R Kelly’s Ex-Wife Recounts Years of Domestic Abuse

    r kelly andrea ex wife abuse

    Amid claims and accusations of sexual coercion, misconduct and abuse against R Kelly, his ex-wife is speaking out about alleged emotional and physical trauma she expereinced during their marriage.

    During a tearful interview, Andrea Kelly talks about contemplating suicide and the moment she finally realized she was in an abusive relationship.

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    1. Dang!! I’m going to go on there and check too. Yikes! Glad she is telling this story, it will help other people.

    2. https://psychcentral.com/cgi-bin/dvquiz.cgi

      This the response I got, which if my situations ain’t considered bad, that’s crazy! I can’t belive there is worst men, then the one I got. Omg ? I can see why she was ready to jump.

      “You have answered this domestic violence screening in such a way as to suggest that you are not likely currently in an abusive (emotionally or physically) relationship. You experience the normal variations within a healthy relationship that mark most people’s intimate, social interactions with one another over a period of time. You should not take this as a diagnosis or recommendation for treatment in any way, though”

        • Ummm I don’t even know who she is. So when you say everybody speak on yourself. This the first time I’m hearing about this lady. Did not even know R Kelly ever even had A real wife.

      • Andrea never address that tragic two month failed second marriage of hers to that male golddigger who was simply out for that RKelly check..Talk about that instead of RKelly..

          • Andrea was INDEED married to Brian. That was NOT just for she show. They married and divorced in 2014.

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