Hugh Hefner Insists Bill Cosby Didn’t Do It … @ Playboy Mansion

Hugh Hefner Defends Bill Cosby

Hef addresses one woman’s recent report, pegging the Playboy Mansion as the spot where Bill Cosby allegedly committed sex crimes against her.

Judy Huth says Cosby “molested” her at the mansion, back in 1975 … when she was 15-years-old. In his statement to the press, Hef refutes Huth’s allegations.

Check out what Hugh Hefner had to say about it:

“Bill Cosby has been a good friend for many years and the mere thought of these allegations is truly saddening. I would never tolerate this kind of behavior, regardless of who was involved.”

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  1. damange control he is trying to keep his name out of the allegations.

  2. Damage limitation at its best. I note he is defending his brand and not his good friend Bill.

    • And just what does a man claiming to be a devoted family man, have in common with a self professed biggest playboy and fornicator of all time?

      That pic of them hugging like old rogues speaks volumes.

  3. Is that right Hugh? We shall see won’t we or it’ll be covered up, i guess now young girls won’t be welcomed now?

    • The only men who want to that playboy mansion went to have dirty orgy wild sex with any and everybody they could.

      What kind of wife allows her husband to go there? Cosby wife is an idiot or a freak herself.

      • Camille seems the type just to be happy to have a man.. a successful workIng educated black man at that.

        Hell, look at lesbian Hilary Clinton. She stayed through the bull.

        Maybe Camilles gay to. Idk.

        I wouldn’t stay with a cheater, abuser, etc regardless who they are and what they have. Its not that serious.

  4. I really want to know what they expect to find 39 years later. All these HOES are lying and the is a a HUGE set up. Say what you want but I don’t believe non, not nay one of these lyin groupie ass hoes. Not the white nor black

    • 39 years ago a man could beat the sh8t out of a woman and get away with it, and if you didn’t have a black eye bruises and punches RAPIST USED TO GO SCOT FREE. The OJ case is when they started craking down

  5. Wait a damn minute! A old, perverted white pajama wearing m.f. “cosigning” for a big bank black m.f.? Really? Well of course he will! Duh! WHY WOULDN’T he is the question. Monistat & Moet costs.


    • they should be condemning him, worse than they did chris brown and r kelly. he did way worse things.

  7. Heff is a habitual cradle robber/borderline pedo and his son Marston beat the crap out of his girlfriend a few years ago. Not a good character witness. Bill is better off with Ceelo Green backing him.

  8. their both in the same boat, they both slept with younger women. the only difference is Bill black and Hugh knows people who can save his neck.

    race is not important I’m just giving you explanation.
    Kendra said she was messing around with Hugh when she was 18 years old?

  9. Hefner is just covering his own ass. Everybody in the mansion was having sex with underage girls including Hefner

    • You have to have an ID stating that you are 18 to enter the mansion. I’m no fan of Playboy or Hef, but that man didn’t get where he s by being stupid. They don’t want any Traci Lords shit happening to them. I am sure that chick had a fake ID, in which case Cos and Hef would not be prosecutable for messing with an under aged girl. It would be on her for committing fraud.

      • I got my law degree from years of watching court shows on TV.

        If she fraudulently was at the mansion, doesn’t that absolve everything?

      • THAT! Yes, she was 15 at the time which you and I know Anon 17:55 that if she was at ANY party at Hef’s mansion she was there under false pretenses.

        Hef does not want his name in any underage mess, and I don’t blame him. He is defending his brand, Playboy, in that statement not Cosby. He does not want his brand associated with underage anything; when he first started out they came after him with everything they could, finally got him out of Chicago and he has made it a point to stay out of politics and the like for as long as he’s had his mag.

        When the Super Bowl was here in Detroit the then-mayor Kilpatrick showed up at the airport hangar where Hef was having his private party thinking he was going to get in–NOT! The sent him on because Hef don’t play that one. He’s not Hef for nothing, y’all.

  10. Why isn’t the LAPD investigating Bryan Singer? Why isn’t the NYPD investigating Woody Allen? How come the FBI isn’t trying to capture Roman Polanski? Why isn’t the LAPD investigating Gloria Allred for extortion? With all of these why’s, Jadakiss should do another sequel to his hit song.

    • Singer was vetted for 2 months, and it was determined the whistle blower lied.(in other words, he was paid to say he lied.)
      Allen didn’t molest his daughter Dylan. Mia is a certified loon who wanted to blow up his chance of winning an Oscar for Blue Jasmine. She would slit his throat in a heartbeat of she could get away with it. Everyone who knows her is aware of how mentally deranged she is. her own brother is in prison right now for molesting a small girl. Many insiders think that Mia has a transference issue with him.
      Gloria Allred hasn’t committed extortion. She is a diligent women’s rights attorney. That’s both legal and ethical. She is for women what Johnnie Cochran was for black folks vs the LAPD: a pitbull.
      Polanski cannot be extradited.

  11. I told my HSK family almost a week AGO there was going to be a press release soon. Those who read my previous comments on Bill Cosby won’t be at all surprised at this.

    The reason Hef is saying this much now is because Doug Manchester’s attorneys & PR team made him do so since he, NOT Hef is the owner of Playboy Enterprises. Hef is the face of the company for historic times & an annual fee in the same way Puffy is “the face & front man for Sean John & Ciroc.”
    He does NOT own neither & never has.

    • ummm Theres been press releases damn near everyday Ms. celebrity whisperer, is this seriously your job to stalk celebrities and air out thier buisness online for free?

      • @Anonymous,

        Clearly stupidity is a virtue in your case.

        If MY comments are so “not news” or ever so bothersome to you please let me suggest YOU bypass all my post/comments.

        Furthermore, I have a job & a former husband of whom BOTH pay me very well so unlike you I don’t have the need or desire to charge others for discussing what I know to be the truth.

        • @Willie Jones jr & @Say Cheese,

          Thank you BOTH for your kindness, wisdom, appreciation & respect.

          Most people aren’t aware that Hef no longer owns Playboy Enterprises & has not for over a year now. That’s one of the FEW things I’m sure I can share without causing a problem for myself. Based on all the I’ve said thus far regarding the Bill Cosby scandal…
          I have not been wrong yet!

  12. Bill Cosby is a PREDATOR! I dodged a serious bullet in the early 90’s. He had his rep approach me at the New York City Auto Show where I was working as a Narrator/Product Specialist and asked for a rendezvous. Thank God my “Spidy Sense” was working that day. His rep claimed that the Cos’ was interested in talking to me about a “role” and wanted to meet me at a hotel to talk. Riiiight, I thought. I was smart enough to talk it over with some other models who told me it didn’t sound right. I then gave the reps business card to my agency rep. And lived to fight another day. I thank God I didn’t let that “flim flam” put his Jello Pudding Pop in my mouth or anywhere else! He is a predator. And I am not for putting down black men. God knows the white police around this country think it is open hunting season on them, but this man is a PREDATOR!!! And it may be why his son was killed. Someone could have been sending him a message. They never caught his son’s killer. If nothing else. It could have been God repaying him. You know he don’t like ugly! Hugh Hefner needs to sit his perverted, predator behind down too. It’s like birds of a feather not just flocking together, but protecting each other. Bill Cosby is a PREDATOR! And I ain’t talking about the Predator alien. He is more respectable than Bill Cosby!!!!

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