Justin Bieber Shades Taylor Swift

justin bieber taylor swift

Justin Bieber just inserted himself in the Kanye West/Kim Kardashian vs. Taylor Swift feud by publicly taking Yeezy’s side in the beef.

In case you forgot, Taylor swore up and down that Kanye didn’t get her permission to use her name in his song “Famous.” Kim K later leaked the audio of not only Yeezy asking Taylor for permission, but Taylor agreeing to the lyrics.

Justin, who has a history with both artist, is taking the Wests’ side by sharing a screenshot of a Face Time session he had with Kanye last night.

He captioned the photo, “Taylor Swift what up.”

Taylor swift what up

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Do you think it was a smart move for Bieber to insert himself into grown folks’ business?


  1. desperate for attention and i think more so for kanye because scooter braun is justin's manager and now kanye's. it sad that this grown man is acting like he is in junior high. no one cares about you or taylor's feud…people are dying out here especially on the streets of chicago and instead of kanye doing something like grown mature people do like make a service announcement something like barack obama hates black people because he won't help chicago. pun intended…but you get my drift. go away!

  2. This is no grown folk business. None of these people are grown and it's the most annoying "beef" in years.

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