R. Kelly’s Hoes Just Hooked ‘On the High Life’?

According to family members of one of the R. Kelly’s hoe house girls, what Kelly is guilty of, is pampering women with so much luxury they become dependent on him and don’t want to leave, even though they can.

TMZ sources, related to the woman — who was 20 when she moved in with Kelly last year — say she met him backstage during a concert meet and greet. She communicated with the singer for about 6 months before he asked her to live with him … and she agreed.

However, the woman — who is not an aspiring singer like Joycelyn Savage — has been free to leave … and has done so on multiple occasions. TMZ says she’s flown out-of-state, unaccompanied to visit family.

She’s never stayed longer than a week and always returned to Kelly, who she describes as “her man.”

They go on to say the woman has been flown to Beverly Hills for shopping sprees, and Kelly also buys high-priced handbags, lingerie, shoes and spa trips for all of the girlfriends. Kelly openly says he “wants to shower them in luxury.”

One family member believes Kelly has a “calculating, methodical process to groom naive girls” — and confirmed he takes their smartphones.

The woman has never mentioned any physical abuse … nor has her family seen evidence of it. While they don’t see anything criminal about Kelly’s tactics, they feel he uses psychological abuse to make the girls fully reliant on him.


  1. You really are wrong for the superman/ capt n save a ho reference.

    It implies he is doing something good. If he opened a home for youth the pic might apply, but having a home of “kept” women/ harem, is sick & sad, even if it is “”their” choice.

    • And for those who want to crack jokes I meant a home for youth in an altruistic way…not this BS he is doing now.

      • the same negroes who talk about R Kelly for running his life JUST LIKE HUGH Hefner did for 70 years, said nothing about him being free to live with who he wants

        • Since when is going from pedophile to pimp the standard?

          You sound like a fucking fool.

  2. Parents if you allow your children to watch tv and listen to music, they may star to lust after a lifestyle that is visually deceiving. The pedophile pimp, R Kelly gave several 18 girls and under age girls the fantasy and lifestyle they always dreamed about. There is nothing the Haughton family (Aaliyah’s family) could do and there is nothing the Savage family can do. Their daughter is officially the property of R Kelly!

    • Yes and he is giving it to BLACK GIRLS. Jealous negroes complain when we do for each other instead of whities and that is DUMB

  3. Unlike a lot of folks that may comment I actually know Robert. He’s not a saint, but definitely NOT the monster a lot of folks like to portray him as.

    What the media always fails to mention is that a lot of these women’s families APPROVE of their association with R. because of the residual fame and perks their daughters…and sometimes their FAMILIES…receive.

    In Joycelyn Savage’s case, her FATHER TOOK HER TO MEET R. ALLOWED HER TO REMAIN WITH R. WANTS R. TO HELP WITH HER SINGING CAREER. Now he wants to create a “case” so he can come up himself.

    There are a LOT OF GREEDY/NEEDY folks in this world. Celebrities are magnets for these types of folks…ask Michael Jackson, Michael Jordan, etc… about the number of false allegations, shakedowns and extortion tactics people will devise and execute when they believe they can make a quick buck.

    R. has never had to keep anyone hostage and certainly doesn’t have to brainwash anyone to be with him. THESE ARE GROWN WOMEN MAKING A DECISION.

    • Just because something is legal does not make it right.

      They might be their on their own free will, but he sure did not have to keep them with him and create a stable.

      Some people look gift-horses in the mouth and when that horse is dead and you create a new issue for yourself, you should NOT be surprised when people attack your actions again.

      • These are GROWN WOMEN. They are not children. And based on their actions they are GROUPIES. Have any of them charged him with kidnapping?!

        • So that makes it okay?

          I swear you sympathizers of fucked off behavior are what is wrong with our community today…smdh.

          • yes that makes it OK. Negroes complained for hundreds of years because whites wouldn’t let them live as they see fit, NOW WE GOT THE JEALOUS N8GGAHS POLICE TRYING TO TELL US WHAT TO DO.


            • You cannot even write properly, so shove your ignorant opinion up your ass, stupid bitch.

              • And it is called having morals and sense…

                Something your backwoods ass was obviously never taught.

    • I wonder what your opinion is on his molestation of the 15 year old girl in 2002. Are you going to pardon him and look the other way?

      • JUST 50 years ago, your grandfather could MARRY a 15 year old woman and it was LEGAL

  4. He provides a house for them to stay in so they don’t leave him. Unlike the IG shots that get flown to places and sent home – this man sounds like he has abandonment issues!

  5. I don’t know if that’s a fair comparison because HH HIRED people to entertain and owned clubs all around the country and world with his brand. He published a magazine for years. RK is not on this level – he’s just got a mindset and conversation of a p.i.m.p with no real connections.

    • he is a FREE MAN choosing to live the lifestyle he desires with the women that appreciate and support that. so STFU with your massah RKelly having mo fun than you

    • HH was a LEGAL PIMP…those “bunnies” were hopping from dick to dick and HH was steering the ship. White men like HH and Dennis Hoff? are the only folks in the world that can legally get around prostitution charges by setting up clubs, magazines, and ranches. But it all adds up to the same thing…PROSTITUTION.

  6. So he’s essentially a sugar daddy then. Well then I suppose that put’s a lot of things to rest-for now.

  7. BULLSHIT LINE #1: Black women should be held accountable for her own actions….
    FACT #1: A woman is a woman and not all women are intelligent OR meant to be on some “super independent” shit…

    Y’all act like if one woman don’t join the show, it’s a black eye for the rest of them….

    BULLSHIT LINE #2: R. Kelly should be ashamed of himself…
    FACT #2: Yeah, he should, but not for spoiling a woman… trifling ass negros ain’t got shit to say about HUGH HEFNER who makes a LIVING off of that shit but on this nigga name dragged through the mud for ONLY having less than 10 phillies at the stable?


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