Rachel Roy Goes Into Hiding After Getting Swarmed by the BeyHive

rachel roy cancels appearance

Rachel Roy, the woman who’s rumored to be Jay Z’s side chick, went into hiding after getting dragged by the BeyHive over the weekend.

Rachel was scheduled to speak at a seminar called “Mastering Your Métier” in New York City, but she backed out of the event on Monday due to a “personal emergency.”

As we all know, that “personal emergency” has to due with Rachel making a reference to Bey’s “Becky with the good hair” lyric which set off a firestorm of endless social media dragging on Rachel and her 16-year-old daughter’s Instagram accounts.


  1. Apparently, according to BG, they (RR & JZ) will become a couple once his 'contracted' marriage to Bey is over …

    • Now Scorpiess I was thinking more of the lines of the Cathy White incident. U know what I mean?

  2. …….She looks like that chick from "Can't Knock The Hustle" video, the video is very disturbing, it gives an insight what the music industry do, to people.

    • We just got done talking about that video two months ago on this site! Damn! WWC now U got me going to YouTube right now!

  3. I love Beyonce too but sometimes you so called fan base takes things a little bit to far if all of this is true be upset at Jay Z .

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      • I concur. I have been posting here for 4 years, but I'm about to give it up.

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  5. Why come for the alleged other woman without coming for the man involved.Jay Z is a grown azz man. Shouldn't he be accountable if true! Some folks have twisted thinking. A woman can only get as far as a man allows her too. If true she knew he was married and so did he..or did he forget that he had a wife? Stop going hard at the other woman only and giving these cheating men passes..

  6. What is she supposedly in hiding for? It's no secret about how SHE gets down.
    If & when she's spent time with Jay Z it was something he had to buy, pay for or call in a favor.
    What does it matter honestly? Jay Z seeing Rachel Roy doesn't negatively effect that business merger they're publicly calling a marriage….until he gets downright disrespectful by letting other people see what he's doing. That's the only time it's an issue.

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