Rachel Roy Hacked by Angry BeyHive?

rachel roy hacked beyhive

Some of these Beyonce stans are taking things a little too far!

After the singer dropped her Lemonade visual album, with hints that Jay Z had cheated on her during their marriage, the BeyHive got into formation and attempted to figure out the woman behind the “Becky with the good hair” line.

All fingers pointed at Rachel Roy, and she didn’t make things any better by making a joke about having “good hair” just hours after Lemonade dropped.

Rachel’s social media was flooded with lemon emojis, and she even had to cancel an appearance due to all of the backlash.

According to sources, Rachel called cops a few days after the scandal broke, and she claimed her Gmail and iCloud accounts had been hacked, and that her cell phone number had been changed without her consent.

In the police report, Rachel says she thinks the hack is due to the “Becky with the good hair” backlash.

Police think the culprit is definitely someone who’s a part of the BeyHive.

This is what happens when stanning goes terribly wrong. Smh.


  1. Beyhive are worse than roaches on crack. Talk about lowlifes with no lifes. Don't they know the whole marriage is staged ? Too stupid to realize the whole Lemonade debacle was just to bring in much needed cash for them? The Carter's will never be absolved out their debt to TPTB, they'll be pulling these publicity stunts til they die.

  2. Contrary to popular opinion…
    Time is almost up. Lies about record sales on SoundScan will fail to matter as will all the demonic symbolism filled stage shows & "whoa is me he cheated storylines" & videos. It's all going to cease to matter because people of all ages are just plain tired of these folks. More people than not have caught on to the fact it's all just meaningless BS & lies.

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