Iggy Azalea: “Don’t Ever Call Me Becky!”

iggy azalea becky

Iggy Azalea went in on a fan who called her “Becky.” The rapper then got into a heated Twitter debate on why the name is so offense to white women.

Iggy went on and on and on about the racial implications behind using that name to refer to all white women.








Wait, but isn’t this the same person who called herself a “runaway slave master” in her song “DRUGS”? But now she wants to talk about words that are racially insensitive? Oh, okay…


  1. "V Del Rossi ‎@phagmob

    That was a racist ass f*cking tweet I'm so pissed right now cause all these years I've begged ppl to not view her as racist yet here she is."

    ROFLMBAO!!! Sounds like V Del Rossi got that N Wake up Call! LOL

    Loyalty to your natural born enemy at what cost????

  2. Now this bytch this gonna play the victim card (oh, poor innocent Iggyy). Isn't she the same bytch, who threaten to chop off her "Cheating Fiance's" 1 inch d*ck off?? She got away with it because she's white!!

    Becky, Cave Becky, Snow Bunnie, Dried up prune.

  3. Cue the sound of sambos coons and butlers to defend this BECKY in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1!!

  4. Call that bitch Powder! Damn she ghost ? KKKreepy azz KKKraKKKa KKKavebitch… LOL

  5. I thought she called herself a becky in one of her songs. She's trippin.

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