Questionable Hazing Photo of Nick “Swaggy P” Young Leaks…


    Nick Young Hog Tied

    Home Nick Young’s NBA Hazing Photo Surfaces … Hog-Tied In Hotel Bed

    Swaggy P got the stripper treatment during his rookie hazing back in 2007 … and Gilbert Arenas just provided the photo proof. Nick Young was a 1st round pick of the Washington Wizards — where Arenas was a superstar at the time.

    One of the hazing rituals Young had to endure … he was hog-tied in his hotel room surrounded by cash. Arenas called it “50 Shades of Nick” and added, “Welcome to stripping game playa.”

    Wonder how this would go over in 2017?


      • Already. I agree with you. F that. Initiated into what, for what? To pull you into their bullshit tactics. What they will do with you can be done to you. Grow a pair, enlist and then go crazy..

    1. Are fraternities part of the Illuminati as well? Thy do worse shit than this.

      Anyone who thinks the Illuminati gives a ratfuck about Nick Young is a gullible fool.

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