Jaden Smith’s Girlfriend Caught Cheating?

jaden smith girlfriend cheating

Jaden Smith’s girlfriend was allegedly caught in the act cheating on him with an Atlanta photographer named Gunner.

Sarah Snyder, who has been blasted in the news for her arrest record and alleged drug habit, was photographed laying up in the bed with Gunner.

According to The Shade Room, their sources say Sarah has been spending a lot of time in ATL with Gunnar.

“So I’ve been holding this tea for a min lol but Jaden Smith’s girlfriend is cheating on him with my friend Gunner,” the source told us. “He recently shot the cover of fader with Metro Boomin on it. She was just in ATL last week at his photo exhibit.”

Gunner even tweeted a picture of Sarah laid up in his bed with the caption, “I told her bro.” and he even @ Jaden to make sure he saw the pic!

TSR STAFF: Debra Oh! @The_Ebony_Issue _____________________________________ This early morning tea train is overheating chile because we just got word that Jaden Smith's girlfriend Sarah Snyder might be cheating on him! _____________________________________ According to our source, Sarah has been sleeping with an Atlanta photographer named Gunner. _____________________________________ "So I've been holding this tea for a min lol but Jaden Smith's girlfriend is cheating on him with my friend Gunner," the source told us. "He recently shot the cover of fader with Metro Boomin on it. She was just in ATL last week at his photo exhibit." _____________________________________ Gunner apparently tweeted a pic of the pair in bed and captioned it, "I told her bro" and even— read more at TheShadeRoom.com (link in bio)

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  1. Im just waiting to hear the "thing" has AIDS… or some other disease he cant get rid of .

  2. It's a damn shame how the smith kids turned out to be. I always thought will had some sense but jada was always off to me

  3. Maybe she wanted a man and not some little fruit who claims he's a 3rd gender… whatever the hell that is

    • No, I dont WANT THAT TO HAPPEN… what is sad though, (and its not me as an individual)…is two seemingly very successful black celebrities have raised at least two black children who have such a skewed vision of the world and its realities that they actually think and do the foolish things they say and do. It really boggles the mind of regular folks. They have put these children in real danger and they say things that are absolute nonsense…and for black people in this world … yeah that is life threatening on every level . I dont respect that and cant and wont allow our children to . Use to be , we as a people looked up to OUR celebrities …now we gotta look away cause they are so stupid.

      • @Scotch! Fuck them crazy kids! Their parents allowed them to be destroyed by industry crazies, for therir own gain! Will Smith is a known homosexual that publicly kissed his teenaged son on the mouth! Jada Pinkett a known lesbian that f*cked for roles just like the rest of them. Those children never had a chance, with parents like that. These people are involved in all types of strange wicked shit! Those children are being used to try and destroy our normal children..Do I feel sorry for them? Yes….Is is their fault? No….But the fact remains that jaden and Willow are finished! Don't let any one guilt you into submission, or acceptance of bullshit! The boy most likely already has Herpes! Shit!

  4. Or maybe he JUST better watch HER! Her past history ain't all that great…two people together and BOTH with issues and I mean issues mentally and physically, both of them need to rethink their positions. But then again, they may very well be like Will and Jada, open relationships! Shoot, who knows anymore, these days, people have thrown their moral compass's out the window! Even the KIDS!

  5. When i was younger i always fantasized of having rich hollywood parents or being a fchild star
    My grandmother always told me that wouldnt be a good rhing cus hollywood was wicked
    She was right and even though i am no fans of the Smiths, i hope 1 day their kids can find
    some type of clarity
    Being poor is wack but being filthy rich isnt the answer either

  6. Do people truly believe this boy is dating this girl? That they have a relationship? Nah, they just play friends – for the media.

  7. BOTH of the Smith children seem to have chosen alternative lifestyles at very early ages & their parents seem to be "quite alright with it" in the same way Cookie & Magic seem quite alright accepting their son EJ walking around with a fully made up face full of MAC Studio make-up while wearing Mouawad & Birkin bags & women's clothes with open arms & a smile. Their form of encouragement is different from other parents as is their reasoning for it.

  8. No respectable girl respects a man who looks like, dresses like and acts like a girl.

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