Oprah Bumps Cali Con Jeremy Meeks!


“He is the definition of ‘sexy’.” -Oprah

The California convict at the center of that mugshot gone-viral has apparently been bumped by Oprah Winfrey!

Jeremy Meeks’ booking photo is said to have been what led Oprah to put up his $900K bond! “I saw his picture while I was checking my Twitter, and my heart skipped a beat,” said Oprah. “Jeremy is so beautiful. He’s really one of the most gorgeous men I’ve ever seen.” Meeks is now said to be working with Winfrey, her producers, and a group of writers to determine the best kind of show for his style. “I never thought that becoming an internet meme would parlay into a career,” said Meeks. “This is truly the best thing I could have ever hoped for.”

This is leaps and bound away from the 30-year-old Sac-Town man’s reported past, including a total of 11-years of time served behind bars: 9-years for grand theft auto and two -years for grand larceny. Meeks’ latest bust went down a little over a month ago, back on June 18th.


“I am not a doctor, so I guess I can’t really be Dr. Phil or anything. What I’ve suggested is a milder version of a Jerry Springer, where my guests are mostly cons and criminals like me, and I can maybe help them get or stay on the straight-and-narrow.” -Jeremy Meeks

What’s out there…

“Four firearms were confiscated during a involving the Stockton Police gang unit, the FBI, the U.S. Marshals Task Force and other agencies.

Meeks was arrested and booked for committing Street Terrorism, which is a gang related charge. When stopped by the police, the married 30-year-old dad was arrested on five weapons charges and one gang charge. During the search of his car, cops found a 9 mm round of ammunition and what they believe to be marijuana in his passenger compartment, as yet unconfirmed.”


    • so this dumb woman hates hip hop and wouldnt have rappers on the show when she was worldwide but, will post bail for a criminal based on looks??

      • I cant wait until it flops, like Lindsay Lohan. supposedly she is this rich powerful billionaire but she constantly kisses low class white butt. this bish seems to have NO power. just dont watch. she was too stupid to give steve harvey a show

      • Calm down and breathe Glok9. Oprah s clearly interested in him because she knows that he will, if only briefly, be a ratings winner for her. Kinda like when old Barbara Waters kissed V, Stiviano’s trans ass for the exclusive interview. She’s not doing it because she’s attracted to him or for socio-political reasons.

        If Mumia looked like the dashing felon she’d probably do what she could do get him out too.

    • I don’t believe this sh*t for a second. This site has lost credibility with me.

  1. “The married dad…” His poor wife. Can you imagine having women from Keisha round the way to Ashley the valley girl all the way up to Queen Oprah falling all over your husband? Poor woman.

    But damn he’s fine.

    • yup he is foine..lol..and if this is true i am glad oprah is helping him out..he cant help it if God gave him good looks and them pretty lips…people were probally jealous and he couldnt keep a decent job and therefore had to become a criminal it aint easy trying to get out of a gang infested neighborhood…let Oprah do her thang…i wish him luck

      • You are as dumb as it gets. He became a criminal because he was too good looking? Lol. Some of you dumb girls will make excuses for anything. That’s why you’ll forever end up with deadbeats.

        • He became a criminal because he is from Stockton aka the armpit of California. Secondly, with the overwhelming number of Black and Latino young men that have been through the penal system, most people in those communities knows someone or is related to someone that has been locked up. Him being a felon has nothing to do with his physical gifts. (His brother is the TRUTH!! though)

        • Anyone who falls over this man because he has certain features that make their panties wet is a fool.This is 2014 we are in the devil’s playground and they are recruiting 24/7 this man aint all that come on people wake up to what’s going on.

  2. why do these losers keep WINNING? Male and female!SMH….so confusing for the up and coming generation!!!

    • Because Losers are always keeping an eye on them…If I were Oprah I would have snagged him up also….this dude had thousands of desperate woman checking for him so it only makes sense that someone would profit of their desperation …this man is not the problem but it is the simple minded people who fuel that monster called the media

    • @Nothing but truth, that is the point to confuse the youth so bad that can continue to be brainwashed and mindless shells.

      • Yeah. its not like the guy (Meeks) put his mugshot on the police blog to get likes

        • And i heard with all these women “liking” him was making it harder 4 him on the inside because of the jealous hearted correction officers and other jealous hearted criminals. Thats what made me feel bad 4 the guy

    • Just like men like eye candy, aint nothing wrong for us women to have 1 or 2
      And a lot of men are attracted to “THOTS”
      So let us have our fun just looking, lol

      • Lust of the eye is not a game to be played with.Not judging you yet some women go to far with the looking and it leads to disaster.

  3. What the hell is the world becoming to I am sorry yes he looks ok but she gets him out and now he is about to get a reality show this is sick sorry but it is.

    • They were about to phuck him up and try to kill him in jail because of all the positive feedback and publicity he got for being “liked” and attractive/stunning
      Im glad she had a heart and saw the potential and helped him out
      I dont think he is that much more f*cked up in the heart then the next person. He just got caught and have a criminal recored

      • criminal record. I know some people who are very academically sucessful that dont have a record and that never got arrested who are snakes, decietful or just plain “foul”
        Everbody need a 2nd, 3rd or maybe 4th chance in life
        Its not like he molested, raped or killed someone b4
        God gives people a chance everyday to just breathe
        Im just sayin………

  4. I don’t beleive this. Oprah is a straigh lesbo and if she aint helping her kin why she gonna help this con.

  5. My 2cents….this man is fine. He would be fine if he came in Morris Chestnut Cocoa or Tyrese chocolate. The fact that he is buttermilk doesn’t distract from his beauty….but….he ain’t my type. Pretty thug always looks gay ish to me.
    That said I really don’t believe this but if its true it ain’t really O. She’s a les. But in her closeted little billionaire circle there are many who want to play Mulatto Mandingo. She’s just going to be his handler is all.

    • Right, lol! ita
      If its 1 thing Oprah knows how 2 do, is to get money and marketing.
      I aint mad at her

      • Oprah Is A Money Grabbing Mammy Who Would Snitch On Her Race Just To Please Her Slave Master

  6. And where is my soul clap for posting this dudes pic first. Judging by his other full body candids he is somewhat homely looking but can take a good photo and has decent bone structure.

    • @Non, I saw a pic of him,not sure if it was photo shopped, but he had a mouth full of gold fkd up teeth.

    • N.I. props to you baby girl. I would never have known about Jeremy were it not for you.
      A lot of people are claiming that he’s not so great looking and it’s just a really good photo.

      1. arrest pics aren’t known for great lighting
      2. I saw the vid of his arraignment and he was smoking hot in it
      3.They’re all just haters

      Decent bone structure? Dude puts Tyson Beckford in his prime to shame. That facial structure is usually only seen in Viking God mythology art.

      • Aw c’mon glok9. I didn’t say I found that appealing. I was just making an observation from my art history background. Sheesh, give a sis some credit.

      • Yeah Glok….there are handsome white men. Think early Brad Pitt.I never wanted him either. I think its a myth to be honest. Most black women really do not like white men. They are too corny.

        • And u got to see Jeremys “alleged” pictures of his dyck on “baller alert” web blog
          Dude is working with a nice package!
          (Even though i wouldnt f*ck him with a condem)
          Let me stop lyinnnng!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lol!

        • We say it all the time, it just can’t be heard over the attacks from sisters who are pissed off at Terrence Howard, OJ Simpson and every athlete that married white women. We say it all the time but basicly get lumped in on some shit we oppose.

        • Glok9 You are like BA except without the charm and humor. He has his views and he isn’t shy about sharing them, but at least he is respectful and seems to really like BW. You seem like you are disgusted with BW in general.

  7. Yeah, I just saw her pic and she’s okay. No raving beauty but not bad. Do we know for sure that he’s biracial? I have a friend who has 2 black parents and looks very much like him, only not as good looking. He may just have a lot of Caucasian blood in him from mixing in the past. He has similar coloring to The Game, but Jeremy is more sculpted and handsome.

    • Yeah, Vanessa Williams and her brother have that eye color and skin tone and parents and both sets of grandparents are black. It happens.

      • Yep. I know because it happened to me. Both my parents and grandparents are black, but I have nearly the same coloring and green eyes. Don’t nobody know where it came from, and it’s not because my mother messed with the mailman either. lol

        • Lol….. American blacks….it happens to us because Massa would not leave our ancestresses alone. They dragged us over enslaved and sold from Africa, claim they hate us. And they do. But, down in the slave quarters every other baby pops out looking like Lenny Kravitz or North West. When one of us gets the light skin from generations back, it ain’t our fault at all.

          • There Are Light Skinned People In Africa Remember All Black People Do’t Have The Same Color Skin

          • CB is British dumbass. I did t use the word dont, sucka, so mind your business. I wasn’t talking to your ass anyway

        • According to the bible the Tribe Of Judah whom BTW are the American Blacks would be Black to the ground which means different shades of Brown.So all this Massa Mix with our ancestors is nonsense because all were not raped.

  8. You know that Jeremy is going to have to give Oprah something in return! And that is his huge light skinned monster rod!

    • SHIT. I bet you’re right. Because Tyler would know that Jeremy would be freaked out if TP approached him directly. But with O as a go between, he thinks he might have a chance at him.
      I will say this: most pretty boys, like that barber who married Drea Kelly just oozes gayness from their appearance. But this dude does not project the DL vibe to me. I have very good gaydar too.

      • He’s not but they will turn him out. Like I sais, Mammy O wants to be his handler, dirty old witch

        • U aint lying about that
          But it might be the lesser of the evil cuz they would have done it in prison 4 free
          *God forbid*
          (I dont like 2 wish evil on no one)

  9. haha he just really dont know….the only reason Oprah has interest in him like the rest of the “industry” is so they may pimp him out…if he thought prison was about the #gaylife he aint seen nothin yet once them gays get at him, if they havent already…their favorite is to turn our people out & get them to sell their soul…when they approach u w/upwards of 30k a month, expect them to wanna put ur d^ck in they mouth or make u screw them..But thats not the REAL story here….HSK!! did yall know Oprah got EARLY ONSET OF DEMENTIA??..yup she do & her camp tryna cover it up.

      • of course not confirmed…u know they not tryna expose that, not until she slip up or have some sort of breakdown, then they’ll confirm it…this is probably a PR coverup for the Dementia claims…

        • If i had 2 choose between Oprah &TP or The Dept of Corrections, I think I would choose Oprah
          After all he got arrested 3x and dont have much of a choice and I heard it is terrible in prison
          Love ur comments @kingdom8 🙂

          • Well they do say “They choose you, you don’t choose them”…He will do it, b/c they will dumbfound him w/promises of money, cars, hoes, etc…like 99% of black in hollywood, they will trick his ass into being their slave boy, serving up the d^ck when they want, where they want & with who they want…he will do it b/c he been in prison & hollywood aint that much of a stretch…

            • I understand you Kingdom 8 but why him? Hes not the first or the last pretty boy and why publicize it to the maximum .

            • If I was his wife and TPTB approach him I would run fast and divorce him no matter the riches and fame because people sacrifice their loved ones .

    • Satan protects them…ask Hilary Clinton. That shoe shoulda hit her right upside the head, but it moved to the right just as she was about to get smacked…Satan has an orb around them so nothing will happen to them until he wills it…ask Tracy Morgan…

      • @Kingdome8, You beat me to it. This isn’t about how women find him attractive, but just the opposite. Once the rainbow tribe that run the industry saw him, he became a wanted man. I don’t know if he’s turned out already, but he will be as soon as the ink dries on his brand new contract. That wife of his is in trouble and in a minute his kids will have 2 moms instead of one. Oprah is only doing her job.

    • Dam, I was hoping it was true 🙁
      I hope somebody step to the plate and help Jeremy out
      since its all out in the open anyway. The police wont be sharing anymore handsome mug shots anymore
      Some cops are just as criminal they just never got caught

      • you black women are something else!…I bet if he was dark skin w/Birdman tattoos on his face, ud be begging whitey to put him under the prison….”Fa ah kyids sake”…please, sit down, that blue eyed demon dont want nothing to do w/you

        • Does it make you feel superior to tell us repeatedly that he would not want us or find us attractive? Cause it sure seems that way.

  10. Notice all the BLACK media is promoting this story…the white media could give 2 fukks about a ex-con…The black media tryna convince u that a black man w/blue eyes is more desirable than anything…they want to promote these half-breeds now, first it was with the women & now they doing it w/the men…98% of blacks DONT LOOK LIKE THIS…blue eyes?…I always say blue eyes= Satan…Antichrist will have blue eyes…& his criminal record agrees with that statement…he dont want black women anyway….so yall keep coonin after him, when he dont want ur ass like 99% of half-breeds

    • thats how u gotta talk to our ppl so they will understand…these Black women lusting after this man & he dont wanna have SHIT to do w/a black woman…he got him the snowiest of the snow bunnies & HE AINT EVEN BLOW UP YET!! Imgine in a year from now when he doing the modeling…itll be dark butts vs light butts & the pool test or whatever else coonery….but u silly black just dont see it!

      • it sure does…but again, its an attack on our melanin…this man has low levels of melanin than the average black man, but according to HSK, MTO, Bossip & OPRAH, that is the most attractive, I see right through the games..the funniest part is that they dont wanna give a black man who is a debt slave “college educated” or who actually worked hard to become a model or whatever…they wanna light skin blue eyed devil that cant stand black women & who is a violent offender, common criminal, who been in prison more than he been out…then Oprah get her big ass on “Daddy-less” daughters & cry w/black women who dont have no daddy but yet she contribute to the shit by bailing some homo thug out of prison & giving him a job…its like they just want somebody they know will rape they gay asses, cause as long as he been in prison, he know about man booty….ugh smdh…

      • All I can say is, some on here asked for Jacky to break this story. I first heard about it on the Sun and TMZ…..both those media outlets are pretty white. IJS.

    • It doesnt matter if he want me or not
      Why all the hate just because he’s good looking?
      I know a few pedophiles who did not have a “jail” record b4 getting caught
      We all fall short of The glory of God
      The last might not be right 2 say, just wanted to add it. LoL!

  11. Oprah needs to fall back from this criminal. Lindsay Lohan played her and then ran off with $2million she gave her for that horrible show. Oprah wake up!

    • At One Point Lindsay Lohan’s Mother Wanted To Be “The White Oprah” She Was Even Gonna Get Her Talk Show The (White) Media Made Out
      That Dinah Lohan Would Take Over Oprah’s Shine

      They Said “Oprah Needs To Be Careful Because Dinah Lohan Is Coming To Take Her Place”

      And It Didn’t Even Happen

    • All criminals dont have a record
      Just ask some cops, lawyers, politicians or wall street brokers

  12. IF this is true then it just proves what is being said about OWN needing and doing ANYTHING to stay afloat. Sad sad sad

  13. There’s nothing attractive about a man who can’t get a decent job because he’s a career criminal, has a record and spent most of his life in and out of the penitentiary. He’s victimized people and law enforcement consider him a menace to society.

    • He had a job when he got arrested and was on his way to work but he stopped off at 1 of his friends house who was just served a search warrant. He was in his car when the cops arrested him
      Innocent until proven guilty
      I heard the town he livrs in is real rough and bcause he

      • was a former gang member he carried his own piece for protection
        Im not in the streets but the streets are real and sometimes its hard to get out and sometimes people can be hard headed,\. Its easy 2 judge others when u havent gone thru certain experiences
        Again i say, he did not put his mugshot on the police facebook and he cant help the response he got
        Let the boy live

        • +1. If he or his wife had started this it would be different. But THE COPS did it.

  14. Who cares? He’s a criminal. I don’t know why this guy is getting so much press. They can have him.

    • Its not his fault and hell, the mathuf*cka is a cutey 🙂 He got that “IT” factor the attracts mostly all women of all races. It is what it is

    • True @Say Cheese When I look at him I don’t see handsome, all I see is a long rap sheet. But Hey, that’s just me.

    • Say Cheese is right ….who cares I see Calvin Klein models in magazines the men in my neighborhood are fine so who cares.I see DANGER when I look at this man People wake up remove the veil from your eyes.This is a hoax somethings up.

  15. Oh please @Lena and @Glok9
    Its not that serious. Im glad she helped him after the police started this mess by putting him on their facebook page
    He cant help it if hes fione!!!!!!! Lol!

  16. Oh and his brother is fine too 🙂
    I dont think he has a criminal record and its nice to c new faces anyway we can get them
    Im tired of seeing Jayz Lil Wayne and Chris Brown all over the place. Its nice to c some “new” flava

  17. Am I the only one who doesn’t find him that attractive?Maybe a little,but not anywhere near what people trying to make him out to be

    • There Is Nothing Remotely Sexy About Him… These Women Need To Think With Their Heads Not Their Bodies

    • I do not find him attractive even dressed up in a suit and tie .I see darkness and evil behind them blue eyes even before knowing he was a criminal .I can discern and it feels creepy looking at him

  18. He’s okay looking, nothing special, matter a fact he has a slight resemblance to Robert Richard, who played Derek in “Meet The Browns”! I’ve seen much better, it’s dem damn eyes tho……..

  19. Look at it like this; At least when he has to bend over and get fu#ked at least he’ll get paid for it….

  20. Come on man, let’s be fair. Many races are bad for this but whites are more stuck on skin pigment than blacks are. Think about, let it marinate.

    • To Be Perfectly Honest White People Are Jealous Of Black Skin And That’s The True…..Why Do You Think White People Are Soo
      Obessed With Tanning Their Skin….If Melanin Could Be Put In A Bottle Old White Women Would Buy It

    • Ok, I respect your opinion. The reason I said whites do, is that many of them are prejudice against blacks. Which is all about the lightest complexion. No blacks. Jmo

  21. Ha. If you believe that you have never been to South America, The Middle East …Or India. Not by any stretch of the imagination are American blacks the only group of people that could be called color struck. I was even shocked to learn that in China and Japan skin
    whiteners are some of the top selling beauty treatments. So, you are wrong.

    • You are so right. Raheim just said last month that Brazilians are so obsessed with color that there are like 50 different words for various shades of brown skin variations. Jeeez, even we aren’t that bad. lol

  22. I bet ppl are stopping that dude from Greys Anatomy everywhere he goes. Lol. It must suck to be him right now.

    • Lol,that’s Jesse Williams. He’s line the intelligent version of this clown….and happily married to one of US. Yipeee !!!!

  23. Typical hypocrisy, if you look pretty or someone can make a buck off you they’ll bail your azz out of trouble.

  24. This cat don’t f@#k with blackwomen, but, a rich blackwoman sprung him from the pokey just because whitewomen wetting their panties…Insane Ish! Sistas, these mixed dudes ain’t right.

    • His Mother And Girfriend Are Both White Women….Black Women Need To Stop Deluding Themselves He Ain’t Into The Sista’s And Never Will Be

      • well you can count this one black woman out of the deluding chart theres sum of us who arent into him niether .

        • He Looks Like The Type To Use Black Women…..That’s Why Black Women Have To Be Careful

  25. Crazy! He’s a criminal. Treat him like one. There are so many truly deserving you men and women–how about helping those who are trying to do good.

    I’m already disgusted by all of the attention he’s getting because of his looks. Does looks override a killer, a rapist, a child molester, a mugger, a thief,…looks are not important. The morals and character or a person is…

  26. THIS IS A HOAX NOT REAL, OPRAH IS NOT HELPING HIM, SHE HAS PICKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. This thread is exactly why blk women get fed bullshit reality shows. Ppl thnk u lack both self respect and intelligence. Your responses here do not disprove either. Why no one respects you.

  28. An article saying Oprah Winfrey posted bail for Jeremy Meeks, the felon whose mug shot went viral this week, isn’t real.

    The bogus article was posted on Empire News, a self-described “satire” website, on Tuesday evening. It has more than 10,000 “likes” and shares on Facebook.

    “The internet was abuzz this past week when a mug shot of accused arms dealer Jeremy Meeks hit the web, making women swoon and men jealous over his movie-star good looks,” it reads. “Apparently all the attention Meeks has gotten since being arrested has only helped him, as billionaire actress and media mogul Oprah Winfrey has reportedly agreed to pay Meeks’ $900,000 bail, with the intent of giving him a job as a talk show host on her OWN Network.”

    According to a disclaimer, the site doesn’t post real news.

    “Empire News is a satirical and entertainment website. We only use invented names in all our stories, except in cases when public figures are being satirized. Any other use of real names is accidental and coincidental,” the disclaimer reads.

    On Facebook and Twitter, users reacted, apparently believing the hoax.

  29. He is America dude. Black lips height and build, olive skin and blue eyes. Can you spell c-r-o-s-s-o-v-er.

    • Don’t hit me, but it is a combo that many would die to have. Ouch. Not me, not most of people here, but there are plenty out there.

  30. This man can turn his life around and become a voice for ex-felon and more. The man has model perfect looks and if not Oprah, he will be bailed out by a company with vision and purpose. I wish him the best. The wife will be replaced.

    • Yeah. But it was sort of fun to make fun of the situation. I don’t think that most of us took it all that seriously even before we knew it was a hoax.
      I mean, the REAL story is crazy enuff all by itself. Man gets seen on cops website and women all over the country bust a blood vessel fantasizing about him, his moms starts a Facebook donation page to raise money for his defense, and chicks are actually sending him money. And that ISNT a hoax.

  31. Let be honest he is the typical light bright damn near white cause we know if he was chocolate he would be ignored!!!

  32. oppy aint slick she want that thang a lang lol! now all of the sudden she wants to move moutians and do big things for this guy all from this goodness of her heart i bet ehe gone make him werk hard to earn his keep.

  33. i just dont see what the big deal is bout dude like nobody aint never seen blue eyes on kneegrows before.you can buy blue contacts and can have blue eyes for a day.

  34. Dark Skinned People Can Have Dark Green Eyes….Which Is Better And Sexier.. This Dude Looks Like A Self-Hating Mixed Breed
    Probably His Father Wasn’t There…Probably His White Mother Had To Raise Him By Herself….But White Women Can’t Raise Half Black Man
    Only A (Strong)Black Women And A Black Man Can

  35. In order the play on the highest level with the Elite for one you have to embrace Homosexuality and Lesbianism. Secondly,you have to give up your God and embrace Lucifer.Third a sex tape of a file act is recorded for the archives if one gets out of line.This guy has no idea what he’s getting himself involved in.

  36. hell yea just a hoax dat mix breed is still lock up lmao ya kno oprah cheap azz aint goin 2 help no 1 but dat drugg lidsay lohan white bitch no acting skills

  37. This whole thing was a hoax – do you really think Oprah would publicly support a ‘criminal’ (other than Lindsay Lohan)

    Besides no man would ever make her heart skip a beat

  38. Sorry To Burst Your Bubble Girls…….That Ain’t His Natural Skin Color He Has The Same Complexion As “Dirty Dick” Terrance Howard

    The Huffington Post Did A Article About Him With Other Previous Mug Shots

  39. It really doesn’t matter if it is his “natural” skin color or not. It’s about how the picture looks. It’s a nice picture. Period. Nobody can take that away no matter how hard they try.

  40. The comments by the ladies here makes me weep. Our race has no shot if all they gotta roll out is a dusty crusty half a hillbilly. Damn. Did I miss the revolution?

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