‘Queen of South’ Rapper Khia Blasts Beyonce!

Khia Hates Beyonce

“MISS me with that “her product is original” bullshit. I’ll believe that when I can see that hoe’s name on @ least “1” of her writing credits.” ~Khia

She’s may have been reduced to complaining about her ‘neck’ and her ‘back’ in a current personal injury attorney’s Florida radio ad — but rapper Khia is blasting Beyonce for chasing cash, while dubbing Mrs. Carter’s fans “weaveworshippers”.

Khia vs. Beyonce

“Just ask @Beyonce if I’m lying…#oops my bad, she’s too busy collecting ya’ll coins for chicken dinner and Blu Ivy’s college plan…”

Check out Khia’s Twitter attack on Mrs. Carter:



Khia Blasts Beyonce

Here’s Khia’s FL radio ad, take a listen and weigh-in…