underhand moves have been made towards him? Look at who you are dealing with and the industry you are in.It was just a matter of time dude .Everyone is passing the torch on to the next one and not only is lil wayne a prisoner he’s a bonafide slave too.Money is neva handled correctly to slaves.On top of that it’s sad to say I gets a bad vibe concerning his daughter being groomed for something I don’t know why yet but Hopefully I am wrong.

  20. Because people like to close their eyes. Follow the God given intuition each and every one of us was born with, and stay one step ahead but people are easily distracted and oblivious to their environment. I’m surrounded by shady people at work, I always have to stay one step ahead of deceitful pleople. You would think the ones in entertainment would be more street smart. But they get them young to abuse them so when they reach adulthood it’s too late. Every artist taken advantage of was during their young years, TLC, Wayne, Kriss Kross, etc to name a few.

  21. Wonder what, Baby and Wayne’s relationship is like now?
    they portray themselves like father and son, but with kissing yuck..

    Christina maybe regrets ditching Jay Prince for the ugly troll doll, we call Lil Wayne or Weezy

  22. birdman is no better than other ceos in the past.

    puffy ripped his artists all of them.

    master p did his artists the same way.

    suge knight ripped all his artists.

    snoop dogg admitted suge and master p taught him the ropes which was why he cheated all his artists.

    nelly who became a ceo ripped his artists he has a roster and put nobody out.

    ice cube ripped his artists he only has wc on his label and cube’s out front doing films and he won’t even put wc in a cameo in a flick.

    too short had a record label one time he ripped his artists out which is why the dangerous crew is broke.

    dr. dre ripped his artists off.

    def jam ripped off their artists when Russell, lyor cohen and jigga ran it.

    if you get a record deal you are gonna get phukked bottom line.

  23. @ Crazy Chris,, Very true. It’s Pimps up hoes down. You s CEO ( PIMP ) Artist ( HOE )

  24. Baby purchased that huge Miami Beach mansion with Lil Wayne’s money! I can’t believe it took this long for Lil Wayne to realize Baby was stealing his money.

  25. baby kept his artists high.

    wayne should have known he witnessed first hand baby ripping off everybody on cm hell he was there wayne could write a interesting book.

    wayne was there since he was a kid he seen himself and juve, bg and turk blow up bhe seen the druigs and everybody get ripped off.

    wayne was given a label ym to control him we all know baby is the real ceo of young money and we klnow baby is making money off nicki, drake, and all the other artists he has on hold some artists been on there 5 years and no albums.

  26. all the money baby been making why is he facing money problems.

    baby has expensive spending habits he buys a new fleet of cars every yewar

    he has drugs, buys mansions and tricks on strippers, hos, and his artists girlfriends don’t think baby never phukked toya, sarah b, Christina, nivea, and lauren.

    they might have choasen wayne but who has more money.

    baby’s money and dick must be good for keyshia cole to fight over him and get arrested.

  27. I’m surprise that lil wayne didn’t own any of the company by now….what were you thinking wayne…think like a business man….everyone who was rapping around your time have now created their own company….while you’re still the rapper….in any job you get you need to try and move up….you should’ve known after a couple of years birdman was gonna find younger entertainers so he can be relevant and stay in the game….wayne you’re getting old…you can’t be a rapper forever….but apparently youre not hurting for cash because you just bought your daughter two cars worth $200,000+ and her party alone was worth $50,000….you been in this business too long to be begging your label to put out your music….especially someone you call your daddy…stop crying wayne and put out your own shit….but make sure it’s good though! Because what I heard with christina milian was horrible….and that’s why they may not be putting out his music….and did lil wayne just claim he had a incurable disease.?….this may be another publicity stunt…lil wayne too old to be doing publicity stunts before albums….last year he did a publicity stunt….he was in the hospital….now this

  28. Wtf is dis chit weezy been fhuckin’ baby 4 ever bac in da dazz day

    Christina suckin’ dick 2 ever

  29. Birdman is lucky that in a country awash with firearms that he aint been visited yet…….

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