R. Kelly Cancels Los Angeles Leg of After Party Tour Amid Scandal..

Earlier this week R&B singer R Kelly was forced to cancel three concerts on the After Party Tour. This after ticket sales cratered, following reports he was emotionally, physically and mentally abusing young women.

Well, more shows are being canceled and R. Kelly’s agent is distancing himself from the ‘Trapped in the Closet’ singer…

When Billboard Magazine reached out to R. Kelly’s booking agent for more information about the tour he would not confirm still working with Kellz and referred all questions to R. Kelly’s lawyer. ? ?


  1. R Kelly’s career is almost DOA. Don’t be surprised if Kelly is murdered by the hollywood gay mafia.

    • Like Ive said before, the Hollywood Cabal is falling, and their taking everyone of their manufactured celebrities with them. They’re started of course with the very bottom- the boule/black masonic.

      • I have no problem with the boule and the prince hall masons being exposed and mysteriously dying. Let them all suffer. That’s what they get for acting like modern day house slaves! The first boule who can fall is the porkey pig Roland Martin!

  2. He needs to move into a farm in Montana and chill or he will be another Cosby.

  3. Televise the trial of R. Kelly and Jelani Maraj. Put them on public blast.

  4. Music industry will never die but yes its time for some more black.artists to be picked on

    Nas said hip hop is dead, pimp c expoed this and paid with his life pimp was 33 when he was killed his mom was 66

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