Jay & Bey Fear Blue’s Kidnapping For Ransom

Beyonce Jay Z Blue Kidnapping

So The Carters have either been taking to the point of paranoia from recently taken to those white slopes… or they’re droppin’ the name of their young daughter to help peddle some tickets for their Bonnie & Clyde “On The Run” Heist.

“[They] have increased their own security personnel to protect their young daughter from potential ‘stalkers and kidnappers.”

Here’s the latest:

“They will not stop short of covering every aspect of their security, from crazed fans to potential stalkers and the unthinkable – kidnappers. Their security needs are like a military operation.

The team will include 16 personal bodyguards on 24 hour watch and a 40-man security support group which will be increased on performance days by 21 specialist bouncers, 300 crowd security staff and a further 50 trained team members to stop potential stage stormers.”


  1. “or they’re droppin’ the name of their young daughter to help peddle some tickets for their Bonnie & Clyde “On The Run” Heist.”


    • Our they think one of the crazy obsessed people on this site might actually, you know, be as crazy as you people sound and kidnap their child cause of illuminati or the Easter bunny .. badum bum

      • UMMM that would be common sense all they gotta do is READ the comments on the blogs and they will know there are some seriously disturbed people who post on them daily ..so I do not blame them for protecting their seed…like jay z said in his song “They even talk about your baby crazy eventually the pendulum swings ” and it takes a special kind of crazy and unhappy to talk about a child ..but these people are so filled with jealousy they cannot even help themselves

  2. Aint even Beyonce baby so the title should read “Jay-z Fear Blue’s Kidnapping For Ransom”….PR Play, but as much as Bey takes picture of the back of her head, im surprised the kidnappers would even know what she look like…smh…

    • That’s her kid I don’t know if she carried her but they used her eggs for sure she looks just like her.

    • @kingdom8, i always enjoy reading ur posts 🙂
      Perhaps they r afraid its time to pay up ttptb
      just an opinion 🙂

      • Jay-z & Beyonce been needed a sacrifice….I would also like to point out that I seen a youtube vid about who Beyonce Michelle & Kelly did a song called “Say Yes” & when the song plays backwards they are calling on Satan, soo Beyonce been doing alot of satanic mess to ensure their joint tour will be successful…i dont think Blue will be sacrificed, they are planning on doing her like Will & Jada did their kids….probably Michelle or kelly FTW

        • Thanx @kingdom8, i was wondering about that new song with Michelle and Kelly too
          U post good stuff 🙂

    • The child looks like her father. I wouldn’t be surprised if Jay Z got a thot pregnant and that baby has no relation to Beyonce whatsoever.

  3. Notice how this story broke After news came that Kanye has an entire medical wing being built. That story is likely bullshit too since they can’t even seem to afford or be able to finish their mansion. But its funny how these two couples compete w each other, even dragging their daughters into it.

  4. What HOUSE? Kanye and KIMs Mansion?? Notice we have heard nothing about HIM MOVING OUT of KiM’s MOMMA HOUSE.

    And help with the BABY?? WTH? The kid has Nannies and travels with Kanye’s Auntie.

    I think something went down with the Carters… Where is her REGULAR SECURITY STAFF?

  5. WHOA…I know I shouldn’t be pointin this out, but JIGGA showl do seem 2 b HOLDIN n that pic…#ijs, lol

  6. Don’t know if Beyonce carried Blue or not, but she is their child. You can tell. They probably get more threats than the president does on a daily basis. So many people hate them and are sick of them. I’ll be glad when they go away. I’m trying to be patient, but it’s hard. As for sacrifices, maybe Michelle will be sacrificed. Not trying to be mean, but is she really necessary to anyone?

  7. I think the point is it has to be a difficult choice. Someone loved and cherished. RIP, Donda West.

  8. Blu Ivy is looking more and more like her daddy everyday. I believe they used a surrogate. Blu bonds more with her dad than her mother.

    • A surrogate would use both the mothers egg and the fathers sperm so she still has Bey’s DNA.

  9. Id bet it is very scary living on that level of fame
    I heard President Obama say he missed walking in Central Park by himself when a reporter asked if he missed bein regular

    • It probably is; however they seem addicted to the limelight. They have enough money to move anywhere they want…wonder if the paps would follow them- nobody is following Janet.

  10. Wasn’t It Reported That Drake Was Blue’s Father…..And The Other Day It Was Reported That Beyonce Has Affairs With Other Men And Jayz Is Pissed About It

    • Like he has the right to be mad. I hope she is gettin it in, I might gain some respect for her. Fuck him.

      Sorry, I was possessed by Solange for a minute. Lol

      • ha-ha too funny Just_Joi, all the comments today have me like waaaaattt, I cant even work am laughing so hard!!!**wipes tears from eyes**

  11. I would do the same thing to protect my baby if I were them. Then again I would also take a break from the spotlight if I felt my daughters safety was in danger.

  12. Trash I hope you Burn in the hottest part of Hell. One thing with her beautiful nappy hair, she will never have to worry about is being born with Lice . Baby Ivy you go girl ! F**ck these house Negros and these pale racist white trash.

  13. blah. taking attention away from Monifah and stud’s beachside wedding. Her black dress was beautiful.

  14. LOL..I was just saying the same thing, no one wants to look at Jay-Z’s twin, naw, not for all the coins in the world..Glok9 U rite homie, don’t nobody wanna kidnap that child {please don’t crucify my grammar, thanks} hee-hee

  15. No, but you should be strung-up for agreeing with such mean statements about an innocent baby, regardless of who her parents are. WTH is wrong with some adults?

    • what is wrong with these people, grown adults conducting themselves like this or are these adults , what type of human being slings shots at a child because they do not like the parents, and parents they have never met

  16. Beyonce Should Be More Concerned About Her Daughters Hair………..This Is The Reason Why Celebrities Should Hide Their Children From The Public
    Because No One Would Know What They Look Like……Why Do You Micheal Jackson Hid His Children For All Them Years

    We Only Get To See Them Because Micheal Died…..

  17. Perhaps they should not tour – they are just a singer and a rapper not the President or a World Leader!! No one will miss them if they don’t tour!!!

    • I will bet you that little girl will be quite a looker when she’s through puberty. Sometimes the less pretty babies grow into beauties and the adorable babies not so much. I see some real promise in her features, but they may be overwhelming her little face at this age.

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