Hancock 2: Beyonce Bags Role Alongside Big Willy?

Beyonce Will Smith

Is Will Smith leading Beyonce back to the big screen? According to IMDB, the pair are joining forces in the Hancock sequel.

Back in 2008, it was Charlize Theron who played the leading lady in the original Hancock. It’s now looking like Mrs Carter will be filling that Theron’s spot!

Here’s what’s out there:

“This movie would mark the first film she’s starred in since 2009’s Obsessed, and 2013’s animated feature Epic. Only time will tell if Bey will dazzle us with her acting chops once again.”


  1. Jay Z calling in his chips to keep Beyoncé on the stroll and away from her family. Wake up Beyoncé….

  2. I kinda liked Hancock. It was kind of cool seeing Will playing a burn out instead of a hero type.

    I cannot imagine why they cast Beyonce. I have yet to see her show any acting chops at all. As a matter of fact she has been almost unintentionally funny in her roles. It might work if they have her playing against type, but if she’s meant to a glamor girl eye candy character forget it.

    • I liked it also but are they REALLY just gonna change her from white to light Black and expect it to go over well OR is she gonna play the role of their daughter?!…. I’m kunfoozed!!!!

  3. Well that’s good the other day I was just thinking what movie will she play in next handcock I don’t know it will be ok to see her play the bad girl instead of the love type for once if will was not with jada and Beyonce was not with Jay z they would of made a good looking couple I hope she do ok in it its a will Smith. Movie so I know they told her don’t f it up.

    • True unless its involves singing, I loved her as Etta James in Cadillac records and dreamgirls

        • In dream girls her role was kind of flat and her acting.In cadillac records she played that drunk strung out role pretty good and possible was really drunk and strung out while playing that part lol.

  4. Beyonce cant act and is in desperate need for a speech coach because I can barely understand her when she talks.

    • Agreed. The crown for ‘Queen of Horrible Speech’ is bing heavily courted by ‘Yonce and First Lady of White, Lisa Raye

      • As much as she chaps my hide she is the honorable mention of speech problems. Erykah Badu, Joseline Hernandez, Frankie Lons and Janets whispering azz on that Damita Jo lp reign supreme.

        • I don’t know if this is just anecdotal or if there might be a shred of truth to it, but both Beyonce and Erika are from Texas, and I have found the traditional black Texan patois to be very odd. It’s quite different from the deep southeast.

          • That is true . I met a very pretty girl from texas in the 90s that had the same speech problem.
            If u want to call it that

        • Lmao never really been a Janet fan, I shouldn’t have to strain to hear what you’re saying. Volume on 100 & this bitch STILL whispering! Lmao

    • I still suspect Beyonce has a learning disability thus her parents pushed her to entertain as her ticket to success. She always look panicked when an interviewer deviates from the script and her practiced answers won’t suffice. A few of her fans took issue with my observation and sarcastically responded “she paid”; that’s not the point, Beyonce should have specialized tutors to assist with increasing her literacy and speech. A child’s speech pattern is pretty established by age five years and hopefully Blue’s nannies/staff are articulate so as to overcome her parents’ pattern.

      • u are right and correct 🙂 i hope they help Baby Blue become a better indiviual then they are 🙂

      • That’s a shame, education is usually how you get the money! Gotta be smart enough not to be taken advantage of. She’s slow it’s obvious and really nothing to be ashamed of! Own your “special” abilities Bey!


  5. I read that Beyonce is illiterate and never finished high school. I know that R Kelly , Fantasia, and Mary J Blige admitted to being illiterate but at least Fannie and Mary got their g.e.ds. dont know about R kelly.

    • Something is up Carter homegirl CAN’T act! I’m no Smith fan either, he’s just too dramatic for me. I know there had to be some unknown black talent out there besides the same six nigras they keep using. Yawn!

  6. you need to ask yourselves what did mr jayz have to do to get his nearly has been wife a role

    we know how hollyweird gets down if you want to make it big you have to sex lot of frogs

  7. Wendy Williams Was Talking About Mk Ultra On Her Show.. She Was Talking About Kim K Being Mind Control By Kanye

    • The irony is that it might be the other way around. Kanye is q kid from Chicago who got badly caught up. Kim was raised in that Hollyweird lifestyle by a master witch. I think Pimp mama “handles” them both.

      • Wendy Said “Kanye Probably Locks Her (Kim) Up In A Dungeons” How Does Wendy Know That? It Could Be True Kim Looks Controlled

        • Yeah I wonder how Wendy would know. She has come far and is plugging for Disney so she might have crossed over to the dark side her damn self.

          • Is Weird She Even Predicted Beyonce Giving Birth To Blue Ivy… Wendy Exposed Beyonce’s Pregnancy On Tv
            Look On Online… She Said Ms Tina Knowles Might Cast A Spell In The Hospital Room

      • Exactly. PMK is the Grand Witch. Kanye and Kim are both being “instructed”. Kanye can speak out like in “New Slaves” but he has NO REAL CONTROL over his life. He had no choice in marrying Kim. His life is not his own.

        • Wendy knows alot of things I am just surprise they are letting her tells things on TV Wendy is a part of that lifestyle also she knows things.

          • Wendy Williams is under mind control also…that besides the fact she dykin it up for them jhew execs…they got her on her hands & knees too..

      • Its more than likely Pimp Kris is mind control Kim and Kanye
        Kanye aint on that level like Pimp Kris
        I even doubt Jayz is either

        • Remember That Old Movie Called Metropolis Where A Mad Science Builds A Robot Of A Women.. Then She Turns Into A Women
          And Hypnotize Men With Her Dancing… ironically Beyonce Was Wearing Similar Robot Suit From The Movie

    • The reason that I don’t watch Wendy is because she must know more than she says, she just knows better than to tell the whole truth. How long have we been talkin about MK Ultra? Now that everyone is talkin about it, she wants to start talking about it.

        • Wendy knows the tea on everyone. She said its nothing worst then having to pretend she doesn’t know something(like if someone is gay) in reference to a celeb. It frustrates me as well.

      • You have to remember that the GP isn’t aware of a lot of the things we talk about on here. It would really shock people so Wendy has to play along and pretend she’s as blind as her audience if she wants to keep her talk show.

          • Wendy’s been in the gossip industry for over 25 years. She knows EVERYTHING. Any flubs by her is ONLY FOR TV.

            • There a reason why it’s called gossip

              Wendy uses tabloids and blogs as her sources

              Most of her sources are unreliable

              Take what she says with a huge grain of salt

  8. This is tic for tac, Jay and Will have a broadway play about some african musician and they are doing Annie on broadway also. So her being in this role is just a favor. It wont do well Hancock didn’t do well so putting Bey in it wont help the box office ratings. SMh other people need to be given a chance.

    • Budget: $150,000,000

      Gross: $227,946,274 in the USA alone…..that seems pretty successful to me.

      • yeah people went because it was a Will Smith movie and left very disappointed and he hasn’t had a good box office since then. Not taking ANYTHING from Will he was box office GOLD once upon a time ago. We need new entertainers.

      • It was successful but WACK. Will is only doing this film because After Earth flopped and he thinks a sequel with Bey will get him back where he was.

  9. Black woman are the worst I swear …so 2 black major players cannot make a successful movie without the WHITE ingredient being added ..CRABS IN A BARREL AT ITS BEST..black people will find a reason every time to hate on it’s own but then at the same time demand more representation of black in hollywood ..have not even seen the movie but already fighting how bad it is gonna be because Beyonce is in it …the movies was received with white girl theron (who bought black baby ) but rejected when black woman beyonce takes on the role …..it is so sad what we have become the RACE that will never ever support its own and will be critical and judgmental of everyone and anyone who is doing better than them

    • You need to calm down…I never said ANYTHING about race. I said that her getting the role was a favor and the movie wont do well, due to the fact that Hancock was a disappointment. Stop race baiting and take your pasty ass/ crab in a barrell white attitude somewhere else my comment is here and I STAND by it!!!

    • Trolling and race baiting is the only thing you stans have left in your arsenals to defend your girl. I don’t care if Bey is Black, White, Creole or French, the girl can’t act and she will make this movie even worse than the first one.
      Get over it!

    • Look, we know that Beyonce is your idol. People probably tell you that you look like her. You probably own her CD and hate when ppl say she worships the devil. Yes, she does worship the devil and no, she cant act.

      • huh lol umm like Do you realize how stupid you sound and how childish …like how old are you….I am not even a beyonce fan …I just do not HATE the woman like most of you bitter birds do….all I see is a black woman achieving her success after watching black people struggle so much …all I see is a black man who came from the streets and made something of his life …I truly so not have the energy to spend on discrediting beyonce and Jay Z ….I would however love to learn from them so I can build my success…could care less what she worships because as far as I am concerned the majority of people who claim to worship Christ act just like the devil anyway so I go by how you treat me not what you say you worship …this world is filled with people who carry around so much venom and they spew ALL that venom onto blog sites …and then have the nerve to call me a a TROLL for NOT HATING….LMAO….so sad…carry on with your hate filled day ..in the meantime I am gonna do what Beyonce does ignore the unhappy and let them stew in their own unhappiness

        • i agree with everything you said, but at the same time, Beyonce is just being handed things she doesnt deserve like all those grammys for selling sex, and that writing award some dumbasses gave her for a illiterate article she wrote, then she thought she was doing something by directing a fake.doc about herself, the fake belly and all is just to much fakery, i hate when people bring her baby into it though, but Beyonce needs some negative feed back from time to time so her head wont explode with all her “talent”

        • i truly believe that if she had actually done something to deserve those awards the black community would have her back, i usually dont agree with the self hate spewed on here daily but i agree with the majority on this one Beyonce is a terrible actress and she needs to take a break and raise her baby people are sick of her

        • If anyone is stewing its definitely you. Every time there is a Beyonce thread, you show up to extoll her many virtues. Every. Single. Time. And to accuse any woman that dislikes her of being jealous. Did it ever occur to you that someone can dislike her w out envying her. I can tell you she has nothing I want including Jay z and a tired blond weave. I do not line her because I dislike the blatant satanism that she reps. The fact that her devil worship doesn’t offend you says a lot about you and what you are doing on here. To each her own. But frankly I disagree with your assessment that she is happy and ignores people who don’t like her. She seems miserable and has her people trolling blogs to boost her reputation because she k owe she is hated .

          • Are you serious…omg and lmao ..you people hate this woman so d@m much that you are gonna just make me her number one fan because I do not co-sign the hate …Devil worship is when people SPEW out negativity so sorry that you have been led to believe that your negative energy is ANYTHING else…what you typed did not even convince yourself so you already know it did not do a dang thing for me …toodles

            • Nice try but your tirade fell flat as your idol trying to hit a high note devil worship is when people wear jewelry and symbols referencing their affiliation with the dark side. Where did you get your definition from: Things I Pulled Outta My Ass Monthly. Girl plz. Like I said you people and your belief systems are all effed up. You tried to flip the definition and tell me what I believe in. That’s called inversion honey. I knew there was a reason your goddesses luciferism doesnt upset you, lol.

  10. You made some points but calling it “Crab/Barrel syndromes” is painting with too broad of a brush. I think people are suspicious about Beyonce and her no-talent ,non acting behind being cast in a roll….you make it about race but the hostility toward her is rooted in the fact that there are many many talented black actresses wo got passes over, likely because they weren’t willing to make enough …ahem….”sacrifices.”. We want representation just not by two deviant freaks that are generally more despised than respected.

    • Black woman are suspicious of anyone that is doing better than them …let us be real…all these white entertainers we love to put on a pedestal above our own …Beyonce is NOT the problem ..self hate is because if not Beyonce then there would clearly be another artist at the top of their game that would be brought down by the black race….sorry but DENAIL does not make it a FACT…so many non-talented white people who are making loads of money off black consumers YET I do not hear the negative hype about them..seriously black people truly do NOT need to question WHY we stay losing and we we struggle so much to gain respect from other races ..one of the main reasons is we do not have respect for each other or ourselves …and we need to review our disparaging behavior to one another…..we type and spew out such negative words daily about an artist that has achieved more than self ..so no amount of words can convince anyone that we are NOT in need of a cure when we produce so sickening vibrations …funny how you say Beyonce is not trusted because of so called sacrifices YET the bible clearly states to love one another ….lol so It is ok to use the bible to judge others but not ok to use it to UPLIFT others

      • Everybody ignore this poster. Anybody who stereotypes an ENTIRE race is clearly trolling.

        • lmao Of course I am a troll because I do not co-sign hate…..wow…like age must be a factor …ummm 20’s

          • You co signed the worst kind of hate by putting down real people in order to raise up a fake celebrity.
            You trolled in here trying bait us by trying to say ALL Black women who express their dislike for Beyonce have self hate issues.
            Just face the facts:
            1. Beyonce is not a good actress
            2. Bedunce lies about any and everything just because she knows her fans (like you) are stupid enough to believe her bs
            3. Bedunce needs to take a break from the spotlight.
            4. Bedunce is slow

            I don’t know about you but I’m not a person who only follows behind a celebrity just because their skin is the same shade as mine. Yes Beyonce is talented, yes she’s beautiful and rich but I can’t support someone of her stature who’s only contributions to society are blond lacefronts and pu popping. Save your little “empowerment” speech for when we talk about a real empowering Black women…not Bedunce.

            • Guess what oh not so smart one I never put you down YOU PUT YOURSELF DOWN when you sink to the level of trying to degrade another person …..for you people to type all day you sure lack common sense …Beyonce is not the problem it is what YOU are lacking that is ….I empower myself by NOT degrading others …you do not have to jump up and down or scream loud to support this woman but you also do not have to waste precious energy putting her down ..it just goes to show how very unhappy you are….let me be the first to advise you on certain facts…HAPPPY people waste no energy trading in their happiness to questions others

              Oh and you forgot 5

              5. Beyonce is not sitting behind a computer screen after working a low level job ..attempting to find new ways to dog people OH and she makes more in one hour than you do in one year so she is SUPER talented at SOMETHING you are NOT

            • @CaliGurl
              You are a hypocrite and it’s sad because I don’t think you are even smart enough to realize it. This may disappoint you but I do not work a low level job. I do however sit behind a computer 40 plus hours a week while working in a career field I have been in since my junior year of undergrad school.

              While I may not have Carter money, I do very well on my own using my brain and not my body.

              A little bit of advice…work on setting and achieving your own career goals instead of counting Carter money.

            • lol @ Say Cheese ummm my dear I hate to burst your naive little bubble but if you sit behind a computer screen then you have a low level JOB so sorry you think an attempt to get your graduate degree makes you a little higher on the money scale…the fact that you come to a website to make DETAILED negative comments about people you don’t even know tells me that you are clearly NOT using your brain ..chile quit typing just to prove how silly you are lol….

              FYI…My advice to you it to take the same advice you gave me and utilize it because I did not feel the need to create a list that defines Beyonce as you did so its obvious who has the greater passion…truthfully I do not even love this couple I just do not HATE them as much as you do …that all

      • Girl go head with that bullshit. the minute you said anyone who thinks beyonce cant act is self hating and in denial you lost all credibility. She can’t act, has a husband who beats and cheats, and faked a pregnancy. She ain’t doing better than most , she barely hanging on. I pity her actually. But pity does not an actress make.

        • I love when Denzel represents and when an Angela Bassett type represents
          That is what I call representation

        • lol your own insecurities made all that up..you can not think this woman is not talented that is your propagative and NO that is NOT considered hate but we are adults (well that is the general assumption ) and as an adult woman I clearly know the difference between a person who has an opinion about an artist and a person who is HATING so please stop insulting my intelligence with silly excuses …..it is what it is…the black race has subscribed to a list of issues regarding crabs in a barrel mentality and it is the MAIN reason why we cannot come together ..the white man does not have to put a whole lot of effort into getting us to turn on each other that is a skill we have mastered on our own

      • Black women on THIS site aren’t like that. We respect real talent. We’re happy for Yaya DeCosta playing Whitney. We’re just SICK AS HELL of Beyonce, Yonce, Bey, Beysus, whatever!

        • hey do not like rock and roll so I tune it out not TUNE IT UP..so you will never be able to convince me you are sick of this woman

  11. yeah people went because it was a Will Smith movie and left very disappointed and he hasn’t had a good box office since then. Not taking ANYTHING from Will he was box office GOLD once upon a time ago. We need new entertainers.

  12. Will, Jada, Beyonce, Jay-z, & the Obamas are swing partners & fuk each others wives & husbands…Sooo yea, Beyonce probably been givin Will some anal sex, w/ Jayz blessing

  13. Beyonce better bring a cement truck if she’s planning on filling Charlize shoes. Beyonce is one of the dumbest broads out here. UH UM Well. That’s all the bytch ever says.

    • Charlize Theron is a demonic wicked witch Satans whore Mk-ultra sex slave that is a TOTAL BITCH stuck up white chick…she sport a black baby like HIgh Priestess demonic vessel/portal Angelina Jolie…Theron is completely possessed & is one of the most evil of them all…did u see that scientology bullshit movie she did? Prometheus or whatever, she work for Satan…so Beyonce do have big shoes to fill, which means she gotta drink double the blood & piss now

      • I was with my family in a hotel in San Francisco, and we were in an elevator and when the door opened, she and her moms got in. You say she is stuck up, but she lit up with a big smile and told my moms how beautiful she looked in her dress and that made her lite up like a Christmas tree.
        If she’s that way with folks she don’t know and who are of no importance to her at all, then I’m hard pressed to see how she’s a snob.
        There are people who think she’s the most beautiful actress in Hollywood, so for her to make a fuss about an 60 year old stranger made mama feel like a million bucks. It really made me happy to see, and so I can’t hear you say she’s an evil satanic bitch without telling what I experienced.

  14. I wonder if Will Smith will try to steal Beyonce away from Jay-Z so Jada can f*ck her. Remember Jada was the reason why Tupac and Will Smith hated each other. Don’t forget, Jada loves ladies just as muchas LL loves transs!

  15. baphomet Beyonce probably f*cked Jada to get this role. Beyonce wants to act again because nobody is buying her music, she is getting older, and the majority of black women love Kerry Washington! Don’t be surprised if Beyonce tries to sabotage Kerry’s career.

    • Few Years Ago It Was Reported That Beyonce And Eva longoria Were Meant To Star In A female Version Of Broke Back Mountain..
      It Didn’t Happen In The End… Wonder Why

  16. Beyonce Can’t Act For Dog Poop….She Ruined Austin Powers The (White) Media Keeps Hyping Her Up Into Somthing She’s Not This Why
    She And Her Joe Camel Husband Distance Them Selve AWay From The Black Community


      • Stop net-screaming and calm the f*ck down. I seriously hope she let’s you have a lick one of these days cuz homegirl has you SPRUNG. I mean, damn.

  17. I hate when i get that message that I am posting too quickly. I’d better! I’m trying to beat the auto refresh.

    • Glok9 It is so easy to disable the auto reload of the page. I did it 2 months ago and I have never had to rush a post again. You should really do it so you can finish your thoughts.

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