Rachel Roy Admits to Being Jay Z’s Side Chick, Gets Dragged by Beyhive!

rachel roy beyonce jay z lemonade becky

After Beyonce’s visual album Lemonade aired on HBO over the weekend, everyone was talking about the not so subtle references the singer was making about Jay Z cheating on her with numerous women.

One line in particular “he better call Becky with the good hair” caught everyone’s attention. And when Rachel Roy made a comment about “good hair” on her IG right after Lemonade aired, she pretty much admitted to being the side chick!

rachel roy lemonade becky good hair

But instead of going after Jay for being unable to keep his thang in his pants, the Beyhive went into attack mode and dragged Rachel for filth!

When Rachel put her Instagram on private, the Beyhive got into formation and destroyed the comment section of her 16-year-old daughter’s Instagram.

rachel roy jay z beyonce lemonade becky rachel roy lemonade becky


After the backlash, Rachel tried to defend herself. But she never denied being the side chick!


Rachel is the ex-wife to Damon Dash, and she is allegedly the woman behind the infamous Solange and Jay Z elevator incident.

What do you think about Jay allegedly cheating on Bey with Rachel?


  1. The fact that they went after her kids is disgusting. The same "leave blue ivy's hair alone" black women. #smh

  2. I don't blame her. Jay-Z looks like the type that knows how to put it down.

  3. What a big lipped back stabbing camel , I love you beehives' bitches plz check Wendy Williams man looking ass next lol

  4. He needs to cool his floppy d*ck, when your in a relationship, you don't cheat, sadly we live in world where, people can't control themselves. Beyonce was sneaking around with Jay z, while he was dating his ex!!

  5. I don’t believe this mess. Why would she incriminate herself now all of a sudden but not when the elevator incident happened? If she wanted the world to know she was Jay’s side chic that would have been the perfect opportunity to say so don’t you think?

    I smell a PR stunt to sell albums and start the tour off with a bang.*sips chai*

    • But yes I agree that this is a publicity stunt. Remember they were getting a "divorce" right before the on the run tour

      • Ummm hummm, and you know what Sarah, I don’t even believe they are a couple and know full well who the other one is seeing/doing. This is all about the façade of them being the Hollywood power couple because of the money it brings in.

        I just read that now they are attacking Rita Ora for something that she posted in a bra with lemons on it. This shit is ridiculous either you are going to be a Boss Bitch or a woman scorned to sell records but you can’t be both. I guess her fans don’t care because it “Beyonce” after all. SMH

        Somebody needs to set that damn bee hive on fire before they hurt somebody.

        • This 100%!!! There's too much power and money for bey to leave now. And its all "feminism" but attacking other women is always ok. From Keri hilson to Rachel Roy.

  6. All these minions are beyawnce playmates, she really didn't have a childhood, so she plays kids games with her fans.

  7. PR STUNT!!!!!!!!!! This woman is using everything that's' been said against her to sell tecords!
    Psych 101 in full effect!!!
    Don't believe the hype…and don't drink the lemonade!
    This woman is ONLY trying to sell records!

    • But then why did ole Shiva-with-8-arms respond? Typical. #RedDotSpecial couldn't even keep her mouth shut and let the down draft pass. LMAO Jokes on her. Trying to sound all holier-than-thou.. "We will take lighting, for selfies or self truths, always – Live in the light" whatever… very opportune timing wouldn't you say?

      • She responded because she is an idiot, narcissist! The song wasn't even about her!

  8. But the Navy sails on?! Shawn had a whole private phone to take Rihanna's calls and Beyonce left him for a year because of his relationship with her (per the book "Becoming Beyonce"). I think that Roc Nation is paying Rita and Rachel to take the heat off Rihanna because she's on a major upswing and Roc Nation needs her to keep bringing in the $$$$$. You gotta be a bad bitch to make Beyonce dedicate a whole album to you while you are out selling albums, breaking records, and smoking the best kush with your favorite homegirls. Rihanna is the queen here and Beyonce has just shown the world how much she makes her feel insecure.

    Beyonce sang, "lets take a picture" and I immediately thought back to that salty ass picture she took with Rihanna at the Met Ball. Her eyes were squinted and she had a grimace on her face. Solange beat Jay Z's ass because he wanted to go to Rihanna's party alone (which he did) after Beyonce went home.

    • I do believe he did have a whole affair with Rih/Robyn…but I think the "Becky" is the white girl from 1Oak he was caught with in NYC.

  9. Some of the dimmer Beyhive members shit all over TV host and cook Rachel Ray's social media pages.

    A really bright group of women,

    • Poor Rachel Ray was probably like WTH I didn't do anything to Beyonce. Why are they doing this to me?!? lol.

  10. Comment: EARTH to all yall hating ass chicks….TAKES TWO TO TANGLE and it's NEVER been about the HAIR!!

  11. Comment:jayz boring ,Beyonce need to woman up an grow a backbone in stop pretending shes happy wit this lame dude….

  12. Comment:jayz always go after someone music and left over women jus ask nas and dame dash

  13. Rachel didn't admit to anything, she just released a statement. It took her long enough.

  14. Boy, if sex wasn't part of a relationship, people wouldn't cheat! Since sex is apart of an relationship, people are getting cheated on. But, sexing someone else's meat, won't taste nice, if you had your own, it would taste nice!…..Think about!

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