R. Kelly: “My daughter is becoming my son”

R Kelly's Transgender Daughter/Son

R. Kelly may have something to say about his 14-year-old daughter’s recent transgender announcement… but that doesn’t mean Jaya Kelly — whose now known as ‘Jay’ — has much to say about R. Kelly!

“My dad has not reached out.”

Earlier this month Jaya, the youngest of the singer’s three children with Andrea Kelly revealed that his singer dad has yet to speak to him since the revelation.

“I believe I am a boy and want surgery, and the medication to help me be who I was supposed to be.”

Here’s what R Kelly had to say about it:

”As far as that is concerned, always believe what you see with your own eyes that is. Always believe what you see. That is the best way to go about this business.”

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    • This is the sad result of child molestation by the hands of a known pediphile and while the mother knew what she had in her home no one cared. Now the flesh cries out in the only form it knows to identify it self to survive. How sad the world new about this pediphile but the mother did nothing to protect her children. how sad! how sad! But the good news is the child is a survivor and in all hopes will expose what happen to her and not keep the pediphile secrets like moma told her to do if that the case . How sad.

  1. As far as his statement goes he might as well have been speaking early 15th century Cantonese: I didn’t understand a gottdam word. Just tell a bitch if you approve or not. Keep it simple . Kids need boundaries. It might be trendy and acceptable nowadays to manipulate genitalia but she could also be going through an extended phase.Smh at these damn new age parents. I’m starting to think this sins of the fathers wave we are seeing is really rooted in biblical truth.I wish I could believe the bible was outdated sometime just because all this stuff is scary….but its more and more relevant w each passing day …I think its about to be a wrap folks. Could give a shit who don’t like me saying it either…

    • You are so right. A lot of people don’t want to see the truth time is telling for it self.

    • Because it is about to be a wrap, the signs have become clearer and clearer, everything is coming to pass. We got gender bending, homosexuals, lesbo, idol worship, the removal of Chist from America is extremly clear.

    • Agreed Anon, I concur #TOTALLY, now let’s tick down the list of the children of “celebrities” in the inDUSTry, recently we have R. Kelly’s daughter/ son, Magic Johnson’s son/daughter (always carrying some sort of purse BTW), Jason Kidd’s son is allegedly gay, Isiah Thomas’ son is also allegedly gay as well as Michael Jordan’s daughter being a lesbian, then you have those poor Smith children, Jaden and Willow, who are clearly confused and have absolutely no direction from their parents. Who didn’t see the video of Will Smith being interviewed by Tavis Smiley, where Will said he wanted to live in a world where 4+4 = 7?!? what…what…what..? These are really and truly the last days. Sad how things are taking a turn for the worst, more and more every day, where wrong is right and right is wrong. Every damn thing is trendy, acceptable and the era in which every damn body is doing any and every damn thing!! LORD save your people!!!!

      • Yes! This! Add to the list some yt celebs kids….Chaz Bono, Shiloh Jolie Pitt, Warren Beatys Daughter-Son, …Gynyth Paltrow said her daughter is a possible lipstick lesbian….Hollywood is a sick sick place.

  2. 14 is a lil too early to consider gender reassignment, you are not even developed and may change your mind when older. Poor girl probably did this in hopes of escaping dad. Teenage girls havent been safe around Robert

    • Gender reassignment is a tricky topic for me only because I saw an episode of Maury where a man became a woman and decided to be a man again. Well, once you become man, woman you can’t become a man again! If you’re a man, and you want to get dolled up that’s one thing. And it made me look at Drag Queens with a lot more respect. So you are correct, it’s a very long process it can take years, because once you do it there is no un doing it. Even if you think you know for sure.

      • I heard a story about a man who had a sex change to bcome a woman only to get save later in the church and wanted to change back
        I guess u must be real careful deciding it and sometimes after the surgery the mind can still reject the body

  3. I was so interested when I read your first sentence. I thought you had something really profound and relevant to add but its just YOU again, on here playing. You ain’t the real lanette . You need to grow up witcho silly ass. So annoying

    • I swear it something wrong with you again you are using my name I wish I can see you I would kick your sorry ass

  4. “So far he hasn’t reached out for me.”

    Oh, I’m pretty sure he REACHED for you at some point little sista. My prayers are with you.

  5. Wow, if I didn’t know better I’d think that she / he had already had the surgery.

  6. I’m wondering if this is karma for R Kelly for messing around with Aaliyah when she was 15. This child is dealing with an identity crisis and needs professional help.

  7. I remember Carey Kelly said that his brother R Kelly molested one of their cousins and their older brother’s child. It’s time to throw this pedophile R Kelly under the jail!

    • The average pedophile victimizes up to 260 children. If grandma, auntie, mama and everyone else can turn a blind eye to the perverted uncle,boyfriend or pastor just imagine what free reign R received as a rich good-looking celeb. Pity him since he was victimized himself and seems like that abusive pattern runs in his family which can hopefully be broken. I believe that is whats wrong with half of these people chasing demons because someone broke their spirits before theh were able to grow.

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  9. when u worship Satan like R.Kelly does they encourage them to bring their children to the “parties” aka RITUALS where they leave their children alone w/Hollywood pedophiles, rapist, demonic pederasts, that thrive on sexual magic anal sex w/children…thats besides the fact they love nothing more than to see a father rape his daughter in front of them….they love it & 90 to 1 R.Kelly has done this..that being said now OBAMA wants taxpayers to pay for a man to get his dick turned inside out under OBAMACARE…”Yes We Can” = “Serve Satan”

    • @kingdom8, do they have to bring their kids? like jada and will and the others in hollywood? do they get to a certain level and then they are able to decline? do something happen they say no?
      i dont want to ask stupid questions, its just sound. messed up. but i wouldnt put it past them

      • They are “encouraged” to do it b/c it is ritual, those that have are at the top of the game & some will have children KNOWING they will give their children to the enemy…Will & Jada have done this obviously & if u decline or say no, ur basically saying no to rituals, which they dont like at all…Many of them do it but not all, but the ones that do get promised everything…ask Kris Jenner

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  11. A Few Years Ago R Kelly’s Ex Manger Blasted Him Because R Kelly Was Dating He’s Manager’s 18 year Old (At The Time) Daughter

    The Ex Manager Said “He (R Kelly) Disrespected Him”


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    • Ok, so everything @ 1:28 said is totally fake. This is some serious Jerry Springer shit. Wtf is going on??????

      • Yes it is fake for the last time I don’t know who this man is for the things he be saying I don’t talk like that.

  14. Pedophile don’t go trying to act brand new. I can’t wait until Ms Rihanna play her twin in Aaliyah’s movie. She looks just like her to me. They both are so pretty. R Kelly you should’ve been fried. Sick B**ch .

  15. Kelly’s money protected him.

    Kelly used to let his daughter dance for grown men when she was 5 which means kells might have let his paLS MOLEST HER.

    KELLY TAped all his sexual adventures.

  16. R Kelly is getting his payback from what he did to women thru his children. As horny as Kelly is, now he has a dike kid! And that kid looks a hot do do mess!

  17. R kelly Was Married During The “Incidnet” Could He Have Sex With His Wife…. Adrea Wasn’t Doing Her Duty As A Wife

    • R KELLY can’t read or write. You sound like him trying to blame him ex wife because he is a child molester.

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